Swiss hold funeral for Pizol glacier lost to global warming

yet another funeral for a glacier lost
to climate change has been held this time in Switzerland Sunday’s funeral
march was joined by dozens of people who marked the disappearance of the pizzle
glacier and a Glarus alps organized by the swiss association for climate
protection the funeral said goodbye to pizzle which is no longer a glacier from
a scientific perspective scientists say the glacier has lost at least 80 percent
of its volume since 2006 due to global warming a similar ceremony was held in
Iceland last month to commemorate a 700 year old glacier announced dead in 2014

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  • A beautiful and sad gesture. 😢
    I hope people take notice.
    I hope the UN Climate Summit gives us some sort of hope.
    I hope the glaciers will be back whenever that is possible. 1000 years? 5000 years? When? Not during our lives at least. But sometime.
    I hate being part of the generations that (maybe) ruined our precious, beautiful, complex Earth.

  • The priests with there holy water finally stopped the glacier

  • If we do not use fossil fuels (Oil & Natural Gas) before the Tectonic Plates push the Oil & Natural Gas into the volcanoes who in turn will spew Green House gasses into the upper atmosphere like a Mega Diesel engine at one time. This will create another Ice Age, which is a true fact. It happened before ask the dinosaurs and watch the documentary Ice Age (Ice Age: The Meltdown, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

  • Damn she look good. What's her name??

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