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(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Pat Sagsveen. Welcome to Another Geek Moment video. Today, we’re gonna be talking about a carbon monoxide sensor
from Spec Sensors. This is an electrochemical device and basically they give you a little board and they give you a sensor. This sensor here can tell how much gas or carbon monoxide there is in the air in parts per million. And how it does that, it creates a current based
on the amount of gas, which goes through a pretentious stat which is on this little board here, turns that into a reference voltage. There’s three outputs that
come out to a micro controller. So I’ve got a voltage for my gas, I’ve got a reference voltage, and also there’s a temperature voltage which can be calculated later to help figure out the parts per million of carbon monoxide. So we ran this into an Arduino Uno, well we just use the
analog inputs on the Uno so that it could go through an
analog to digital converter. We’ve got a little bit of code here. And for the purposes of this video, all we did was just showed
what the voltage was coming off of the pins. Luckily, Spec Sensors has
in their application notes and in their data sheets, they’re given us some
equations to help figure out what the parts per million is gonna be. There’s a code on the back of this that also factors into this. This is called the sensitive, sensitivity code. On this particular sensor, it’s called a 6.93. They factor and calibrate that at the Spec Sensor’s factory. Each one of these is gonna
have a code like that, and that’s also on their documentation, calling out how to put that into the code and how to equate that out to figure out your parts per million. So ultimately, small board. The physicality of it, you’ve got three, three different places
where you can do inputs for your voltage. I chose to do a battery
on the bottom of this, but there’s also a couple
on this terminal block. You’ve got a couple regulators that you can plug a 3.3 voltage into. It’s recommended from Spec that once you get this kit, if you’re gonna be using it, especially if you’re
gonna be using a battery, you want to charge this the whole time because there is a current, a charge current that develops on this, and over time it kind of evens out. But right away, within
about the first hour or so, your measurements will
be off a little bit. So they suggest that if
you’re using a battery or any kind of power on this, to just always, always have it on, because it draws very, very little power. And as far as the
sensitivity of this device, they boast a sensitivity of 4.75 plus or minus 2.75 nano-amps
per part per million, which is a pretty tight little tolerance for a carbon monoxide sensor. So that’s basically the Spec
Sensor carbon monoxide kit in a nutshell. (rock music)

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