The Biggest Lie About Climate Change

This, is the story of how your safety and future finances were robbed without you ever really noticing. Back in the 70s, Everyone was like (peace), but there was also the creation of an energy company called Exxon. They were obsessed with what we are still obsessed with now; innovation. So, the oil company Exxon, decided to invest in science. Scientists hired by Exxon, again Exxon’s very own scientists, were the first to present a series of groundbreaking papers explaining that burning fossil fuels will influence the climate as the carbon dioxide released will cause a greenhouse effect Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think, that oil companies discovered climate change. This happened right in the early 1980s just as the price of oil was decreasing, so the higher-ups at Exxon chose to ignore the information and instead focus on growing the business. They did ask the scientists to keep looking into it. In 1982, their own scientists again came back, this time with more thorough research saying “yep, it was worse than they thought.” Based on what Exxon was planning to do in regards to fossil fuel extraction would warm the climate, cause sea levels to rise, and increase deadly droughts. Humans will suffer effects, which will be indeed catastrophic so the scientists pitched a major reduction in fossil fuel combustion. An email from Lenny Bernstein, a former employee of Exxon wrote: “In the 1980’s, Exxon needed to understand the potential for concerns about climate change to lead to regulation of…potential projects. They were well ahead of the rest of the industry in this awareness.” If Exxon wanted to be innovators so bad, maybe they would have taken this moment to diversify the energy sector- invest in alternative energy sources, but instead they decided to lie. To you, to me, and to your mom. It is now the 1980s, and for the first time an internal memo is released at Exxon that says, they “need to start to emphasize the uncertainty of the scientific data around climate change.” They begin to start going against their very own science and plant the seed for what we now know as climate change denial. Here is part of an internal memo from Exxon at the time. “There is currently no unambiguous scientific evidence that the earth is warming. If the earth is on a warming trend we’re not likely to detect it before 1995.” One of the most frustrating parts of this story is that Exxon did believe their climate change science. Right at this time they started to build drilling platforms in the ocean a little bit higher up to deal with the rising sea levels they predicted. They also started to plan to drill in the Arctic, because as they knew the sea ice in the Arctic was going to melt. In the late 80s, the effects of climate change began to become apparent. Time magazine had a picture of the planet in shackles due to climate change on their cover, as the scientific impact of burning fossil fuels became public knowledge. At the time, 80% of Americans claimed that climate change was an issue, and accepted that it was caused by the burning of fossil fuels. It was also not a political issue. Here, is Republican President George Bush senior on the campaign trail in 1988 after a year of severe heat waves killed thousands of Americans: “Don’t say these problems are too big, that it’s impossible for an individual, or even a nation as great as ours to solve the problem of global warming, or the loss of forests, or the deterioration of our oceans. My response is simple; it can be done, and we must do it. Let’s not forget all that we’ve accomplished, all that we’ve accomplished since America first concentrated its attention on preserving the environment, under a Republican administration, back in 1970.” This is the time when the oil companies started to get scared of that (evil regulation from the government) so they started to really jack up their campaigns to increase climate change denial. They became inventive, they actually created the OP ad that we now sometimes see in newspapers, where it kind of looks like an article but it’s actually fully a paid advertisement. So this is one of the op ads that they paid for in the liberal New York Times. “One of the brighter hopes with the climate change debate has to be the benefits achieved through technology.” Notice how they used the word “debate” and notice how they sort of make it seem like, oh climate change might be a good thing because we’re gonna invent new things to cope. They secretly paid scientists to promote fake science. In an article called climate change: a degree of uncertainty, the first line wrote: “The debate on climate change has been long, complex, and intense.” This is of course not true, because according to their own science that there wasn’t really a debate at all. Quite a short explanation that was really quite simple it’s that, the burning of