Study Earth, Environment and Ecosystem Sciences with the OU

Dr Julia Cooke The school of Environment Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, here at the Open University is packed
with scientists who study environmental change over short and deep timescales including mountains
and volcanoes, climate change, bio-geochemistry, ecology, microbes, Mars and more Dr Tom Argles and with researchers dedicated to studying
how to teach their Science subjects engagingly so we can support our students in their distance
learning Professor David Gowing whether fascinated by scientific research, teaching methods or both we’re all focused
on preparing students for careers in Environmental, Earth or Ecosystem sciences Dr Susanne Schwenzer and to give anyone interested the opportunity
to learn how the world around them and indeed the universe works Dr Yoseph Araya when our modules are actually carefully designed
and we are very proud of the learning and innovation as we do to ensure they are accessible,
engaging and interactive Dr Mark Brandon We’re advisors for BBC documentaries which take educational entertainment into modules
and people’s homes Dr Clare Warren our students have the opportunity to use specialist equipment we created in a digital environment
such as this virtual microscope used for looking at rock thin sections Dr Angela Coe through social media we will enable you to
become part of our scientific community and to share in the excitement as discoveries unfold we can also through the use of mobile technology actually bring to you what we’re
seeing in the laboratories out in the field or in fact think things such as these lovely
building stones here Dr Kadmiel Maseyk we run experiments lead by student choice broad cast live from the field to teach field
science Professor David Gowing And we run residential field schools at various centres to give students real field experience
and to teach them practical and transferable skills. Whilst these events can be hard work they
are enjoyed immensely by students and tutors alike. Dr Miranda Dyson Our module materials are designed for you
to study when it suits you, events are recorded for you to watch at anytime you can also take
your module materials with you wherever you go Dr Pallavi Anand our well qualified tutors look after small
student groups to provide personalized support as you study Dr Phil Wheeler Our citizen science programs are a hub for
knowledge to help identify and understand plants and animals. They’re a powerful teaching
tool and show our dedication to providing education for all Dr Julia Cooke we would love to have you in our classes as
you learn about the Earth, Environments and Ecosystems we want to inspire you and encourage
your learning as you work towards a career or fulfil a desire to learn more about this
incredible world and beyond.

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