The True World? Noiseless Earth – The Truth Under the Firmament? Documentary

like everyone else you were born into
bondage, born into a prison for your mind buckle your seatbelt door because Kansas
is going bye-bye you’ll want to remember this moment as
the last time you thought the Flat Earth was stupid. hello everyone this is ODD and yes I’m finally admitting that even though I don’t like labels I’m a
flat earther based on my research for the past 10 months our world is very
different from the model that we are being taught by the authority on the
matter it took me a while to come to terms with this and it took even longer
to gain the courage to talk about it it can be pretty embarrassing to go against
popular opinion but this is real it’s not a PSYOP it’s not a distraction and
it’s not a bandwagon it’s a reasonable debate it’s thousands of people taking
what we’ve been told and comparing it to what we see and experience only to find
out that they do not match up once you start digging into this it becomes clear
that there is no evidence for the speculated spinning ball that we
supposedly live on and everything points to a flat earth the Flat Earth is much
more than just reasonable the one and only reason that it’s reasonable to
argue against the Flat Earth is that we’ve all been taught otherwise our
whole lives we blindly believe something that a has never been proven and B is
pretty much fuckin impossible thanks to people like Eric Dubay the Flat Earth
has reemerged and it has more steam than ever before I’ve ever even entertained
the Flat Earth I knew not to trust the space programs of the world closed
examinations of NASA and other space programs revealed that things aren’t
what they seem and that we the people are being lied to we have no real
pictures of the earth and no matter how hard we try we just can’t find the
curvature not only that but flight paths make more sense on a flat map and large
bodies of water not being able to curve into a giant ball completely resonates
forensic ly speaking the globe model is so very unlike
that any good detective wouldn’t believe a fucking word the globe says the globe
story is so full of circumstantial impossible coincidences which only prove
that the globe is a fucking liar we’ll be going over that in this video
as well as other reasons why the world isn’t what we’re led to believe
I appreciate you tuning in let’s get started our daily observations of the earth are
consistent with the flattened stationary surface most if not all ancient
civilisations knew that the earth was flat the people of today would say that
ancient cultures were ignorant and unaware yet they accomplished great
feats that we still can’t accomplish to this day the truth is that they had real
knowledge and some of us only have an education but what is in education
education is when you are told what to think and how to think those that are
able to remember and regurgitate what they’ve been told on commands are
considered well educated but there is a big difference between being educated
and being intelligent just because you believe what you’ve been told
doesn’t make it true in fact the flat versus spherical earth is a debate that
has never really died it’s been raging for centuries it was a huge argument as
recently as the early and mid 1900s but with programs like NASA founded in 1958
the latter half of the 20th century was a win for the spherical earth it wasn’t
a question for the average person anymore
though at the time the shape of the earth was still up to be proven NASA
claims that they went to the moon and captured a shot of the spherical earth
as if they always knew it was indeed spherical
those of you think this technical difficulty was planned and think I’m
scamming you go do it for yourself because you’re gonna find the exact same
thing I got nothing to hide here this is live on the air okay I’m gonna zoom in
on the earth in Photoshop you see the earth to image adjust levels and I’m
going to bring the levels over here and I’m gonna bring the levels up Oh what is
that why is your square box around the earth
allegedly taken from the scientists on the moon in Apollo 17 people wonder why
I don’t trust NASA that’s why I don’t trust NASA I mean they’re always out
there saying you know you probably everybody’s trying to show you stuff
from space and you won’t you keep rejected this is why I reject it these
guys are liars you know what are some of the basic observations someone can make
to ascertain that the earth is neither a globe or spinning we’ve been taught that
burana all spinning around the Sun and so to
hear that you might be on a flat plane motionless at the center of the universe
with all the celestial bodies spinning around you just as it appears actually
comes as a surprise but it shouldn’t because our eyes experience and common
sense I’ll tell us that the horizon is
perfectly flat and we feel motionless we don’t hear ourselves whizzing by and
thousands of miles per hour no matter how high amateur Rockets or
balloons have gone up the horizon Rises through the eye of the observer all the
way up and that’s only consistent with a flat plane their theory just gets more
and more wild as time has gone on and so yeah it began with the spinning earth
going a thousand miles our which has been circling around the
Sun at 67,000 miles per hour which then they decided the Sun wasn’t it wasn’t a
heliocentric model but more of an a centric model where they don’t know
where the center is and we’re just exploding out of the Big Bang so the the
Sun we’re spinning around the Sun and then the Sun and are spinning around the
Milky Way galaxy they say at 500,000 miles per hour and then the entire Milky
Way galaxy they say is shooting off from the Big Bang 670 million miles per hour
almost the speed of light so there’s at least four rip raging contradictory
