The Nasty Environment (Short Comedy Film) English & French Subtitle

Tokyo… one of the busiest cities in the world. There are countless companies and millions of people who work here. So many things happen every day. This is a story about one of those people a man who is about to start his first day working at a new job. This is the new hire, George. Is anybody out here? Hello? Hello? Hello. Robert. He is just weird. Ha, hi. Um… I’m Robert. I’m, I’m George. Nice to meet you. Fuck… Fuck. Did you come to a job interview? I did not see you. I didn’t cuz I took the phone interview, instead… Oh! Speaking of phone sex, I LIKE phone sex! Sex? Sex? Sex? Uh, sex. Sex! Se… uh, do you know sex? Uh, sex, sex, sex… (Strains) This is the receptionist, Valentin. He’s in the middle of something. Mission complete. Who are you? Are you our enemy? I’m the new hire. New hire.. I see. Valentin. I’m the receptionist. Receptionist? Oh… you? You got a problem with that?! No no, no, I was just, I was just saying… Uh you look fit, sir. You work out? Do I work out? (Laughs) You’re looking at my beard. What? You looking at my beard. No no no, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay, admit it. You’re looking at my beard, yes? No, I wasn’t looking at your beard… My beard is my beard only… My beard is not for you my friend! Robert! Robert! I can’t trust this guy! I can’t trust him. He’s an enemy! Our enemy! I’m watching you… I’m… watching… you. I’m watching you… Hello, bitches! The boss Masami. She is… wild. Good morning, Masami. Do I look sexy today? You must be George! Nice to meet you! Excuse me, I’m up here. Oh, I know you’re nervous, but don’t be so hard. Uh, could you please stop talking to my penis? Excuse me boss. You can speak to my beard. Anytime you want. As you wish. Guaranteed. (tsk) Oh, Robert is your supervisor, so he’s gonna take care of you. Robert! I, I’m your super.. visor… (farts) Excuse me sir, what did you eat this morning? (farts) Exactly George. This is what we do every morning. Called “Guess Fart.” I know what they had this morning. I can taste… beans… chicken Valentine! Chicken burrito! (Laughs) Robert. Your smell like shit today, so… you had… durian! (Sniffs his breath) (Laughs) Geoger! Your turn! What? Fart. If you wanna join our team, fart. And, let me guess what you ate this morning. Okay, okay. All right. I’ll do it… (Farts) (Masami) Yes! Team! Team! Well actually he just shit his pants. Looks like George did more than his co-workers expected. And, that means his first day was definitely a success.

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