The Story of Karachi I Is Karachi Dying? I Karachi:From Rise to Decline

As salam o alaikum friends i hope you all will be fine we usually mention some special places in our vlog but todays vlog will be quite different because i will tell you the story of a city where i was born myself and spend my childhood today this city is in difficult situation lets know its story this is my story city of karachi i was a small town then three centuries back i emerged as the only port of sindh then i developed and ranked among the main cities of world my competition was with new york and paris i was named the walled street of asia my five year plan was copied by south korea my streets were lightened at night days were pleasant markets were crowded youth were educated and aged were relaxed travelers from all over the world use to visit my streets i was called the city of lights the best police was here to control the traffic at the time of partition i was the most clean city of sub continent earlier no one use to throw garbage in the drainage no one was allowed to capture anybody’s house there was no concept of the smell of garbage sewer and rain water do not use to spread the smell for many days then it all vanished today i am been included among the most dirtiest city of the world people say that to love karachi is in vain earlier the life was so much easy but now it has been so much difficult target killings and bribe have become my identity broken roads lots of garbage dark houses narrow streets fear worry, the residents are become use to to all this when it rains the situation is like we need to travel on boats from one place to another the memes are circulated on social media about me the leadership of city use language, color, cast as their tool the development work has been lost in violence and killings the walls of the houses are becoming higher and higher the business of grill and locks have spread plastic bags have replaced paper bags useless roads poor cleaning pollution political discrimination and corruption are my identity the people of karachi which use to pray for rain now get nervous from the first drop of rain but even after all these concerns i am an attractive place for international tourists i am hopeful that now i will go through complete operation i will become complete healthy and again on the map of world will rise as a developed city so this was the story of karachi city we pray that this city may rise again not only in sindh or pakistan but rise as a best city of the world do let us know with ur opinion and do subscribe our youtube channel good bye till next video

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