The Lie We Live

At this moment you could be anywhere
doing anything Instead you sit alone before a screen. So what’s stopping us from doing what we
want, being where we want to be. Each day we wake up in the same
room and follow the same path to live the same day as yesterday. Yet at one time each day was a new adventure. Along the way something changed.
Before our days were timeless now our days are scheduled. Is this what it means to be grown up? To be free? But are we really free? Food. Water. Land. The very elements we need to survive are owned by corporations. There’s no food for us on trees, no freshwater in streams No land to build a home. If you try and
take what the earth provides you’ll be locked away. So we obey their rules. We discover the world through a textbook. For years we sit and regurgitate what we’re told. Tested and graded like subjects in a lab. Raised not to make a difference in this world. Raised to be no different. Smart enough to do our job but not to question why we do it. So we work and work left with no time to live the life we work for. Until a day comes when we are too old to do our job It is here we’re left to die Our children take our place in the game. To us our path is unique but together we are nothing more than
fuel. The fuel that powers the elite The elite who hide behind the logos of corporations This is their world. And their most valuable resource is not in the ground It is us. We build their cities. We run their machines. We fight their wars. After all, money isn’t what drives them. It’s power. Money is simply the tool they use to control us. Worthless pieces of paper we depend on to feed us, move us, entertain us. They gave us money, and in return we gave them the world. Where there were trees that cleaned our air, are now factories that poison it. Where there was water to drink, is toxic waste that stinks. Where animals ran free are factory farms where they are born and slaughtered endlessly for our satisfaction. Over a billion people are starving despite us having enough food for everybody. Where does it all go? 70% of the grain we grow is fed to the animals you eat for dinner Why help the starving? You can’t profit off them. We are like a plague sweeping the earth. Tearing apart the very environment that allows us to live We see everything as something to be sold. As an object to be owned. But what happens when we have polluted the last river? Poisoned the last breath of air? Have no oil for the trucks that bring us our food? When will we realize money can’t be eaten, that is has no value? We aren’t destroying the planet. We’re destroying all life on it. Every year thousands of species go extinct. And time is running out before we’re next. If you live in America there’s a 41% chance you’ll get cancer. Heart disease will kill one out of three Americans. We take prescription drugs to deal with these problems. But medical care is the third leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease. We’re told everything can be solved by throwing money at scientists so they can discover a pill to make our problems go away. But the drug companies and cancer societies rely on our suffering to make a profit. We think we’re running for a cure but really we’re running away from the cause. Our body is a product of what we consume. and the food we eat is designed purely for profit. We fill ourselves with toxic chemicals. The bodies of animals infested with drugs and diseases. But we don’t see this. The small group corporations that own the media don’t want us to Surrounding us with a fantasy we’re told is reality. It’s funny to think humans once thought the earth was the center of the universe but then again now we see ourselves as
the center of the planet. We point to our technology and say we’re the smartest. But do our computers, cars, and factories really illustrate how intelligent we are? Or do they show how lazy we’ve become. We put this civilized mask on. But when you strip that away, what are we? How quickly we forget only within the past 100 years did we allow women to vote. Allow blacks to live as equals. We act as if we’re all knowing beings yet there’s much we fail to see. We walk down the street ignoring the little things. The eyes who stare, the stories they share. Seeing everything as a background to “me”. Perhaps we fear we’re not alone. That we’re a part of a much bigger picture. But we fail to make the connection We’re okay killing pigs, cows, chickens, strangers from foreign lands. But not our neighbours. Not our dogs, our cats, those we have come to love and understand. We call other creatures stupid Yet we point to them to justify our actions. But does killing simply because we can, because we always have make it right? Or does it show how little we’ve learned. That we continue to act out of primal aggression, rather than thought and compassion. One day this sensation we call life will leave us. Our bodies will rot, our valuables recollected. Yesterday’s actions all the remain. Death constantly surrounds us. Still it seems so distant from our everyday reality. We live in a world on the verge of collapse. The wars of tomorrow will have no winners. For violence will never be the answer, it will destroy every possible solution. If we all look at our innermost desire, we will see our dreams are not so different. We share a common goal. Happiness. We tear the world apart looking for joy, without ever looking within ourselves. Many of the happiest people are those who own the least. But we we really so happy with our iPhones, our big houses, our fancy cars? We’ve become disconnected. Idolizing people we’ve never met. We witness the extraordinary on screens, but ordinary everywhere else. We wait for someone to bring change, without ever thinking of changing ourselves. Presidential elections might as well be a coin toss. It’s two sides of the same coin. We choose which face we want and the illusion of choice, of change is created. But the world remains the same. We fail to realize the politicians don’t serve us. They serve those who fund them into power. We need leaders, not politicians. But in this world of followers we have forgotten to lead ourselves. Stop waiting for change and be the change you want to see. We didn’t get to this point by sitting on our asses. The human race survived not because we are the fastest or the strongest but because we worked together. We have mastered the act of killing. Now let’s master the joy of living. This isn’t about saving the planet. The planet will be here whether we are or not. Earth has been around for billions of years. Each of us will be lucky to last eighty. We are a flash in time, but our impact is forever. I often wish I lived in an age before computers. When we didn’t have screens to distract us. But I realize there’s one reason why this is the only time I want to be alive because here today we have an opportunity we never had before. The internet gives us the power to share a message and unite millions around the world. While we still can we must use our screens to bring us closer together rather than farther apart. For better or worse our generation will
determine the future life on this planet We can either continue to serve this system of destruction until no memory of our existence remains. Or we can wake up. Realize we aren’t evolving upwards but rather falling down. We just have screens in our faces so we don’t see where we’re heading. This present moment is what every step, every breath and every death has led to. We are the faces of all who came before us And now it is our turn. You can choose to carve your own path, or follow the road countless others have already taken. Life is not a movie. The script isn’t already written. We are the writers. This is your story. Their story. Our story. Created by Spencer Cathcart

