Solo Bushcraft Camp. 2 Nights in the Snow – Natural Shelter, Minimal Gear.

Hey folks, thanks for tunningn in. Well as you can see this this ground looks nothing like my last video. There’s a buncha snow I’m actually up about six hours north of where I live I had some business to do up here. so I figured, let’s make a trip of it. I drove all day yesterday in a snow storm continued my drive this morning with a red sun pegs arranged in such a way so there like, crisscross. One on one side, one on the other. Creating tension. I’ve got to pry them apart to get the logs through. But that’s good. It’s going to be a tight… super tight fit. pretty happy about my wall now but I do want to tie these two poles together, just to give it a bit more structure. so I’m going to tie a “Canadian Jam knot”. The same knot I used to tie up this shelter same knot I use all the time. torque it as much as I can… there you have it. That’s on there. I just got back from a walk to go get some water. Filled up my _ and another small titanium container. Got back to my shelter and boiled up.. my titanium bottle Oooo potatoes are soft! Sausage…. Sausage is cooked. Mmmmm Got my salt and pepper too. Throw those ends in the fire Throw those ends in the fire First up salt. You can never have too much salt right? Never hurt nobody at all. And pepper And put the garlic, the butter, the salt and pepper all that fun stuff in there um… onions. Very flavorful, very flavorful That was super tatsy Now, I sit

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