Strange Phenomenon at the Earth’s Poles is Sending Tech Haywire

Skywatch Media News for December the 5th
2019 at the farthest edge of the Earth’s polar regions something very strange and
unexplained is taking place what’s happening near the poles in an area
known as the cusp is having a profound effect on modern technology including
satellite connections GPS systems and gadgets that use radio waves over the
years we have heard many stories about how our magnetic field is weakening
allowing the magnetic north pole to migrate away from Canada and towards the
east at a rapid pace while at the same time creating magnetic anomalies in the
South Atlantic both occurrences of which satellite data has shown to be accurate
whether the weakening of the field will result in a magnetic pole shift much
sooner than anticipated is still unknown but here is something
we do know that may provide a glimpse into what is presently occurring with
the Earth’s poles with each second that passes one and a half million tons of
solar particles shoot off of the Sun and into space traveling at hundreds of
miles per second this continual stream of plasma is known as the solar wind
which has pelted the earth since the time of its creation because our planet
has been gifted with a strong magnetic field
most of these harmful particles have been deflected away with one exception
that being the farthest reaches of the poles those cusps or cleft shape
formations at opposite ends of our world within this region close to the Earth’s
poles the magnetic field becomes a funnel where the solar wind can reach
our atmosphere and this is where the trouble exists this influx of particles
disrupts the atmosphere causing satellite GPS and radio signals to go haywire the
recent disruptions has become such a problem that NASA has initiated a series
of missions into the northern polar cusp hoping to improve the technology
that has been affected by this strange phenomenon they’re calling this the
Grand Challenge initiative so it seems that the importance of this series of
missions cannot be underestimated a total of nine rockets each of them
similar to space vehicles 65 feet in height will be launched anywhere from 20
to 800 miles into the atmosphere to record the sounds originating from this
strange phenomenon located inside of the polar cusps in particular they are
looking at a patch of atmosphere that is much denser than its surroundings back
in the year 2004 scientists had discovered that part of the
atmosphere inside of the cusp was one and a half times more dense than
expected now the discovery is notable because any pressure change associated
with the increased mass density that is occurring at 200 miles above the surface
of the earth may not seem that alarming but if this increase in density occurred
at ground level it would have the capability of creating a perpetual
hurricane a hurricane much stronger than anything ever recorded on the face of
the earth therefore the polar phenomenon has the capability of shaking up
satellite trajectories while creating problems for spacecraft that fly through
this dense patch that is located in the polar cusps the unusual patch of dense
atmosphere needs to be thoroughly investigated in order to evaluate its
effectiveness on any satellites that pass through its bounderies it’s not just spacecraft that react
unpredictably near the cusp so does the GPS and it’s transmitted communication
signals the atmospheric turbulence brought on by this mysterious anomaly is
a big concern for the mission investigators because as the atmosphere
grows turbulent the GPS and communication signals passing close to
the cusp become garbled therefore sending unreliable signals to aircraft
and ships that depend on these signals for safe navigation therefore the
integrity of GPS signals is of the utmost importance in today’s society the
loss of such communications would be inconceivable the launch of the Rockets
from the extreme north provides a pristine location for examining this
phenomenon therefore the small Arctic region of Svalbard on the Norwegian
archipelago was chosen for this mission due in part to its small population but
also because of its strict use of radio and Wi-Fi communications coincidentally
Svalbard the chosen site for the polar cusp mission is also
known as the home of the global seed and data preservation vaults the exact
location of which is kept secret from the general public when NASA launched
their sounding rocket from Svalbard on November the 26th as part of their Grand
Challenge mission their hope was that they could determine the cause of the
cusps irregularities unfortunately for them but most importantly for the world
it was revealed that the mission did not perform as planned and scientists are
now left wondering what might have gone wrong the last mission in this current group
of rocket launches is the investigation into measuring the flow of plasma and
gases within the cusps how they heat up how they accelerate and how they
interact with each other all of the measuring and the collection of
important data is meant to help scientists better understand what is
happening in our upper atmosphere but it is also important that they understand
what they may be dealing with and how they may predict the behavior of the
cusp in our future now it’s understandable at times to criticize
scientists especially when their work seems to be incomplete and inconclusive
and this may explain why they planned a series of rockets to explore the far
reaches of the polar regions if one mission fails another one may
provide some of the crucial answers necessary if we are going to avoid
this serious interference that they now say is happening with our lower orbit
and our earth technology systems if we can’t trust our scientists for answers
then who can we trust what’s happening to the polar cusp is no different than
what is happening here on earth our planet and our atmosphere are in the
process of changing all we can do as observers is to ask for knowledge and
guidance so that we can better prepare for the changes that we face this is the
one gift that each of us inherits the freedom of choice the one question that
remains is whether we will choose wisely or choose in haste over the years there
is one great gift that has stood out above all the others that I have
received in my life’s journey and that is the gift to giving it is a gift
each of us cherishes during this joyous time of the year but we should also be
mindful that the gift of giving is something that should be part of our
life throughout the year rather than when it becomes convenient
I learned that lesson long ago and it has changed my life for the better
my devotion lies with these video productions primarily because it allows
me to share my knowledge and my life’s experiences with each of you who have
shown an interest in following this channel in a way it is my gift to you
and it has brought great pleasure and satisfaction knowing that many of you
have given through your generous comments this is how each of us can come
together this is how each of us can make a difference in this complex and often
troubling world service to others is a great endeavor sometimes it can be
challenging but often it is rewarding and so I look forward to our time
together making our moments a little more meaningful and a little more
substantive thanks for watching

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