motions supposedly going at all times yet you don’t experience any of it nor
can you measure any of it using the Stars the flat motionless earth not only
is it the greatest conspiracy of all it’s also the easiest to prove I mean it
just is flat and motionless just as it appears look into it more and more make
it make it a thing to try and debunk it if you will you know even if you want to
do it that way negative reinforcement works to try and you will you’re only
going to find proofs for the flat motionless earth you’re not going to
confirm that you’re on a spinning ball the curvature of the earth eludes us
either the earth is much larger in circumference than we are told or the
curve just doesn’t exist people assume that there is a curve but it’s never
really been proven beyond a reasonable doubt cameras with fisheye lenses
Hollywood movies and NASA CGI are the closest we get to seeing curvature the
deception and the lies are just so pervasive and they’re just so deep I
swear it gives me a headache the surface of water is always level
just natural physics we know this that water is unobstructed and uncontained
will flow outward finding the easiest course to maintain its own level right
so but the ball earth model claims that the oceans are huge 100-mile wall of
curved water curving around the ball that’s ridiculous they say that gravity
makes it this possible but you don’t see that you go to the beach you see
completely flat horizon you see water just ever so gently coming up on the
shore so there’s the pretty blue marble that NASA claims we are living on with
circumference of 24,000 901 and 3959 radius so to find the curvature you take
eight inches times your distance squared that’s eight inches times your distance
squared and if you don’t square the distance you end up with this and this
is not what nASA has shown us they have given us a beautiful blue marble that we
love so it ain’t inches for one mile 32 inches in two miles sixteen point six
feet with five miles so on and so forth so what I did is I shot this pier which
is in Daytona Beach Florida and as you can see between the water and the
walkway of the pier is about twelve to sixteen feet based on the height of the
people and the railing so I started at Granada which is 4.9 two miles away and
I shot this and based on that distance and the formula there should be 16 feet
of curvature but obviously you can still see the entire gap under the walkway
there between that and the water so in addition to that behind that pier is
actually a lighthouse which you can see right above the pier you can see the
light that is 16 miles away from my location and I shot that lighthouse now
that lighthouse is 175 feet tall and the curvature from 16 miles away should be
170 feet you can clearly see about the entire lighthouse beyond that pier so
like I said there should be a hundred seventy feet of curvature but there’s
none and those hotels there are even further those are in New Smyrna which is
20 miles if NASA is right and there is and we do live on a ball they’re gonna
have to make up that curvature if it’s not in the 20 miles I’m shooting well
then that means it’s got to be made up further on down the line so you can’t
have it both ways you can’t say we live on this ball and then say oh you can’t
detect the curvature well you got to detect it somewhere because if it’s not
dropping here it’s gonna have to drop even more down the lines in order to
make that circle that ball they say we live on and it’s pretty round that blue
marble they give us is perfectly round lighthouses are one great example the
Isle of Wright lighthouse in England it’s a hundred and eighty feet high and
can be seen up to 42 miles away a distance at which modern astronomers say
the light should fall 996 feet below the line of sight why can you still see it
another one worth mentioning that people be familiar with is the Statue of
Liberty it stands 326 feet above sea level and
on a clear day can be seen as far as 60 miles away now if the earth was aglow
but the dimensions that they give us that would put Lady Liberty at
an impossible 2074 feet below the horizon no not one picture of the earth
imagine that 2016 and we still don’t have a picture of our home thousands of
satellites supposedly orbiting the earth why can’t we get thousands of pictures
one shot with the whole earth in it hell we should have a channel on cable that
shows the earth rotating 24 hours a day every day nope let’s listen the NASA’s
very own Robert Simmons talk about how we get our fake pictures of Earth in
1972 we saw her home in a new way Apollo 17 astronauts snapped this
picture it gave people the first look at their home planet as a single entity
last week scientists at NASA released this the shot is compiled from data from
NASA’s veers instrument which orbits the earth about every hundred minutes taking
measurements of light coming off the planet that can be translated into
ribbons of imagery like this and then into one of these and this is just the
latest in NASA’s Earth from space album which may be one of the most
mind-expanding collections of images in human history then in 2002 Blue Marble
2.0 NASA’s Rob Simon made this Simmons job is it’s primarily taking data and
making pictures out of it that’s what this is a composite of datasets from
several different instruments translated into a picture so we actually had to
take clouds out they stashed the clouds for later went onto the ocean that came
from an instrument that measures phytoplankton in the sea where it was
low I colored it dark blue because they’re low mostly in mid-ocean z– and
then where’s a little bit higher it was like a little bit brighter green then
add the clouds back in there’s a small problem with it because there’s a very
slight gap in between each orbit so some of those are painted on it is