CO2 creates a greenhouse effect that warms the earth. In 1997 Lee Raymond, the CEO of Exxon at the time actually decided that in the presentation he was going to say that, no in fact according to their science the earth was cooling. This was a full lie. Again he did this in a presentation in 1997, more than 20 years after his own scientists first broke the fact that the greenhouse effect is real, and the name of his presentation, boldly a bold lie was, “Is the earth warming? Does burning fossil fuels cause global warming?” Lee Raymond sucks, because he also is the person who began to make climate change a political issue. Lee Raymond persuaded George Bush, the younger one, to go against his campaign promise and take carbon dioxide off the list of pollutants. These are one of the first times that we actually see climate change become a political issue, a side of left or right, and at the time the Republican Party was under a lot of pressure from these big oil companies, and they released this Memo: “The scientific debate is closing [against us] but not yet closed. There is still a window of opportunity to challenge the science.” Later in the memo it reads: “Should the public come to believe that the scientific issues around global warming are settled, their views about global warming will change accordingly. Therefore we need to continue to make the lack of scientific certainty a primary issue of debate”. All of this hard work paid off. In 2017, around 90% of Americans did not know there was a scientific consensus on global warming. 52% of Americans think the threat of climate change has been exaggerated. This lack of knowledge helped Rex Tillerson, who became the CEO of Exxon after it merged with Mobil to become Exxon Mobil, to sign a 500 billion dollar deal to explore for oil in the rapidly thawing Russian Arctic. For this plan, he was awarded the Russian order of friendship. Global warming and climate change is caused by our immense burning of coal, gas, and oil for energy. This causes the carbon release to combine with oxygen in the atmosphere to produce CO2, carbon dioxide, which traps heat that would have been radiated back out into space. Due to this, the extra heat trapped near earth is equivalent to the heat from four hundred thousand bombs the size of what was dropped on Hiroshima, being collected in our atmosphere every day. By 2100, the rising sea levels will cost the world 14 trillion dollars. 9 of the 10 deadliest heat waves in recorded human history have occurred since the year 2000. Since the 1970s, 60% of the world’s wildlife has been killed. If we continue with our current greenhouse gas emissions, by 2070 tropical regions that now get one day a year of oppressive humid heat will get between 100 to 250 days per year. 100 million trees died in California in the past 10 years, and studies show that by 2050, if temperatures rise the way they are predicted, a quarter of the earth will experience extreme droughts and desertification. Stephen Hawking gave humanity a deadline of a century to leave earth, as it may be the only way to save ourselves. And who is going to be able to afford this? Maybe Lee Raymond, as his retirement package from ExxonMobil was a mere $400 000 000, for his impressive work of making money for the company at your expense. Climate change is real. I was lied to, you were lied to, your parents were lied to. These oil companies did all of this because they were short-sighted. They wanted to make money for themselves, but we need to think about the future. We as young people are the ones who are left to kind of figure out this mess. It’s not necessarily our fault, this is a huge injustice. All these lies and deceit that these companies did to the public consciousness are unfair, but we have to figure out what we do now. In our next video we’re gonna talk about hope. So, one thing is that a lot of people are challenging and figuring out how the law should get involved with these companies. They should technically be sued for what they did. There’s the green New Deal happening in America, What exactly is that what does that mean for such a large economic power? And we’re gonna highlight some of the amazing, innovative ways that science is now trying to figure out how to clean up this mess. Thank you so much for watching, you can subscribe to this channel we’re gonna release the video in the next few weeks. We just wanted to make this video because we make our animated videos on Thursdays where we try and get people interested in science and understanding a critical thought and learning about how the world works around us, but there’s Also these other things going on within the science community that we need to talk about and that’s what this video was, so we hope that you like it. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, smash out like button, hit that subscribe and we’ll see you next week. Peace 🙂