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  • This is the very reason why I think life is pointless. Everything is fabricated. Everything is just…not what we see everyday.

  • What’s stopping me? Got married and had a kid, have to take care of him. Otherwise, yeah, I’d build a cabin in Alaska and spend my days fishing and gold panning. Oh well!

  • I just love you and your ideas. Wow

  • I liked the original background music better 🙁
    Why did they have to take it down?
    That video also had more views….

  • Life is not a movie because they try to end it by giving us chemical as food which is poison cos all the food we eat today are chemical not really food

  • Chemical become our living both food " drink and technology the snacks you eat are chemical the drinks are chemical poison that causes sickness

  • Get over it.

  • Youtube is reading my mind! I wws just thinking about this when I came back from school earlier. I was like 'damn this life is so boring, everyday I wake up, brush teeth, study, shower, go to school and repeat. Is this life really is?' And just like that this video is on my recommendation.

  • Exactly.

  • Best video on YouTube.



  • 🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤

  • 🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤❤🖤

  • I have better things to do then watch this video. Why change the world knowing I’m not even gonna be alive by the time earth dies plus I’m better living the way I live then constantly getting stressed that the world is gonna end some day and getting depression and some day even sucide comes to me and I die before I’m suppose to

  • if they wont do anything then we will

  • In twenty years time the rebellion will start by the kids who have been brainwashed and robbed of their life from today and twenty years ago.

  • Welcome to Satan's throne, what else is new?

  • Le donne concorrono in cospirazione al favore delle Istituzioni che le sfruttano in prostituzione

  • Fede e politica hanno tratto le masse in inganno totale

  • La vita e' una sfida per l'evoluzione

  • The only thing it's worth to live is LOVE!

    Do you believe in the death of the emotions?

  • life is like cycle its boring like eternal

  • Why are u telling us this when we all know no one will do fuck all about it
    We thi k about it for 3 mins the. We carry on how we went on before this video i don't get it

  • Only one word I need to say:

  • I finally found a video that I can relate to fully because these things I talk about I feel alone because no one understands me

  • More people are waking up!

  • Ooohhh dEeP

  • wow.

  • only vedas following can save us.

  • What the rich are tapping into is our minds and how it works.
    We ourselves have created demons that destroy us by expressing our deep interest in things that we may not have needed all the time. E-commerce, free data, a gym at home, social networking, digitization of jobs, opting for digital transactions when we have the option of using cash, etc, etc. I could go on and on. But aren't these some of the reasons that our society, health and minds have changed for the worse? What the rich have done is they have perfected the art of making us lazy by playing with our minds and now they are making billions out of it.

  • I'm crying because this is all fucked up we got a phone in our hand when we were small a computer a TV and meat and plastic all this toxic things have been put in our life's… I ride the train and all I see is people on their phone its scary we all are just glued to our phones the whole time I wish my parents never gave me a fucking phone when I was small…

  • 2 years later, nothing happened.

  • Love from India! Btw that quote " be the change you want to see in the world" was said by Mahatma Gandhi. India recently celebrated his 150th birth anniversary on October 2nd.

