Summer heat, ozone, and UV radiation_061719

good afternoon expect a similar weather
pattern to what we had over the weekend afternoon highs will be slightly lower
than Sunday for here in the capital but southern provinces will be hotter under
sunny skies and throughout the day today and those
parts will have high to very high UV rays while parts of cremona province
will have extreme levels in the afternoon so get under cover when the
sun’s rays are at their strongest now air quality will be normal to good but
we’ll see high ozone levels in some parts of the country and it can cause
harmful health effects including coughing and sore throat and as for
today’s daily highs Seoul will get up to 26 degrees Celsius
Busan will be breezy topping out at 24 degrees this afternoon rain is in the
forecast tomorrow afternoon which could linger into early Wednesday and
temperatures will also gradually rise but there’s simply any major heatwave
this week that’s Korea for you and here’s the International weather for
viewers around the world

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