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(electronic music) – Welcome to Ask GMBN
Tech, in fact this one is a little bit different to usual. This is ask me specific
questions, a special this month. The guys on our social
media team put some posts up asking you guys to ask me some questions about the worst bikes I’ve
ridden, the most unusual bikes I’ve ridden, accidents I’ve
had, all that sort of stuff. And we’ve had so many
questions, we’re simply not going to be able to answer
all of them, unfortunately but I’m gonna have a good go
at getting through this list. And if there’s enough, we’ll
make two shows out of it. Hopefully, this is quite
entertaining for you. So the first question up
is from Daniel and is says, what’s your worst injury
whilst fixing a bike? You mentioned that some
of your worst injuries have been in the workshop. I’m not sure if I said
that or not, if I did, I think I meant to say when riding to work rather than in the workshop. In the workshop I’ve had really
typical sort of injuries. Skin off my knuckles when slipping on that Allen key or rounded bolt. Blood blisters, if fact
I’ve got one right there. Caught in between a
set of pliers just when I was really trying to pinch something and they slipped and I pinched my skin. A few lifted fingernails as
well is always very unpleasant. And also splinter from inner cables which is excruciatingly
painful, I’d much rather have pedals to the shin than
one of those splinters ’cause they’re so horrible
and so hard to get out. But if it’s going back to
riding to work, then yeah, I’ve had my two worst crashes,
actually riding to work. One, in fact, this is more or less how I got into the biking industry. I was testing a set of forks
for MBK before I worked there so this must have been like
1999, something like that. I don’t really remember too
much about it, I know what I did and I basically bunny-hopped
off this massive curb out into the road, it was
at a causeway in Staines so it was quite a bank down to the road. And the forks, which were
a pair of Stratos FR4s, so it was like a cajole slowing
on fork with 4 inch travel. They snapped clean in
half, basically in my face went straight and
pole-drived into the ground. And I broke my nose, my
cheek and my eye socket and basically slid down
the road on my face. Now, I was lucky, I’m lucky to be alive because I was wearing a helmet but the helmet literally
exploded on the impact and I was left with the remaining straps and bits of polystyrene around my head and the rest had just
disintegrated in the impact. It was a skate star helmet so it was quite a tough helmet as well. I think it might have been a ProtoTech. So really, thank you for keeping that in one piece to be honest. Pretty nasty accident all around, I nearly tore my ear off at the same time in that same crash. So where I slid down the road, a go faster stripe down
the side of my head. Amusingly, I had long hair at the time. Went into the hospital and
because the side of my head was such a mess, they basically
shaved all my hair off. To trigger my wounds, a double whammy, I came out with a hamburger
eye, like face all messed up broken nose and no hair. So I looked like a right idiot.
More so than usual in fact. And then, a few years later
when actually working at MBUK, I was riding to work on my Curtis SX24, so it was a dirt jump bike basically. With 24 inch wheels, single speed and the free hub gave way on it. It is the same effect as
when you snap a chain. I’m pedaling down the road,
sprinting and it just went. It span all the way around.
So I threw my weight forward. Same thing again, landed on
the right side of my face. Same nose, same cheek, same eye socket. Exactly the same injury,
the second time basically. Except I remembered everything about it. I remember hitting the floor. I remember not feeling a
thing. My face felt all numb. There was blood just pouring
out of my nose and stuff. And some nice person
from the charity shelter was putting a blanket around me, telling me I was going to be alright. And I looked up and my bike
was halfway down the road. Where it had just
catapulted down the road. And that was it. Check your frail bodies
and check your chains. That was the moral of that story. But yeah, those are
the two worst injuries. And actually, I do
still get some pain over on the side of my head in
really cold weather sometimes. But glad I was wearing a helmet. Might not be here today. This next question is a
real hard one actually. So this is from Anthony Nilsson. Which retro bike, this
is based on, I think, I’m guessing, on the Cannondale bikes. Recently, sort of modern, retro ones. Which retro bike would you like to see a modern geometry remake of? For me, I’d like to see
a modern geometry 29ER Cannondale Super V DH Fulcrum. Yeah, that’d be a pretty
bitchin’ bike to be fair. I don’t know, that’s a
really hard question. Because there’s a lot of old bikes and the thing with the old
bikes is the great memories, but really, you ride them now and none of them ride very well. You know, you can have minor
suspension platforms on them for the time and that but, compared to what we have and
the geometry and wheel sizes and all of those differences, all of the marginal improvements
we’ve had over the years. Bikes today are the best we’ve ever had. It really is pretty
