Study Environmental Science at Deakin University

Environmental Science is a lot to explain, but for me it’s how people work together within communities to work towards preserving the environment for better sustainable futures. I decided about five years ago, I did my first volunteering trip with Zoo’s Victoria trapping eastern barred bandicoots, and I realised then that I always wanted to work with Wildlife Conservation Biology. I’ve always loved ocean life. Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to be a marine biologist. I chose to study at Deakin University because it’s right on the open ocean where everything is. I just was really attracted to the course in terms of like, more field work and more hands-on experience. In Environmental Management and Sustainability, there is not one subject that doesn’t have a practical aspect involved with it. From field work I’ve learnt how to I.D. animals, I’ve learnt how to handle small mammals. I’ve learnt how to work in a team. So whether it be being out the back of Deakin next to the creek doing water monitoring, out at the sewage plant learning about Melbourne’s water systems, or up at the Grampians, learning about ecological niches of echidnas, Deakin offers such a wide range of practical experiences in this degree. You learn literally everything to do with the ocean, from invertebrates, mammals, like whales and dolphins. Within Environmental Management and Sustainability at Deakin they offer a really awesome subject called Global Placements and this gives us the opportunity to go all over the world to do conservation work and management work. I didn’t realise that going overseas was an option. I went to South Africa and saw amazing animals, and in Peru I went to the Amazon and I was working with different native species there so that was pretty amazing. I would say if you want to study Marine Biology, do it. It’s great, and there’s so many interesting things to learn and you get to know the ocean and the things that live in it in so much depth, and it’s really cool and really fascinating. Studying at Deakin has been a game changer for me. Throughout high school I really struggled with the pressure of VCE, but coming here has really shown me that I do have a true love of learning and every time I come here I get to demonstrate that again and again and again.

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