Study Environmental Health or Public Health at Liverpool John Moores University

The thing I love the most about this course is probably the variety We are not just stuck to one topic, there’s loads of different things; there’s housing, there’s food safety and hygiene We get an insight into every area of environmental health we’re quite a close-knit group as a class and we always answer each other’s questions And we always come to each other for help. It’s also interactive, so not just listening to the lectures, but you do group work, and you do activities There’s a lot of trips within this course Today we’re at the fish market, so we’re trying to get to know our like the fishes We’ve also been to different fruit and vegetable markets …that included a two-day trip to Nottingham looking at different fruit and vegetables but we also do like housing inspections The lecturers are one of the highlights for me. They’re already friendly outgoing but approachable at the same time They’re always there when you need them Moving was a whole new experience as well I really enjoy Liverpool, people are friendly and I’ve had the opportunity to make friends through university and through halls of residence The social environment’s great there’s a lot of activities the university has to offer, a load of different societies you can join, which is great for making friends Surprisingly when I first started the course I always thought that I wanted to be doing something around environmental health but the course has opened my eyes to other options such as public health so I might actually look into going down that route now. I’m hoping to get into work at a company as a health and safety officer They’re really motivated. They love the job and that’s what I wanted I wanted a career that I’d like wake up every day and be like “wow I really wanted to do that” The University is spread out over buildings – it still seems to be quite connected like I really enjoy it. I just like the general atmosphere.

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