hard to get a bad bike. But my favorite bike, I think
of all time and the bike that if I could still buy a
retro one to build out now would be a AMP Research B1. So one of the original ones. You used to see them quite a
lot as a Mongoose amplifier And identical frame set.
Then there’s various others. You know, the B3, B4,
different generations of them. But it was all about the original one. The last one I really
liked and in particular, that Mongoose amplifier version. Now, the amp free set had the
horsed lightener link on it. Known as the horse link, which
later became the FSR link, As previously mentioned. And
also had the McPherson strut. So the C stage went basically
straight into a shock design straight into the frame basically. If you look into the
McPherson strut design, you see a lot in off road racing cars. You see it on car suspension
and maybe other designs. It’s quite popular. Back
then, it was amazing. This thing felt so good.
So active under pedaling. So active under breaking,
but it didn’t really solve the pivot point was quite
low. So it wasn’t affected too much. So minimal
chain groove on that bike. It was really, really
good performing bike. Now, of course, the geometry
back then was very short. So I’d quite like to make
a long version of it. And have that really nice
spindly twin down tube. So almost the size of my
fingers, these down tubes. Twin all the way. Unfortunately, they were
famous for, shall we say, parting way. But never the less, I think still one of the nicest
looking frames out there. Quite simply, I’d love to
have a modern version of that. And actually Coltech, their bikes kind of remind me of them in a way. But I still prefer the ball burnished, like the polished look. I’m a huge fan of the Cannondale bikes as we mentioned on the show recently. Something about the Cannondale bikes, they are four thousands,
two thousands, all out. They are just beautiful looking bikes. They had it right the first time around. There were amazing welds that were polished and
filed off afterward. So their frames almost
looked like carbon fiber with swoopy frames back then. So the modern one of those is amazing. With the lefty Australian fork on there. What else is there really? Dangerholms’s nod to the Klein Attitude, arguably one of the finest
looking matte bikes of all time. That original one that weighed
20 pounds, 26 inch wheels. Mission control bar stem. Beautiful. And he made a modern classic
with that Scott. That was cool. I did actually do a
modern classic of my own. Quite a few years ago now. I think it was for the 25 anniversary. Now it’s the 20th anniversary
of the GT Zaskar frame. So the GT Zaskar, is the
frame that Hans Rey rode. And this was a time I was
working at MBUK Magazine. And I got sent one of these frames. I was like, this is the
most beautiful thing ever. I wanted to do a modern
classic rebuild on this. So I was spoke to the guys
at GT and they were like, keep hold of this thing.
Do what you can with it. I’m sure it will make a great story. So, I got ahold of a set of
Rockshox revelation forks which was the nearest in the
look and amount of travel to the Rockshox GTSL that would have been on that bike originally. And I spoke to Argos which
is a frame sprayer over in Bristol and they still
had some of the original Judy yellow paint. So I
had the forks resprayed in Judy yellow paint, got some
original Rockshox Judy graphics For those forks, even
though it was a revelation. From TF Tuned and they also
tuned the fork up on there. I got Hope to fire up the air in my tires. Again, I had to sweet talk him
for that. To get purple hubs. And purple disc breaks
front and rear on it. It’s basically a period looking bike, but with modern components on it. It even had reruns of the Panaracer smoke and dot tires on it. This bike, is one of the
nicest bikes I’ve ever been on. In fact, it was the
nicest bike I ever built. Unfortunately, I gave it
away as a competition prize. Now I’m still not sure why I did that. Because it was essentially my bike. I was going to buy the frame. All the bits were pretty much mine anyway. But, I gave it away in a
competition in MBUK magazine. Annoyingly, the guy that won it, his dad told him to
sell it. So he sold it. It was like, who listens to
your dad when you dad tells you to sell a bike like that? What a plunker? But thankfully,
someone I think off of the retro bike forum, or perhaps
single trap magazine forum they got wind of it and they bought it. As far as I know, they still
own it and once a year they put those Panaracer tires on
it and take it for a ride. As it is supposed to be
ridden, then swap them back and continue using the bike. So if it’s out there,
and any of you own it, I would love to hear from you. Because I built that bike and it’s a little part of me, I think. But yeah, Mongoose amp would be one, I think is what I’d probably do. Okay next one, I’ve
totally been called out. So this is from Mark Adamson, a good childhood friend
of mine, owns a very cool audio store in Harrow called
Harrow Audio, in fact. When you were young, did you
ever chop your handlebars down to approximately 385mm
to speed up your steering? Didn’t we all do it back then? Yeah, I’ve got vague
memories of doing this. And it was so short, it was the fashion, I wasn’t alone in doing this. You had to fit your bar
