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  • I recommend everybody to try and share this on facebook. See what pops up.

  • Climate change is satanic religious dogma

  • The more humans born everyday are causing the warming of our planet money won't do anything as long as there are more and more humans brought to this planet and that is a fact!!!

  • His (Patrick Michaels) claims over the last quarter century have been proven wrong repeatedly. In addition, He receives funding from the fossil fuel industry which gives him an interest in supporting the fossil fuel industry. Here we have one source that says one thing, but a million other sources that say the opposite. To believe this one man over the many experts who, without having any fossil fuel funding, disagree with him is foolish.

  • How many of you stayed awake in science class? Remember the part about our solar system? Remember learning about planets their sizes and distances along with gravitational orbits? Remember how earth is in the "goldylocks zone"? Remember how at one point, Earth had an ice age? Remember being told that the titanus scale of our galaxy works within billion and billions of years for scale? Well,.. Things on this scale work much,much faster than we are taught ,.. Its the reason why all planets are in a elliptical orbit of the massive gravitational pull of the sun. The reason for "ice age" ,.. To far from the sun,.. "goldylock zone",.. Just right,.. "global warming" or "climate change",.. Passing our comfortable "goldylocks zone",.. and entering a global melt down/waterworld,.. Eventually entering a complete vaporization of liquid water to a atmosphere that will drown you. This can not be stopped. The sun has its hold and seeks to devour all planets. The only reason earth is not been drowned by water yet,.. The moon. For every inch we move toward the sun,.. The moon draws us back a centimeter. It only has baught us a small amount of time. Its hinted at in school ,.. however they will not tell you as a child that we are inching closer to the sun daily. And with each passing orbit drawn into the bright inferno. We might have another 1,000 years ,.. 800 of which we survive underground untill earths core is pulled through its crust. Now if they told us that all available resources were going towards outfitting the moon to be a transport for 500,000 humans to another solar system with a planet still in its "goldylocks zone",.. It makes more sense to do everything possible to save human kind.

  • Proof that a thorough education, driven by confirmation bias, can produce a moron!

  • Parameterized. The models too sensitive.


  • In his credentials, the funding Dr Michaels has received from the fossil fuel industry has been conveniently omitted….

  • Paramaterised = politicised.

  • im sure the planet can hardly wait for humans to exit and then rejuvenate itself

  • So shame on Fox news to bring this scientists who were paid by huge petroleum corporations and other companies just to show something is not true. There are a thousands of facts that prove that we humans are increasing the climate change. Always had green gases emissions , but it was always natural and the nature always with its balance controlled that. Now with the humans interferences things are out of control. There are thousands of solutions for this issue. But those companies pays those kind of people to lie and people still believe it. They just turn on their Fox Fake news and dont check facts. Its has been proven that clean energy employs more people than petroleum companies por example, but one more time people are blind. The bill is coming and we are gonna pay the price on this future. And that's when I come back on this video and says I said so.

  • OK all you morons out there listen up!

    In an affidavit in a Vermont court case, Michaels described his firm's "mission" as being to "publicize findings on climate change and scientific and social perspectives that may not otherwise appear in the popular literature or media. This entails both response research and public commentary."[3] In effect, New Hope Environmental Services is a PR firm. Michaels' firm does not disclose who its clients are, but leaked documents have revealed that several were power utilities which operate coal power stations. On a 2007 academic CV, Michaels disclosed that prior to creating his firm he had received funding from the Edison Electric Institute and the Western Fuels Association. He has also been a frequent speaker with leading coal and energy companies as well as coal and other industry lobby groups.[4

    Who are you going to believe? Fossil fuel funded cranks or the rest of the science community? Yeah admit it dumb asses, you’ve been hoodwinked. Truth, Liberty, Levin!!!

  • This so called expert is talking about the excess Co2 in the first half of the 20th century not being from human activity? Does he know when the Industrial Revolution began? Does he understand the levels of deliberate deforestation (trees soak up Co2) that's gone on across the globe at our hands? Does he recognise the volumes of carbon based fuels that have been burned by humanity? Has he studied the pollution accumulasted from modern intensive agricultural practises?

  • New Balance
    The brand for real men.

  • Oh My God……Get ready to Run you Lefty Loons….It's Global Warming……A Record CAT 5 Hurricane and Record Snow of 48" at the same time….Oh My God the World is coming to an End……..LMFAO!!!!

  • Face book is saying this is fake news just a fyi to fox.. I

  • This movement became a cartoon of itself when it turned itself into a doomsday cult. Watch Dan Pena dissect it. There isn't a single bank that refuses to underwrite a beachfront mortgage on the basis of global warming and it's dire consequences. If there really was a risk of rising the oceans in the next 12 years, do you think Barclay's bank will give you a million dollars? They know it won't happen. So do the obamas, with their shiny new beach front mansion on Martha's Vineyard.

  • So ironic having him on here discussing this when he's not only a well known climate science denier, but is funded by the oil companies.

  • Just a thought
    Remove all the things that shade the earth will the suffice temp rize?

  • Is this the comedy channel?

  • after Sept. 2019 , if you still need someone to tell you, then you must be hopelessly stupid

  • The guest in this video lost his job at the CATO Institute in May 2019. Think for yourself folks. Always listen to ALL sides of any discussion and make up your own mind based on the science involved. It may be complicated involving detailed science. Try to keep "politics" out of your reasoning. Your grandchildren will learn if climate change is real.

  • The locked up room elephant is that N👀NE KNOWS HOW TO STOP OR CHANGE CHANGES IN CLIMATE..(if it is real).NOT ONE!!!💢❌❗™®

  • my scooter can reach 50mph -and 65 eventually :}. can i compare it with a street bike that reaches that speed in 3sec, can i state that they're both fast?
    while the planet's cold and warm cycles are a well studied subject and it's a fact that both warmer and colder temperatures occurred in the past, we also need to understand that the time frames are also important. the planet hasn't warmed up this fast in the past. not even close.

    missing key information can make something illogical appear to make sense. :}

  • Been goin on for years. Keep the people fighting amongst themselves …..

