Study Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham

An Environmental Sciences degree from the
University of Birmingham will give you the knowledge and the skills to understand and
solve the world’s most pressing environmental problems.
Finding answers to real-world problems will make you highly employable.
We have multiple opportunities to help improve your employability, for example; you can take
final year placements in a range of organisations including businesses, charities and governmental
organisations. The structure of the course is very adaptable.
In the first year you’ll take all core subjects and these will give you the core skills in
environmental science, which includes field techniques but also programming and other
ways to use a computer to help you solve problems. In the second and third years you can choose
much more what you want to do. In particular, there are three main themes. Firstly there’s
Environmental Risks, secondly there’s The Global Environment and thirdly there’s The
Living Planet. So you can choose the stream that’s right for you. So not only will you
work on things that really interest you but you’ll also be able to tailor your CV to the
jobs that you want. We have a wide range of field courses with
which to take your learning outside the laboratory and the lecture hall, for example; you might
study pollution mediated ecology in Switzerland or, in your final year, you might go to Delhi
to look at the chronic air pollution there or you might go to China to look at water
science. You’ll be taught by world leading academics
using state-of-the-art facilities including the new collaborative teaching lab. You’ll
also have the chance to work with these academics and help them with their research.
The research in the school spans all seven continents so, for example, you could help
me with my work on air pollution in East Africa in India or, more close to home, we could
look at air pollution in the West Midlands or within Birmingham.
You could look at forest ecology and the effects of climate change on forests by using our
new woodland to the north of Birmingham. This woodland is being pumped full of carbon dioxide
to see what the effects of climate change will be in 50 years time.
We also have world leading research facilities in nanoparticles, water science and air pollution.
So together with the rest of the Environmental Sciences team, I look forward to welcoming
you to the University of Birmingham.

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