ends on and your controls and you just had one brake
lever higher than the other. So the barrel was, would
be over top of each other, Which just sounds bonkers. I remember the moment my dad was like, do you want to do this? And
I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah Dave Hemming does it. It’s the way. To have my bars like this. Come down, put everything
back on. Got on the bike, rode it outside the house and he’s like, How do they feel? In my head I was like, This is the worst thing I’ve ever done. I went outside and was
like, they’re amazing. It feels so good. Everyone,
you should all do this. So I told everyone to do it. I think some of my friends did it. Maybe Mark did it which is
why he’s calling me out. But I blame Dave Hemming for doing this Dave, I hope you’re watching. Dave is actually a bit of
a legend. He’s had probably 20 front covers of MBUK
magazine over the years. He was the first British
racer to bring back a medal from the World Champs, he
got silver in downhill. Absolutely a sterling guy,
but your fashions mate. You made life hard for people
growing up in mountain bike. I can tell you that, but you
were the original influencer I think, long before YouTube
and people like Casey Neistat. You were an influencer. So
that was pretty cool I think. Okay, next off, from Chatztxo,
Is running a dropper post on a XC Hardtail worth
it? Would it look odd? 100% of course it is worth it. A dropper post is probably one of the single best inventions. Now I’ve actually said
that, in the past, I would rather have a dropper post on a rigid bike then a full suspension bike. With a straight up two post because there’s way more advances,
to move your body position that dramatically on a bike. And keep your center of gravity low. Then, I think a suspension bike that you can ride really fast off road. But you’ll still have to
suffer your body position if you have the saddle at full height. But at the same time,
with cross country riding, there is something about
mastering how to ride the bike on technical terrain and leaving the saddle where it is. You do get a lot of respect
from riders for doing that. And you will find, that
a lot of riders actually will give you stich for
having a dropper post. But in my eyes, I have a
cross country bike coming, I’m gonna be putting a
dropper post on it because I’m a tall person, so my
body weight is up higher So basically that weight up
high can act like a pendulum and actually put you
at a huge disadvantage when you’re riding technical terrain. Why would I not want to
get my weight nice and low? Alright, arguably, you are
adding weight to a bike by having a dropper post. But as we saw on that BMC four stroke that Neal rode when they
integrated dropper posts that weight is coming down and
they’re looking a lot nicer. So, it won’t be long, I think, until everyone is running
dropper posts on XC bikes. Now UCR World Cup, it was
interesting to see that most of the women are running
dropper posts and only a half of the men are, but
it is starting to happen. You are definitely
starting to see benefits in the way people ride. But I do want to emphasize the point. You can master riding on the bike without having a dropper post. Look at Nino Schurter, one of the greatest cross country racers that’s ever lived. His technique on the bike
is absolute textbook. The guy is phenomenal.
This guy is unbelievable. But I’m still sure he would
be faster with a dropper post. Maybe that’s a video we
could ask Nino to do. I’d love to see what he could do on a cross country bike,
head to head against himself, with a dropper post and
without in a time trial. Doing the full Nino attack. I think that’d be a
pretty interesting video to see how his riding changes and the way he approaches stuff. But something that is important
to say about dropper posts It’s not just about going
faster or being a bit more rad with your riding, I think the point is, that it’s safer, but also
it saves wasting energy. Now, a lot of the time, if your
riding a cross country bike, and you’ve got the high saddle position, you can be fighting the bike when you are riding technical terrain that wants to almost
throw you over the bars. Fighting the bike wastes a lot of energy. It’s also quite traumatic on your body, you’re tensing the whole time. With a dopper post, the
saddle down and out of the way a nice, low, center of gravity, more room to move around on the bike. You’re conserving energy.
You’re riding faster. And your riding safer. I
just can’t see why anyone would not want to run one. So, yeah. Get a dropper post basically. That’s actually all we’ve
got time for right now. There’s loads more questions here. So we will delve back into
this again in the future. But if you’ve got any
comments on the questions I’ve been through today let us
know in those comments below. Don’t forget to get your questions in again for next week’s show
and any further shows. [email protected] and of
course in those comments. And for another cool tech
related video, click down here for all of the sorts of kit
you should keep in your car to make your riding life easier. As always, don’t forget to
give us a huge thumbs up, subscribe to GMBN tech and
if you’ve got any suggestions for any cool videos you’d
like to see us make, let us know in those
comments. Cheers guys!

