Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alert System for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CC)

– [Man] Wanted to shoot
this quick video to show an option for smoke and
carbon monoxide detectors for the deaf and hard of hearing. Now, obviously if you’re
deaf, you’re not gonna hear a standard smoke and
carbon monoxide detector go off and a lot of hard of
hearing people can’t either. So here I’ve got a couple systems, that when used in
conjunction with each other, are pretty much gonna guarantee you’re gonna get the alert even if you can’t hear
the detectors go off. So first thing I’ve got here
is the Nest Protect System and these are the smoke and
carbon monoxide detectors. And then I’ve got the Sonic
Alert HomeAware System and I’m gonna explain why I’ve got the two different systems. So the first, the Nest Protect, these are a little unique
over standard smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in that they’ll connect to WiFi. So when these are connected up to WiFi, if they go off, you’re actually gonna get an alert on your phone. Through the phone, you can also do things like check the battery status, these will run self-tests on themselves and if any of the sensors go bad, they’ll alert you through the phone. So all things, that normally you’d be relying on an audio alert
from these detectors, you’ll actually get an alert
for that on your phone, instead of having to hear the beeps. Another things that these
do, is these will create a proprietary wireless
link between each other. So if one goes off, the
other one will go off. And that link is not dependent on WiFi, ’cause obviously
everything I mentioned with the WiFi alerts to your phone, that’s dependent on your WiFi
working and power being on. WiFi is down, power’s out, say a fire in your breaker panel or something, all these are gonna do is go off like standard detectors. But they will talk to each other. So if there’s a fire in your basement, it’s gonna alert you upstairs too, whether or not WiFi is working, which is a really nice feature. Now that I mentioned the WiFi being down and not getting alerts, obviously if these just go
off as standard smoke alarms, you’re not gonna hear them. And so especially at night, it’s important to have another method of getting alerts that isn’t reliant on your WiFi and power working. And that’s where the Sonic
Alert HomeAware System comes in. So I’ve got a couple of different
components for you here. I’ve got the base unit,
which comes with a bed shaker and its also got a strobe light on it. And then I’ve got the smoke
and carbon monoxide sensor. And what this sensor actually does, is it listens with a microphone, it listens for these to go off. If it hears these go off,
it will actually set off the bed shaker and set off the strobe and scroll SMOKE or CARBON
MONOXIDE across this screen. You’re actually not gonna see that during the self-tests cause during the self-test that I’m about to run,
these won’t go off long enough to tell this unit that it’s smoke alarm, so its just gonna scroll ALERT. But normally it would scroll
smoke or carbon monoxide. The HomeAware System is
a little unique over some of the other systems on the market too, in that a lot of the other
systems will just listen for standard T3 or T4 smoke alarm signals, and there’s some more information on T3 or T4 signal in the video description. This is actually just a
standard audio sensor. So on the back of it, you got a high, medium, and low sensitivity setting. So even if you’ve got alarms that don’t comply with T3/T4 alert standard, this system will still work. So you don’t have to have
Nest Protect for this to work. If you already got a smoke
and carbon monoxide detector in your house that you like or you live in a apartment
and you can’t change them, this system will still
work to give you alerts at nighttime and wake you up. The other safety feature
of this that I like, is it’s all battery backed up, so you might see that these
are plugged in right now, but this actually has a
nine volt battery in it, and this had five double
A batteries in it, which will actually
provide you several days of power for the system even
if you’re normal power is out. So this provides real good reliability, not dependent on power,
not dependent on WiFi that can actually send
you or give you an alert and wake you up at
nighttime if these go off. So I’m gonna set this off
and show you kind of how the whole system works together. You’re gonna hear these self-test. This is gonna detect
that they’re going off and again, its not gonna
detect if its smoke or carbon monoxide just
because its going to be too short of an alert
for this to realize it. You’ll see alerts go across the screen, strobe will flash, bed shaker will shake. Just to show off the app
for the Nest Protect, I’m gonna run the self-test
here through the app. So start that. I’m gonna count down to 10 and then the whole system
is gonna go off here. – [Automated Voice] Testing smoke. (loud beeping) Testing carbon monoxide.
(loud beeping) (detector beeping and vibrating) Testing smoke. (detector beeping and vibrating Testing carbon monoxide. (loud beeping and vibrating) – [Man] Wait for the
test to complete here. All right, now obviously
you saw how powerful that bed shaker was and the strobe. Obviously if you’re sound asleep at night, this is under your sheets, this is by your bed, even if your power’s out,
even if your WiFi is out you’re still gonna get
woken up by this system. So this is real nice
cause during the day time, say you’re cooking
something in the kitchen and you step out for a little while and something starts burning on the stove these are gonna go off and
send an alert to your phone. Walk into the kitchen and
you say its not a real alert you don’t even have to reach for these. You can silence the
alarm through your phone. Or if its a real fire, obviously the alert to your
phone will be really nice, as long as WiFi and power was working. You may have also noticed that a red ring went off on this when
the detector self-tested and they actually do do
that during an actual alert. So if there’s a fire or
there’s a carbon monoxide leak you will get a red ring,
a visual indication on these that there’s an issue too. So if one of these are in sight it’s yet another way you can
tell that they’re going off. This system gives you the peace of mind that even if none of that’s working its gonna wake you up at nighttime. Not relying on power, not relying on WiFi. But if these go off, this is gonna go off. Strobe, shake your bed,
and wake you up at night.

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