Smart Sensor AS8903 Digital Carbon Monoxide & Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Meter Review

Hey guys, welcome to Meterics, today we’ll
be having a look at the Smart Sensor multi-gas meter. This is the AS8903 model to be exact,
now this is a Carbon Monoxide as well as a Hydrogen Sulfide meter. It’s a very simple
to use meter despite the fact that its aimed at the industrial market as you can see from
the design and it’s accuracy but that doesn’t mean that it’s very complicated to use. This
is a very simple meter that anyone can use whether at home or in the office, pretty much
anywhere. As you can see it’s got the sensor up top and then we have four buttons here.
For this video we’ll be using this one button here which is the power button because this
is the button that you’ll be using every other day. These other three come in during calibration
of the meter and we’ll be doing a separate video for that so you need to watch out for
that one. So for today we’ll just quickly turn it on and they way to do that is by simply
holding the power key here for about a second turns green and then you have a 20 seconds
countdown, during this countdown it starts activating the sensors and trying to get the
levels of Carbon Monoxide as well as Hydrogen Sulfide in the air. So this is a very compact,
light meter to have so it’s easily portable. you can carry it with you and strap along
your belt very efficient and very easy to use. So as soon as those 20 seconds are up,
it has a very clear and very easy to read display output you can see it displays two
values here, we have the H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) and CO (Carbon monoxide). It measures both
in ppm so it’s very simple to read and understand. I’m sorry guys for we’re not doing anything, we have all the values at zero but in a separate video we will be testing CO and H2S
in a contained environment so we should see the levels go up and down and fluctuate and
we’ll also get to test the alarm and see what it actually does and how it reacts to that.
So that’s all for today though, we’ll simply turn it off by holding the Power button here
wait for three beeps, and then the meter is off! That’s it guys until next time, thank
you for watching.

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  • Trying to figure out how to calibrate. AS8900 but should be similar to AS8903. Any guidance? The manual does not match.

  • Do any of the "smart meter" brands have a water resistant/proof model for use in the fire service? Something that can be clipped onto gear and not have to worry about it getting wet?

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