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  • If all of the oceans somehow rose together magically 10 feet like they say, northern Europe and southern US like Florida would be gone. Yet the banks are still giving 20-30 year loans and insurance to people in these areas. Hmmm. Florida is actually rapidly expanding. Just like wars the banks fund both sides creating the problem and the solution

  • u are full of shit

  • Climate change is natural not man made. Please stop the lies. humans could never change our climate. That's the sun's job you fools.  this is an attempt by liberal socialist trying to control all aspects of our lives with these idiot lies. There is no climate danger get it!!!

  • I wonder what the correlation is of the climate changing to homosexuality

  • Obama buys $15,000,000. Beachfront home.
    Exxon bad

  • This guy better never let me see him on a plane or driving a car. Hypocrites everywhere

  • U see the issue with me is everyone trying to predict the end of the world. They always say its 12 years to. Its like the boy who cried wolf. Im all for improving the world tho. And btw the green new deal wants to get rid of cow farts how are we supposed to trust something so absurd.



  • You cannot leave the Earth the firmament covers the earth the Sun is not out of space it's Inner Space as well as the moon that's why you can see it in the sky without any binoculars or telescope but NASA convince people that the sun is 93 million miles away and that's a lie. Global warming is a hoax not real just to put fear in people

  • Great information and well presented!

  • Who does the earth belong to? God. He created it. The reason why it is in the state that it is because it is according to Gods word in the bondage of decay and has been subject to futility. Gods earth Gods rules. We break Gods rules He judges us and curses the earth. One day there is coming such an event of calamity that has never been since the world was created and no little dinky small minded atheist is going to be able to do a thing about it. That's The Global Warning.

  • unfortunately, you do not know what you are talking about.The planet was hotter 1000 years ago before a Billion people burned fossil fuels…take a good look at the sun and its activity.

  • Climate change is obviously real and 7.5 billion humans are certainly capable of affecting the climate. But climate change is being exaggerated by people who are acting like it's some imminent threat or that every intense storm or heatwave that occurs is due to climate change.

    It obviously needs to be addressed but the absolute worst solution would be to institute a carbon tax which is mainly going to affect the poor and lower middle class. We need to fund more research into methods to remove carbon, methane and water vapor from the atmosphere. Even if we drastically reduced our carbon emissions, we would still be at risk from volcanic, wildfire and other natural activity that can cause massive changes in the Earth's climate. We will need to address those issues someday as well so we ought to work on the solution that will be necessary eventually.

    Taxes and banning products are garbage solutions to climate change and should be loathed by all decent human beings.

  • This guy makes me want to unsubscribe… and I'm not even subscribed!!

  • The northern hemisphere has more trees than it did 100years ago.

  • Why would you not want to prevent climate change? Your could make more money doing so as there will be more people alive that you can capitalise and take advantage of. Just imagine more people alive. That means more money for you.

  • Well then how come thousands of years ago the amount of carbon dioxide in the world was three times the amount now

  • There are so many inaccuracies and lies in this video, I don’t know where to start. One that is easily checked is the statement about heat related deaths since 2000. Look at the record, the early 1930s were the hottest years with the highest number of hot days and deaths on record by a huge margin. Of coarse climate change is real, what causes it is complex , very complex. After nearly 70 years on the planet, I suggest everyone relax a bit , some of us older folks you want to crucify so badly may have some valid experience and a few more brains then you realize right now. You may be surprised how your views and opinions change with time, how what seemed so important when you were young really wasn’t. Unless you know everything of coarse, “know it alls “ need no advice ever.

  • Get a day job. You talk like a preachy, little moron.

  • This guy creeps me out.

  • No dummy. Emissions control burns WAY MORE OIL! Are you stupid? You don’t remember a Geo Metro getting 52 miles a gallon? Stfu, stupid. Right info, about the oil companies, horrible conclusions. Jesus 🤦‍♂️

  • Man made global warming is a giant scam:

  • WARNING…this is fake news.

  • All bull shit…go away

  • Where can I BUY? t-shirts with these texts on front and back: I LOVE CLIMATE CHANGE / I LOVE CLIMATE WARMING

  • Maybe put Exxon in the title so the video shows up when you search for Exxon

  • Well. Where I live it’s been one of the most coolest years 2019. Wildfires in western Canada was at an all time low this year and rain trends has been the best in a while it has also been greener than the past few years. This shows that weather is unpredictable and climate change is inevitable whether or not there is pollution or not. I.e ice age. Climate change could be a good thing. So far this year, bring it on because it’s doing great!

  • Yet here we are almost 40 years later and few if any of the calamities predicted by the climate alarmist have come to pass. I don’t deny climate change but I need to know the unadulterated facts not shaded by hysteria. Unfortunately this video is not it.

  • Let’s just plant trees, they will breath all the co2.

    Problem solved

  • Watch "Scientists Speak Out: UN IPCC's = "Hocus Pocus" Science! Climate Change Belief IS Belief In A Lie" on YouTube

  • I don’t know why this guy reminds me of James Charles

  • The hoax is on the planet and the inhabitants of earth, (all of the inhabitants).
    This is not politics.

  • If you want to learn the truth about climate change then you need to watch this video. "The Great Global Warming Swindle"

  • Hemp will save the world. Check out BOSTON HEMPIRE. They have fire 🔥🔥 CBD weed

  • So did the oil rigs benefit from being built higher…..oh wait the sea level did what?