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    I heard a super loud crack, saw a LOT of blood, and thought I knocked half my teeth out. The pain was bad, but the shock was worse. I'm surprised I didn't get a concussion. In fact, I'm surprised I didn't get anything other than a broken orbital and a snapped brake lever. One of the residents in the community saw it happen and took me in to clean me up. I got sewed up at Urgent Care, and two weeks later did a bikepacking trip in South Florida.

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  • #ask Doddy , what length handlebarholder(stem?) would you put on a ghost kato 5, i think ur length is close to mine and to my opinion the one i have appears a bit lengthy:) ty in advance, and dont crash your bikes, we prefer you in one piece;)

  • omg, that purple in combi with yellow rockshox really pretty;)

  • In around 2003 I bought a black 1993 or 94 Mongoose Amplifier with Risse Genesis rear damper unit and Mongoose AMP front suspension fork. It was an awesome looking bike but the riding performance was not that great as far as I remember. But the look of it was so cool. and I also have a 1992 GT Zaskar still in use. It is built up with classic parts only (except tires).

  • lmao the link says GAY

  • Sliced bread = dropper post AND clutch derailleur . Those two inventions are the best two to come along in eons. Also, long front center but that's a secondary because you could always size up.

  • #AskGMBNTech What would happen if I used DOT fluid in my Shimano breaks?

  • One of those torque wrenches is pointed the other way than the others, and I hate it. -_-

  • Sounds like cycling helmets are a waste of time then?

  • I'm just trying to get my head around Doddy with long hair.

  • #askGMBNtech

    Hi, i need to buy a dropper post, but the problem is the budget, can you guys tell me the best cheap dropper post on the market?
    Cheers from italy

  • I had a GT Zaskar LE from 1992/93, beautiful bike, finished off with red and green anodised X-Lite parts and red cranks, Pace RC35 forks, flat green handle bars cut down to fit through a gate I rode through to work, I ended up selling it at some point 🙁

  • The worst thing that happened to me on a mountain bike heading to work actually I jumped this curb in a car ran a red light and I was doing probably 20 if the side of the car flipped over the roof landed on the other side with no shoes on got rubbing style Burns all over my arms side of my face I wasn't wearing a helmet didn't break a thing somebody was looking out for me lucky to have my life amen

  • GT iDrive 1 remake

  • The Cannondale that appears around 6min13secs … A friend of mine has one of those here in Brazil… A 26er… as it used to be back then, the tires with the white walls…

  • 3:10 same thing happened to me

  • I googled Dave Hemming and look what I stumbled upon: DH 1993, with Hemming using a disc wheel and a trispoke for going downhill

  • Someone get Dobby a damn football helmet

  • I remember when you got that Curtis!

  • Had forgotten about the AMP bike, the full polished version was my dream bike “back in the day” (feeling old 😁)

  • #AskGMBNTech hi there I have a set of sram level t and my rear brake keeps going spongy I am having to bleed it every other day, to keep the pressure, one minute it’s solid with the ideal modulation then another minute it’s straight to the handle bar, I am baffled, and starting to think about upgrading but not sure what too #help

  • What do u call the tool uses on the fork for putting the starnut?? Thnk u..

  • What Do you think of the giant reign?! I have the 2018 Model and many People say it is breaks easy is that right?#askgmbntech

  • drop and roll dude…

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