photoshopped but it’s it’s to be then there was another layer to
sort of simulate the atmosphere and then there’s this little bright spot it’s
called the specular highlight so it’s the reflection of sunlight off of water
those are the pieces but you can’t just slap them all together just didn’t look
realistic it looks kind of flat or the clouds are sort of to see-through so I
just take command Z a lot there’s artistry to creating the world what I
imagined it to be unfortunately I’m not an astronaut I’ve
never been to space but I’ve looked at these images over and over again trying
to sort of get the essence of it it is photoshopped but it’s it’s has to be it
is photoshopped but it’s it’s has to be it is photoshopped but it’s it’s has to
be it is photoshopped but it’s it’s has to be excuse me I’m allergic to bullshit
not having one authentic picture of the earth alone is a huge red flag Christoph
let me ask you why do you think that Truman has never come close to
discovering the true nature of his world until now we accept the reality of the
world with which were presented with it’s as simple as that the Flat Earth model is a working model
it’s by no means definitive due to the nature of this massive cover-up for the
past 500 years we’ve been completely buying into the Copernicus heliocentric
model but what we do know about the Flat Earth is based on the azimuthal
equidistant map that seems to be working out this map goes as far back as the
Year 1000 and possibly earlier now used as an official map by the US Geological
Survey and also as the official logo for the United Nations is this our real home
being hidden from us in plain sight I think it is the first thing a lot of
people say is where’s the edge well look at this map where Antarctica is a 360
degree ice barrier that holds the water in these ice walls are real and they
stand 150 feet above the surface of the water then you need to understand that
there is no independent access to Antarctica average people can only go
there on a guided tour it has no towns no cities and no permanent residences
what’s past the 150 foot ice wall is anyone’s guess how far the ice extends
how it terminates and what exists beyond it the antarctic treaty signed in 1959
by 12 nations and more later on states that Antarctica is for peaceful purposes
only no military activities just scientific research and government
exploration expeditions by any party must be discussed in advance it’s the
longest and most successful treaty between nations the treaty also states
that there are ships stations and equipment to ensure compliance of the
treaty sounds like military activity to me
anyway so this as a muscle equidistant map appears to be correct for the most
part over the centuries there’s been other maps that look pretty close to it
as well let’s look at an interesting story that was recently in the news that
supports this flat map a woman gave birth on a flight from Bali to Los
Angeles so the flight made an emergency landing in Alaska
here’s what it would look like on a globe now here’s what it would look like on a
flat earth which one makes more sense exactly a big issue I was having with
the Flat Earth for the longest time was the sunrise and sunsets I realized that
it was a perspective issue first you must understand that the Sun is not 93
million miles away if it was we would never see anything like this here this
is concentrated because it’s closer it’s much more probable that the Sun is only
a few thousand miles away and that it’s the same size as the moon once you
comprehend this all of the sudden solar eclipses make sense holy fucking shit
something that makes sense okay so the Sun is close which gives it the ability
to spotlight the area that it’s over and when it leaves your view due to
perspective it takes the light with it there is a generous amount of light
where the Sun is at but since it’s so close it doesn’t spread its light like
it would if it were bigger and further the Sun circumnavigates the earth like a
huge clockwork sometimes that takes a while to sink in alright let’s talk
about the Coriolis effect the Coriolis effect states that when a moving object
leaves the ground the earth continues to rotate meaning that when shooting a gun
at a certain distance the bullet would be a little off due to the Earth’s
rotation if that’s the case then airplanes would have to account for the
Coriolis effect but they don’t this is only a few things that work better on a
flat motionless earth do you need a hundred excuses as to why you’re not
feeling any motion or seeing any curvature are those excuses easier to
believe or is it easier to use Occam’s razor and go with what our senses are
telling us the earth is flat and not spinning
now real quick let’s kind of just explain the Coriolis effect in layman’s
terms the Coriolis effect is the effect that when the bullet leaves the barrel
of the gun it is actually leaving the surface of the earth so as the bullet
leaves the barrel of the gun the earth is still rotating and the
bullet is not rotating with the earth so the earth will actually rotate out from
underneath of the bullet while it is in flight this one is a touchy subject this all
fucking videos of touchy subjects so anyway this one this one’s hard to get
across to people big time but outer space is up for debate space programs
are compartmentalized and most astronauts are Freemasons that have to
swear an oath of secrecy when dealing with the so called missions the thing is
that there is so much footage of NASA and other space agencies making mistakes
sometimes we could see bubbles in the spacewalks sometimes we could see
harnesses and wires on the people in the International Space Station the permed
hair that moves nothing like it would in zero gravity these are huge red flags
not to mention the Van Allen radiation belt the Van Allen radiation belt is a