  • Why the girlish gestures?

  • Are president says climate change is a hoax. That’s all you need to believe

  • Here six months later… where’s the hopeful video promised

  • volcanos around the globe is spewing out Methane and other gases that effects the climate nonstop and its a massive amount, methane is many times stronger green house gas than co2 we need a volcano tax to stop volcanos from actiing like volcanos.

  • Could thiere be a channel with a more incorrect name like ASAP SCIENCE? There is such a lack of scientific and critical thinking here that it's laughable…. You guys are seriously terrible!

  • the heat equivalent of 400,000 nuclear bombs being detonated EVERY DAY?! GOOD GOLLY, THAT SOUNDS LIKE IT WOULD HAVE KILLED US BY NOW IF ITS BEEN 6 MONTHS (~ 180 days) LATER! oh but we're still alive arent we…

  • Climate Change Chat Forum

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    Greta Thunberg has left chat

  • ok, I don't get. why would the oil company do the global warming research in the first place back in the 70 or 80s, just to be ready and know where and how to drill in the future?

  • i miss the old asap science, idk why but like the videos just aren’t the same as they used to be. i guess i miss the old background music and videos like “ why do we yawn “ that were interesting and i could watch for hours. is this just me?


  • you are a moron

  • This guy's hilarious, his approach appears to be if he speaks fast and effeminate enough it won't matter what bullshit he comes out with!

  • No it's too late we only have a decade to live

  • Climate scientists have predicted dooms day 41+ times and been wrong on every single one. The climate of the earth changes yes. The earth has about 14 different tilts and pulls on it causing it to shift and change throught its movement in space (because ya know theres cycles of time in space us humans with lifespans of barely a century will never comprehend) in the early 19th century we literally came out of an ice age. Oh wait and what did those climate scientists say back in 2017? That's right the world is getting cooler not hotter and we should be worried about another ice age. The ice caps aren't melting to drown us all. They were at their largest point since the ice age of 12000 years ago, in 1819 . So yes, theyre melting some. That's the science they want to show you. Take a look a the big picture and think for yourself.

  • This is fake news.

  • The alternative energy is dependent on the weather

  • What about the fallacy of self diagnoses?

  • The King planting trees is way too expensive and very often imports diseases and non native tree species from abroad, also the forest won’t grow very much like a natural forest, and the trees very often aren’t suited to the location and die without a year or too. Instead, just don’t mow your grass, trees will start popping up within the next Spring. That’s ALL people have to do for trees to grow.

  • We need trees to breathe but people cut them down we extract and burn fossil fuels and make oil this releases Co2 (carbon dioxide) if you have more dioxide than oxygen we would have different types of Heart/lung problems even possibly lung cancer. We use to much plastic which is not biodegradable (cant be broken down or burnt) we are dying because of fires in forest we need to save the earth

  • they build oil rigs high up because of waves you idiot

  • CO2 makes plants grow

  • we actually have a dangerously LOW CO2 level on earth right now, so exactly the opposite to what your saying. And actually producing CO2 is what has kept every plant on the planet from dying. people need to look into the actual facts. CO2 is feed into greenhouses to improve growth, I dont get it. heres an interesting read. reading is where the truth is at enjoy. smile and buy a v8

  • What is going on – is the launch of a global campaign to usher in a required consensus for the Paris Agreement, the New Green Deal and all climate related policies and legislation written by the power elite – for the power elite. This is necessary in order to unlock the trillions of dollars in funding by way of massive public demand.

    These agreements and policies include carbon capture storage (CCS), enhanced oil recovery (EOR), bio-energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), rapid total decarbonization, payments for ecosystem services (referred to as “natural capital”), nuclear energy and fission, and a host of other “solutions” that are hostile to an already devastated planet. What is going on – is a rebooting of a stagnant capitalist economy, that needs new markets – new growth – in order to save itself. What is being created is a mechanism to unlock approximately 90 trillion dollars for new investments and infrastructure. What is going on is the creation of, and investment in, perhaps the biggest behavioural change experiment yet attempted, global in scale. And what are the deciding factors in what behaviours global society should adhere to? And more importantly, who decides? This is a rhetorical question as we know full well the answer: the same Western white male saviours and the capitalist economic system they have implemented globally that has been the cause of our planetary ecological nightmare. This crisis continues unabated as they appoint themselves (yet again) as the saviours for all humanity – a recurring problem for centuries.

