The 200 Year-Old Technology Keeping Greenhouse Gases Out of the Atmosphere | Qnergy

My name is Ory Zik, and I’m the CEO of
Qnergy. The US has about 350,000 miles of natural gas pipelines. When they leak, they
leak methane. The way to protect them is to apply current. Now, this current that
needs to be applied is sometimes very remote from the grid, so remote that you
cannot maintain it. Qnergy is a company that develops and sells
generators that are essentially maintenance-free.
A conventional internal combustion engine generator requires maintenance
about every month. Our generators prefer to be visited once a year, but they don’t
require maintenance. We use an external heat engine, and because the internal is
sealed, you don’t need the maintenance. Now, because you heat it from outside, you
can use essentially any fuel. Biogas, biomass, natural gas, propane, it can be a
huge range of fuels. The main customers that are using it now are gas utilities
that are using it to protect their pipelines, and this is important for all
of us, because methane is a very potent greenhouse gas, and we help
them prevent these emissions. This year we deployed about a hundred generators.
We focus commercially on the US, Canada, and Mexico – North America – but we have
commercial and development partnerships all over the planet.

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