layer of energetic charged particles that is held in place around a
magnetized planet such as Earth by the planet’s magnetic field sounds kind of
like a dome if there is one oddly enough one of NASA’s employees admitted that
this radiation belt needs to be figured out before humans could pass through it
listen closely as we get further away from Earth we’ll pass through the Van
Allen belts an area of dangerous radiation radiation like this could harm the
guidance systems onboard computers or other electronics on Orion naturally we
have to pass through this danger zone twice once up and once back but Orion has protection shielding will
be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation sensors
aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study we must solve these
challenges before we send people through this region of space let’s talk about
satellites we’ve already discussed how there are no pictures of the earth
so our satellites even real not likely ground towers are built all over the
world and are more than adequate to relay our television radio and cell
phone service all GPS has done through land-based towers and things like Google
Earth are taken with high altitude planes and most of them are just done
with cars on street level did you know that satellites were
actually invented by arthur c clarke the science-fiction author I didn’t know
that they shortly became I in fact after that yeah the geostationary satellite
look it up it was created by a science-fiction author and then within a
decade NASA claims to have sent a real one up there
and ever since then that’s where we get all our communications from so
satellites were real we would constantly hear stories of them being hit by
meteors or comets and that doesn’t happen
no one’s ever lost their direct tv feed during the Perseids meteor shower
because one of the meteors knocked out one of the satellites doesn’t happens
never happened and it won’t happen and that to me tells me there is no
satellites you would constantly be worried about them and you would
constantly hear about them having something happen and it’s so rare that
you hear that so you may or may not have heard the
term cognitive dissonance cognitive dissonance is when new information
challenges your beliefs and you just can’t let go it’s just like that scene
in the matrix No I don’t believe it
it’s impossible stop let me out let me out oh uh we have a rule we never free a
mind once it’s reached a certain age it’s not easy going through this kind of
deception and then realizing that your whole life was spent thinking and
believing one thing when it’s the opposite nobody wants to feel like
they’ve been fooled like they’ve been had I’m a human just like you and I
never would have thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be on this kind of
journey this journey of realization and reckoning this journey of putting
everything I know to the side so I can absorb information that seems ridiculous
yet so sensible it’s time to say fuck it it’s not your fault that you were wrong
it’s not your fault that you fell for a trick that the whole world also fell for
I’m right here with you it’s time to take down your mental barrier and
recognize that we have a lot of work to do in order to find out what this place
really is and why we’re here it’s not to be slaves of the dollar it’s not to be
slaves of the clock our reality is being manipulated and hidden from us please
wake up and try to awaken those around you so how did this happen okay
let’s start in the classroom the first time anybody enters a school classroom
they are introduced to the globe model of the earth this three-dimensional
scale model of the earth that has never been proven was invented in the 1400s
fast forward to 1927 a big-budget movie company called Universal Pictures came
out with its movie intro and guess what the spinning ball earth still hasn’t
been proven this is 30 years before NASA was founded over the years Universal
kept coming out with similar logo intros and to this day we see the spinning ball
earth before many of the movies that we watch besides there are countless movies
about outer space that used the same model we have been indoctrinated and
it’s as simple as that for the spherical earth to remain unproven after this long
is a wake-up call to everybody that lives here
we need to shed this programming right here right now and find out what the
fuck is going on no more embracing this sick illusion that was created by
psychopaths I’m going to keep searching for answers and trying to make something
happen all I want to know is who’s coming with me we don’t have time for a meeting of the
Flat Earth Society I like to be an explorer like the great
new gem oh you’re too late there’s really nothing left to explore right before your surgery I asked if you
had packed your cell phone and you said which one when Skyler I was medicated I
mean I could have said the world was flat you know what I think I think you
accidentally told the truth the world was flat to do it I think you
accidentally told the truth the world was flat really the evidence shows me
this flat and stationary there is much more evidence based on just pure
analysis that it’s flat and stationary so it’s not actually a sphere it’s in
its oblate and officially is an oblate spheroid that’s what we call it but not
only that it’s slightly wider below the equator than a Mobius will chubby little
chubbier yeah Chubby’s are good way it’s like pear-shaped really we’re a big
trouble as far as lack of critical thinking and lack of free thinking we
are really are in big big trouble we need to step it up as far as he awakened
he goes you really need to put your thinking cap on it really started to
really need to start to look at these things and look at them with a critical
eye and with a critical mind