  • Global warming is a white liberal "problem". The earth was much hotter with several hundred percent more co2 in the past and life thrived. Now you jokers think you're gonna croak from climate change unless you pay reparations to banana republics for floods? Give me a break.

  • wow your face scarred me for life

  • Actual numbers don't lie. And they say it's a hoax. I wish we were making the temperature rise, the next ice age will be ruff. We're at the peak that happens only 10% of the time, 90% it's colder to very much colder. If we cared about our children we'd do everything we can to make it warmer.

  • i'm just a kid i hope we don't leave earth so soon

  • It’s not humans fault the earth is warming, it’s the suns fault for being too damn hot. We need to cool that mofo down.

  • By 2050 where I live is supposed to be UNDER WATER! And lives will be ruined. The place that I spent most of my life will be gone and I would never be able to go back. My children will thing that Columbia SC always went up to the Atlantic Ocean. That is terrible…. I’m sorry I’m done

  • You are precenting propaganda and not science. Go cry with Greta. You are a modern day Göbbels.
    Climate change is real. It has nothing to do with CO2

  • The man in this video says that EXXON built their platforms longer so that the platforms could not be taken by the raising ocean!!? That is strange, because the oil platforms are floating on the ocean…

  • Scientist: The ice caps are melting at an alarming rate!
    Exxon: Did somebody say something?
    Also Exxon: Let's build our oil refineries higher to accommodate the extra water from the melted ice caps!

  • Soooo, basically a bunch a old guys broke the earth and are going to hand it to my generation?

  • Is it just me or does this guy look and talk like a buzzfeed feminist

  • so what is the biggest lie then? ridiculous video

  • There's actually lots of lies on both sides of the debate. And yes, it's indeed still a debate.

  • CO2 has much less of an impact on the greenhouse effect than water vapor. But that's a very unpopular fact nowadays.

  • "Other things going on?????? YEAH the real important things…prove-able like 5G toxic deployment & AI take over! -Geo-Engineering the weather has been going on for years…study up son!

  • I dont believe in human caused climate changes.

  • You have made several statements as facts which are in facts lies. There is no agreement as to how much effect man made CO2 has on global climates. And the best we can do is reduce this man made CO2 by 25%, which is insignificant. You might as well be warning us about a volcano that is about to erupt, can't do anything about that either.

  • So how long do we have left? Why doesn't anyone promoting climate change end of the world propaganda answer this question, if what you're claiming is true, that if we don't change the world as we know, it will end. Why can't you guys give us a legit timeline, I don't want to know about the Hiroshima bom's of heat, I want to know when will the world end and how, because all the previous claims have not fallen through, we're still living on earth "fine", no apocalypse, no 2012.

  • Your sources are garbage.

  • What our govt. & elites really want: Scaring people into believing we won't be here in 10 yrs. if we don't start depopulating the planet & following the laws they will make as far as global warming to "save" the planet.

  • you're lying. this isn't science, it has nothing to do with science. … it's just virtue signaling and politics and you're slacktivism is shite.

  • Exaggerating bru

  • Do some research on how much money is being made on the back of this hysteria.

    anyone else concerned about pesticides and deforestation? no. its just the cars that are supposedly doing this. something easily taxable. i can turn land arid if i take away all the trees and wildlife easy!

  • Science is a lie

  • What is the point of this video? You believe man is responsible for Climate Change? Pretty obvious. This is a one heluva bias "cherry picking" story.
    Now if you were honest, you would also explain to people that more CO2 is produced by the oceans than all other sources combined (by the proverbial mile). And that IS fact. So comparing the burning of fossil fuels by humans may well be the same as comparing a guy (or girl) farting in the corner of a music hall, resulting in the whole building collapsing.

    Comments are invited here, so if you're smart enough, you'll do your own research. Just 'cos "Mom" (and/or Dad) is a ideolog doesn't mean you have to be. Question everything you're taught and look for answers beyond the mainstream. If you ARE an ideolog, then rant away.