  • Fuck this life, Appocylypse is going to happen once everyone is woke.

  • You're right if i would rule the world i would destroy it and rebuild it man fuck this

  • Vaccines are a tool of the system for disabling the part of the brain that understands the message of this video. Hence mass vaccination is why the masses have forgotten their true nature and purpose as humans.

  • Ignorance is bliss

  • I hate socially

    When the teacher stops you from having fun

    When the parent stops you from going outside because of a test that we won't care about in 5 to 10 years


  • the biggest lie is the life have a point

  • Capitalism?

  • I got 8:25 long goosebumps on my whole body

  • I first watched this video four years ago. I came across this by mistake but now that I am older, I have formed more of an opinion on this. You could sit here and blame the Elites for our problems. However most of those elites have worked for what they have their entire lives. That’s what separates them from every day people. They have something different. A drive and a hunger, and while videos like this are gripping, eye opening, and provide sensible questions to you; you will most likely never do anything about it. You will watch this and think about it, and forget about it. Or you’ll protest and rally or you’ll talk about it with your friends. If you want something to change you need the same hunger as the very elites you are fighting. You will need to work long ours and change your community through service, politics, and education. You may even need to produce competition against the things we consume for “satisfaction”. Alternatives and methods to avoid because I promise no one who has done things a certain way their entire lives will just stop. Your protest, videos and cry’s do nothing. Motivation is bullshit. Hard work will changed the future. As a young adult I see the way we are going and I am proud of the acceptance equality that we have achieved through the years but I scared of what our future holds. I am scared because people are growing weak, and weaker. Emotionally, mentally. People need to stop worrying about what others think and work on improving our selves and community. Embrace the suck and own the day and night. When faced with something you don’t like just say “well that’s life.” And work to fix it. I am a firm believer that anything can be achieved if you are willing to place your mind to it.

  • damn scare, I just said to my friend, "we need leaders, not politicians" today in university. Then, youtube recommended it. I've never watched this before…….. my phone is hearing me….. but it is a fantastic oration.

  • We are in the matrix

  • Do people dislike the video just for the sake of fun?

  • We need to do something above the screen….

  • Facts

  • I always think of this alone and feel sad and powerless. I go like : "if everyone doesn't like what he lives, then why not change the way we are living, and turn it into a life everyone will enjoy…"

  • Beautiful message. We need to spread the word! #WWG1WGA

  • We need to stop… What are we doing?

  • Show me a man who takes by force what he wants from women and I'll show you 10 women who vote to take by force what they want from men. Show me a grave created by patriarchy and Ill show you an entire graveyard created by feminism/communism.
    "Any society that negates the role of the father in the voluntarily marriage contract from decent civilization buliding men and replaces it with a involuntary centralized welfare state will not remain civilized for long."

  • 0:02

    2 seconds in and i'm already called out

  • I'm not eating meat or trash food anymore, lately they just want to make me throw up, guess I realised how disgusting it actually was.

  • I don't use social media, only use YouTube and play games. I now eat completely healthy starting today, something I've been holding back. Lately eating meat and junk food makes me want to throw up, I guess I realised how disgusting it actually was. Time to change.

  • I'm scared as a Gen Z (12) child. My generation is the start of never remembering a time without medias. My younger sister is even more in danger, she is Gen Alpha I remember watching her as a 3 Year Old with an iPad in her hand and staring at the TV at 1 Years old. I have been watching her grow up, as she slowly sinks into technology. She used to just watch YouTube, she's now starting to make her own accounts on games. She's becoming an addict, the same way I did. I'm growing out of it but it cut me out of life. I feel like I'm watching my sister become a zombie. I hear her and my other Gen Alpha and one younger Generation z sister constantly fighting out of little things and never showing love. I wish they knew the dark side of life and how easily life can end. They have everything since my family is in the upper class. I watch my sister's constantly stare into the TV and their phones. I watch them stuff their mouths with candy, Ice cream, meat, chips. And how they strive to be the best in their class. And I think about them in horror making social media accounts to get likes, hearts, and retweets. And become the very thing I despise of. Now they are beginning puberty, they are cutting themselves out from each other even more, bragging about how their favorite YouTuber talked to them in a Livestream. I just hope they grow up healthy..

  • 12 year old Gen Z sister concerned for my younger generation alpha siblings.