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  • 20:38……you state as a fact that an airplane can only land safely on a runway that is not moving (as in a spinning globe earth)? Have you ever heard of a US Navy Aircraft Carrier sir? They are a moving landing strip…..on top of water to top it off…and some of the most magnificently safe landings I’ve ever witnessed….please do tell what the correlation rule is that applies to this? I’m not being a smart a s s, I really want to know…
    Edited to add…I believe the earth is a flat plane…why else would the Vatican need to be such a large sundial?
    Real Eyes
    Real Lies………someone else’s quote…. I just realized how much I like it

  • Awesome video. Please keep speaking and spreading the TRUTH! Everyone needs to know. God bless.

  • What about this music tho? Who made it?

  • Love you love love love love love love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you

  • Look up % of communications done by underwater cable, then ask yourself if there are thousands of satellites, why so many cables. Or another question, if cables are so much faster, why so many satellites? We hear about areas where there is little or no cell phone reception, but why if there are thousands of satellites? Do the satellites somehow fly around those areas leaving them with no coverage? Why can we find videos of crashed satellites with the balloon still attached? Why can we find video of a balloon being launched with a satellite attached. Start asking questions. Start researching.

  • That is the nature of water, level,water lay flat,water is older than creation,it is a compound that produce H/2 o is a live spirt is pure energy , existing through frequencies of vibration ,it is unknown what the true make up an substance is.; jesus .the word of GOD, is;Jesus born from water!

  • Nasa is a lie our governments are liars and satanist

  • I never believed in flat earth until the last year or so and damn i cant believe i thought flat earthers were crazy globers are crazy

  • Good Film.

  • Wayne Dryer used a preposition to end a sentence.

  • "Our world is flat and motionless" has been the Bible's cosmological model from the beginning to the book of Revelation and on into the book of III Kings.

  • The "Isle of Right"?

  • "The Matrix"? Please stop relating reality to unreality.

  • When "Universal Pictures" shows the ball Earth, they're letting you know beforehand that the movie is a fiction.

  • I'm comming with you
    bags = packed

  • There are some really great scientists out there.
    Sadly though, they remain "out there".
    Scientism is not science.
    It's a cult

  • If you believe in N.A.S.A,then you believe that Santaclaus excist too.

  • why do a submarine have a periscope ,its useless on a sphere.

  • there is a man named Auguste Piccard and he is the first before NASA to go 10 miles high in a metallic balloon and he describes the earth as a flat disk with upturned edge aka the south pole witch is a 200+ foot ice wall that surrounds the whole earth so with a compass pointing north if you travel north once you pass the north pole then the compass will show you are heading south so north will be behind you!

  • EArth is flat , space is fake

  • It's probably more like a disc. Galaxies are disc shaped, planets are probably disc shaped
    and Earth is probably a disc shaped sitting in flat plane, under a Terra-forming dome.
    The photo of the "blue marble" is a joke.If You took a photo of the earth from the moon it would be Gigantic. In fact, it may not even fit inside the ave camera lens
    Here is a comparison picture( Yes , I know it's not round but if it were as they state the picture
    of earth from the moon would be massive…not some tiny blue marble.

  • LOL, why the fat shaming at the end? xD

  • good work don't stop the truth in the name of JESUS

  • NASA is fake

  • If they can make stars in a glass of water, then shouldn't space need to be water. "And God separated the waters from the waters."

  • As a very keen fan of the idea of space, I play Elite Dangerous. At first I almost hated the game but there was nothing wrong with science fiction. One of our brothers had uploaded a video, capturing an airplane at 11000m height, even with an infrared filter that saw no curve. Debates began, how from such a height it was impossible to see a curve because the angle was too small. Because the Elite Dangerous is famous for the planets that can be landed on a scale of 1: 1, I decided to find one with almost the same radius. I found one that was slightly larger in radius and I landed on it. Say to yourself that the fact that it is greater should the curve appear a little later. I began to rise vertically upward to see when it was visible. even at 7000 meters the curve was visible and at 11000 meters it was definitely very pronounced. Then I commented that we either really live on a flat land, or the earthly sphere is much, much bigger than we are given to know. From there, there are many more things to hide from us. Immediately afterwards, some attacks against me began. How my head was flat and so on. But one thing I remembered from my grandfather. "Never divorced from your mind" One thing I've noticed in my life, a strong one. Good comes gently with humility until evil always with aggression and attacks. The fact that the globals jump aggressively, insulting, subduing foreign opinion speaks for itself. As we seek the truth of the holy creation, and how special and important each of us is, they aggressively and viciously defend their own slavery.

