The Pollution Ranking – Ranking of the Most Polluted Cities Worldwide

Pollution has become so
dreadful these days that is taking millions of
people’s lives every year. It is also giving birth to
several severe diseases like cardiovascular disease, asthma,
respiratory infection, insomnia, etc. India and China come in the first place
in the topmost polluted countries. However, China has
managed a bit to reduce pollution, but the situation
is the same in India. On the other side, Zurich in Switzerland
is the cleanest city in the world. Here are the top 10 most
polluted cities in the world. Bamenda, Cameroon: Bamenda in Cameron is polluted
worst to kill humans badly. This African city has
very poor air quality. And the deforestation is
the main reason for that. This city has a PM2.5 of 132(approx). Delhi, India: The capital of India
is polluted very badly. There are so many reasons such as vehicle
exhaust emission, waste burning, etc. However, the government
is taking actions these days to reduce pollution
a bit and its working. But, still, Delhi comes
in the top 10 most polluted cities which has
a PM2.5 of almost 143. Cairo, Egypt: Egypt is a very beautiful country that
attracts several tourists every year. But unfortunately, the Cairo
city of this country is so badly polluted to take the top position
in the worst polluted city list. Shijiazhuang, China: This is a city in China which
witness smog days almost every day and the worst air pollution is
solely responsible for that. Agra, India: India is the most
polluted country that has countless polluted cities
and Agra is one of them. This is the city of Taj Mahal. The air is so polluted
here that the white marbles of Taj Mahal are becoming
yellow with days. Zabol, Iran: Cloud of storms, dust storms is some
of the very common terms in Zabol. The air is so polluted here
that the fine particles of the dust can kill a
man in just a few hours. Faridabad, India: This is an Industrial city in
India which has worse air quality. The PM2.5 here is almost 172. But that gets even higher
during the winter season. The main reasons for the pollution
here is industrial areas, burning of the crops in the
nearby village and vehicles. Dhaka, Bangladesh: It is true that Bangladesh
is a country of the field. But, that does not mean the
country is not polluted. There are many other reasons that
have continuously made the country polluted and Dhaka is a city in
the country that is most polluted. Karachi, Pakistan: Karachi City in Pakistan
is also a polluted city that comes under the top
10 most polluted cities. Kathmandu, Nepal: Kathmandu in Nepal attracts
so many tourists every year. This may be one of the
biggest reasons for pollution. Nepal is no doubt a beautiful
country, but Kathmandu somehow comes under the most polluted top 10 cities
that has a PM2.5 of almost 173.

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