  • I hope we become better

  • I feel like we can make a water bottle that creates water. Like it does it manually and you don't have to fill it up? It just came to mind

  • I feel like everyone around me lacks common sense. They eat Meat blindly and happily, stuff their mouths with junk food, and lay in bed all day.

  • Lower class: Happiest people, most heartfelt
    Middle Class: Average life, has high and lows..
    Upper Class: Spoiled, has too much that man shouldn't have.

  • Seems like countries like Thai for example, have the happiest people.

  • Gun, violence, kill, arrogance

    Hug, love, reason

  • If only it was different.. :')

  • I wish I was in a different country besides the United States I'm just a 12 Year Gen Z. Father tells me I'm living in the best country. Am I? 🙂 My last name is German, my ancestors were German. If only they didn't migrate to the United States. Worst decision they made. I feel like this country is a rich jail cell.

  • Everything is a lie, but will you let yourself believe the lie your living?

  • We do not belong here

  • And I thought my whole life was a lie when the whole world is a lie

  • Earth is the centre of everything, everything in the skies was designed for us to observe, we have lost our way.

  • This is on dudes playlist

  • I feel like everyone around me is blind.

  • If only the world lived in peace

  • Y is for you can change that about yourself O is for yes or no, kind of in the middle

    1. Racism (Y)
    2. Sexism (Y)
    3. Poverty (O)
    4. Homophobia (Y)
    5. Abuse (O)
    6. Mental illness (O)

    So change the things you can about yourself, make yourself a better, accepting person while you can.

  • Humans must have an instinct to kill themselves

  • Let’s start a rebellion

  • The children are being programmed right now, all day at least 1000+ are being programmed every second around the world. Sad reality!

  • So what do we do with this fact? Something that can not lead to danger, etc? I don't know.

  • Now I feel like I am much wiser.

  • Save the students, it's becoming too late, the system is being migrated and knifed into them every waiting second.

  • We are foolish beings

  • If you want to be more than a worker worker bee do it or stop crying SIMPLE

  • “Why help the starving? You can’t profit off them” – the true and disgusting reality.

  • Humanity is destined to fail………. Its in our nature to populate and endless population growth will be our demise. Accept it and enjoy your lives.

  • You present no solutions. Random stuff made to look nice… That's as if you were on the side of the "corporations" 🙂

  • Y'all uneducated for not knowing the rotschilds


  • Communism

  • well done freshtastical, you made a lot of money with pointing the sleeping depression of a lot of humans, i dont think that you want to change something it looks more like you get your one little piece of the cake, all people that comment like and share this video are making the "problem" bigger now, forget this video, people are apes, not everything we do is thoughted into the last corner, a lot of tragedies are happening but thats how the live is, you shouldnt think that much into the direction that a little amount of people is controlling what? they dont care what you think and to be honest you dont care what they think, we build up a structure over several hundreds of years to have a live together were most people dont kill each other in the moment they could, of course not everything we do works out perfect the moment we start something because we are not perfect. i have more the feeling that people are crying to fast because they forget that nothing is perfect and everything needs time to evolve, they think everyone needs to be perfect and thats pure inhuman, take failures for granted because without failures we wouldnt know what to do better so be grateful that not everything is working out fine and work for the goal to make these things better, it never was different and it will never be different, if someday we destroy ourselves their is nothing wrong with it, live and destruction is duality and nothing works without the other part, every single viewer should start reading about philosophy and should understand that time and failure is a essential ingredient for everything instead of blaming the next stranger or strange thing

  • This is truth.

  • This is so real😥😥

  • Let me think😍

  • Настолько умны, чтобы делать свою работу, но не задавая вопрос – зачем мы её делаем.

  • That's why I hate humans and myself

  • You're breathtaking!

  • did thay in life?

  • if every single person alive done shrooms… the world would
    be a better place

  • This world is shit. Why is it shit?
    – humans killing each other
    – humans destroying the Earth by constant pollution
    – humans making slaves of themselves by being sentenced of the system that requires eternal work
    – humans killing other beings beyond the point of food
    – humans abusing each other because of the discrimination and racism
    – humans caging other humans because of the laws that don't always satisfy the morality
    – humans suffering from depression because of the system
    – humans commiting suicide considering the pressure of hate provided by other humans
    – humans suffering from drug addiction that regards the consequence of other humans as well
    – humans being the victim of either war or crime regardless of the innocence

  • Life isn't a movie, a script isn't already written, we are the writers

  • Perfect example of desperate atheists. No hope… we're all doomed… nothing but destruction
    I feel sorry for these "losers" for they will never find any Truth with such retarded mentality

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