  • We are in the time of the great awakening.πŸ‘β³πŸ•Š

  • Google Earth shows we live in a square

  • It's all to hide the truth about God. If the world new God was real. It would ruin all they control for themselves

  • Einstein, Newton, Darwin, and others Jews and Masons we been lied for years time to wake, because we live in a corrupt world run by Criminals.

  • Scientist are on the opposing team if u don't realize that ur in for a big bad surprise one day ( aprox 3 yrs from now my guess) read ur Bible

  • I’ve tried and tried it’s like talking to a robot

  • u sure would love to know the truth ? there is not only one lie but many. to keep u in the system

  • Fucking BRILLIANT the truth should not fear research. I was so laughing at first then my jaw dropped/ It really is flat and stationary. Please keep an open mind.everybody please just hear us out. We have been brainwashed. QUESTION AUTHORY WAKE UP~

  • awwww, you all must feel so special thinking you are the center of this tiny little universe where god can give you al his attention and nobody else. Well except for the thousands of priests who molest little boys destroying their lives and never being punished. Who is their boss? Oh ya pope. Who does he answer to? Oh ya your god? The same one who gave you a little flat earth and apparently a littler flat brain. I'm dumber for ever hearing your voice.

  • The More Truth(s) One Finds… The MORE Truth(s) One Finds !

  • I know a 100 % The Earth is like the smarter ancients told us before everything got removed.
    T is not what you believe in this world but what you can prove ..
    This is a no Brainer to figged out ……………………… yes it is …………………………………..^^^ besides hills and mountains , the foundation is …………………………

  • U can hear the passion in robs voice ranting about NASA πŸ˜‚ box around the globe earth. Clearly pasted in

  • So are there 4 different types of coriolis effects? Seems like every angle would be completely different if so


  • Someone on Twitter asked me "Are you a flat earther Sandman?" I said show me any fact or demonstrative science to believe the earth is not not flat and motionless and I'll turn it all around. No body has anything to prove otherwise so YES if that is what you call it.
    I am now, but I don't like to be labelled. I have kept silent. too long. why should I be afraid to admit it? There are Many who like myself had to be a closet flat earthers. lol I went from skeptic scoffer, to interested, to dumbfounded shocked yet still reluctant, excited and yet afraid. THEN to ANGRY and now ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED!

  • To believe is to have an independent thought process. Where you are open to receive all sides of an idea and its possibility beyond.
    I refer to school as a dictatorship center. My dictators (teachers) followed a narrative agenda required by law by the Dept. of Dictators(Education).
    I learn from truthers, I'm educated by free thinkers. My intelligence is acquired from their knowledge of facts and proven theories.
    I resent being labeled a "Conspiracy theorist" for believing in the truth. And that's what the unwoken ones call me the minute I try to present the truth to attempt to open their eyes. Regardless of the amount of proof or facts I have. I've lost all friends and most of my family by trying to open their eyes.
    Until this label is debunked many will never wake up.

  • The world is filled with zombies πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ πŸ§Ÿβ€β™€οΈ …., πŸ˜’

  • Great Video.

  • Nixon made them make a movie going to the moon to make himself look good. We didn't have the technology to go to the moon.AS you can see on this video it was done just like a movie. Apollo 11 didn't blow up. all 7 or8 of them are alive. Just look them up. They are liars to the core.They have technology to make you see things your not seeing ,like ufos. They control the lights. It's a joke. There are no aliens. they are DEmon angels they can take any form. read your Bible..

  • Well , sit down on the beach and see the sunset, after you loose the sun of your sight, stand up and see the sunset once again, it is cool and roundy. But i love researching that is i am here. NASA is a joke they never landed on moon, not with calculator technology. And if they somehow did it is with someone else help. Earth can not be totally tapered and closed, there are evidence of aliens visiting our planet in the past. The truth is more complex, read the ancient book they hide more truth than they will tell you in modern times. Nice video tho , keep searching of the truth.

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