The Sweet Spot Between Petroleum and Environmental Science (CanmetENERGY-Devon)

WE are the Canmet labs: Canada’s clean technology
innovators. For over a century, Natural Resources Canada’s
research laboratories have provided global leadership in energy, materials and green
mining clean technology research, development and innovation. With over 500 world-class research scientists and engineers on 7 campuses, Canmet’s multi-disciplinary
project teams have the skills and experience to move your projects from concept to commercialization. We analyze, we create, we test and we replicate real-world applications, providing solutions
and always working at the highest standard of excellence. The CanmetENERGY Devon campus features customizable pilot plants and analytical laboratory facilities
focused on solving complex science, technology, and environmental issues in fossil fuel resource
development and production. We investigate the impacts of hydrocarbon
processing and products on atmospheric, aquatic, and terrestrial environments.
We’ve developed globally-unique expertise related to the evaluation of petroleum processes
and products, including oil spill science, along with a full array of standard testing
methods, and support for standards development. The Devon lab is the intersection between
petroleum and environmental science – it’s our sweet spot and our passion.
Products and technologies developed by our labs are already changing how clean technology
is used around the world. We partner with industry, academia and governments
to advance domestic and international research agendas and build a cleaner world. How can WE help YOU? If you liked this video, let us know with
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