  • I 100% agree that climate change is the #1 reason for which we should invest in renewables and divest from fossil fuels, HOWEVER, we need to be smarter about how we go about achieving that! The conservatives (whose support we need whether we like it or not) all over the world have proven they don't care about the science and will never support investment in renewables solely for the sake of addressing climate change, THEREFORE, we need to stop wasting our resources fighting on an unwinnable front and come at the problem from a different angle!

    NEW STRATEGY TO WIN OVER SUPPORT OF THE CONSERVATIVES: Independence from the Middle East (particularly Saudi Arabia).

    If we weren't dependent on oil coming from the Middle East –

    1. The bombing of Saudi Arabia's oil refineries would NOT have forced the US and everyone else to consider using their strategic oil reserves
    2. Without people buying their oil they wouldn't have nearly as much money to funnel into the mosques and spread their extremist version of Islam
    3. The US and its allies wouldn't have any need to put ships and military personnel into the Strait of Hormuz to protect the flow of oil out of the Middle East
    4. We likely wouldn't need to be as concerned with the affairs of Middle-Eastern countries, thus allowing the US and its allies to withdraw their forces from that region. This in turn would reduce (essentially eliminate) the risk of terrorist attacks in the West (Islamic terrorists' primary justification is – "the West is killing our innocent civilians, so we're going to do the same to them").

    IN SUMMARY: Despite the importance of addressing climate change, ultimately what we want is more investment in renewables and less investment in fossil fuels. The conservatives are all that's standing in our way, therefore our primary focus should be on winning their support. We will definitely not win their support solely on the issue of climate change, however, for the sake of independence from the Middle East we might have half a chance.

  • Bush senior was a Globalist. "A new world order" remember? All of the climate scares the last 50 year are propaganda for vested interest. All of the theories are about consolidation of power and welth. None of the "facts" you mentioned are either debunket or direct falsehoods.

  • Liar

  • Geo engineering is causing climate change, drought, and killing the forests! And us! DUH!!

  • You should read a study that been done by Danish scientists years ago. Nothing to do with burning fossils… and BS Greta T.

  • Is it possible that a lot of our nuclear weapon tests are a huge role in global warming?

  • I asked myself if I love the nature. The answer was yes. Then I started to finde ways to help the nature and live with "her" and not against it. I've informed myself about the effects which my behavor have to the nature, some of them where pretty clear whitout reaserch. So I changed a lot. Important is, I do not do it because the GOV tell me so, I do not do it because other ppl tell me so. I do it because I want to do it.

  • Science? You are a fraud.

  • This is an oversimplification and it ignores the many errors and omissions. For one thing, co2 is needed by plants to live and when it was greatly increased in tests with crabs, they grew 6 times as large and were just as healthy. But instead, you had many scientists taking shortcuts by just adding acid instead of co2 like in the real world even though it was an easy experiment to do that took a few months. In the past the Earth had 5000ppm co2 and didn't burn up or heat uncontrollably, and instead life thrived !
    Also, scientists also said we would have an ICE AGE in the 1980s and water wars in the 1990s, not the mention food and water rationing in the 1970s.
    see Lies Damn Lies and Global Warming
    for many examples. And it also misses that increased temperature would increase water evaporation that would create more clouds that would block more light and cause more rain both COOLING the planet. And what happened to Global Dimming or the reduction in light, just like I mentioned, and it wasn't 0.1C or 0.001%, it was 5 – 10% less light and heat !

    Not to mention the whole Global Warming focuses on carbon that ALL LIVE on Earth is based on, so is ALL LIFE on Earth pollution ? It is used to divert the attention to the people instead of companies that cause the most pollution. 15 bunker fuel ships pollute more than all cars on the planet, so why do we only hear about the cars when the ships are much worse, and would be easier to fix, they even change to diesel when getting in national waters. But much cleaner diesel is slightly more expensive. And they put out real pollution and NOx, not just carbon, so why aren't they ever mentioned ?
    Or the lead and mercury and other chemical pollution ?

  • greenhouse gasses dont heat the planet, heat does, hot water releases co2, temperature comes first, then gasses

  • The green new deal is the worst bill that's ever been drafted by the democratic party (amongst many terrible bills). It's so bad that they don't support it in votes and get angry when republicans put it to those votes

  • 40 years ago they told us we were heading for another ice age.Now its global warming.Which bunch of scientists have got it wrong?

  • go fuckin tell exxon then and get them to pay for this shit instead of us

  • There was nothing scientific about this …. again the argument of the substance

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