  • But but… now I won't be able to stick my nose up at everyone that isn't driving a prius!!
    I need something new to feel entitled about!! Quick, before im just some average schmuck!

  • Everyone needs to hear this!!!!!

  • The Russians have 10% as much money yet for some ungodly reason their technology seems to be a step ahead of ours.

  • I searched "greta thurnberg" into YouTube, and ALL results are from left-wing mainstream media, and ALL are pro-greta. No anti-greta videos show up.

    Search results are totally manipulated.

  • Intellectual these comments are not.

  • Climate change is a lie from the father of lies

  • its a tax on fresh air i knew they would find a way

  • "All models are wrong but some are useful"
    George Box

  • This guy is a joke. He believes 1 computer model instead of the other 30. What crackerjack box did he get his credentials from.

  • No wonder potus Trump said he'll blow a nuke in order to prevent the previous hurricane that hit the carolinas…he knows man are playing God But not him he was put in office By GOD

  • No wonder potus Trump said he'll blow a nuke in order to prevent the previous hurricane that hit the carolinas…he knows man are playing God But not him he was put in office By GOD

  • Its about the money.

  • Russia dost believe in global warming nor China.

  • Gore and Obama. Both own ocean side property. They don't believe either


  • I'm sick of YouTube trying to redirect people to Wikipedia because they disagree with a video. Wikipedia IS NOT A SOURCE FOR ACCURATE INFORMATION!

  • sorry carbon is a follower not a leader mean it comes after warming not before

  • This is total BS. Everyone knows that pollution is good for us.

  • 9/10ths of a degree in global warming is an IMMENSE amount of energy that has been pumped into our atmosphere.
    This guy breaks it down to the ridiculous: it actually doesnt sound that bad.
    And he sounds ridiculous.
    In FACT, we are at the end of an ice age at present.
    KATO Institute is a cover for big oil and twisted, hyper-capitalism economy, owned by a few.
    And now we're supposed to follow a territory that even the CIA calls a "failed state." Aka RUSSIA.

    Russia is a science joke.

    Sadly, what is slowing is the ACCELERATION of global warming, which is akin to not pushing down on a car's accelerator as hard before one runs into an oak tree. You still run into the tree.

    "We made the models too sensitive" and yet the Earth's average temp is increasing.

    This guy is a tool of a President who attended a religion conference instead of an international climate change panel.

  • Facebook is attaching a "fake news" fact-checking advisory every time this video is posted

  • A review of claims made by the Cato Institute's Patrick Michaels over the last quarter century shows that he has repeatedly been proven wrong over time. Michaels is one of a few contrarian climate scientists who is often featured in the media without disclosure of his funding from the fossil fuel industry. 18 of the 19 warmest years on record have occurred since 2000, and once 2019 is completed, it looks like the 5 hottest years on record for this planet since 1880 will occur in the last 5 years. Shrinking Arctic and Antarctic ice along with the melting of glaciers are more proof that our planet is warming. Along with this obvious warming, CO2 gases are also at record levels, never before seen in the history of modern man. CO2 levels have risen nearly 50 percent since the start of the Industrial Revolution, due mostly to the burning of fossil fuels. Leave it to Fox News to give this false news. What Fox News should do is interview the nearly 99 percent of the climatologist who strongly believe in global warming and let those climatologists show the statistics that support their claim.

  • Michaels' Failed Prediction Based On Misrepresentation Of Scientific History. There has been a persistent increase in temperatures and continuing warnings about the impacts of climate change from scientists and advocates, contrary to Michaels' prediction.

  • "Michaels said on CNN that 40 per cent of his funding came from the oil industry.[37] According to Fred Pearce, fossil fuel companies have helped fund Michaels' projects, including his World Climate Report, published every year since 1994, and his "advocacy science consulting firm", New Hope Environmental Services.[38]"

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  • Sorry my dog got in the way

  • Why are the oil companies so afraid of green energy. Could it be that they stand to lose Billions of dollars in profits? They don't care about you or the planet, only about their money. FOX "news" now there's an oxymoron. Speak of morons, take off the tin foil hats and change the station away from FOX.

  • I dont know about global warming I do know we are screwing the planet the forests are disappearing along with all the birds mammals and insects and just go to a beach and look at the crap .. that I have seen with my own eyes

  • Global warming is the biggest scam out there. It has nothing to do with human changing the weather. How vain of us to think so. Did we cause the ice age also, millions of years ago? I'll bet the Democrats would say yes. Lol.. It just the earth changing and going through phases.. How bout that global warming in Montana that just got like 4 ft of snow.

  • Fossil fuels industry puppet


  • Climate Change: The fallacious convincing tool used to manipulate the gullible into accepting Globalism, and its "solutions".
    The useful idiots represent the majority; they will surrender what's left of our freedom willingly… and will eventually realize their mistake, but it'll be too late.

  • How on earth can we know of the degree of temperature change in the early 20th century? Shackleton was stuck at the north pole back then . We hadn't even discovered let alone recorded temperature changes of these areas.

  • What caused the Ice Age to end ? All the Dinosaurs farted at the same time. Therefore I believe we need to tax beans.

  • Obviously an ideological extremist and an oil shill. But there are plenty of people dumb enough to buy it.

  • Enjoy listening to Mark. But use common sense. Russia wants to be the next capitalistic power. They want socialism here. Climate change has been happening for 463916395294739373years.

  • Hey remember when Patrick Michaels totally lied about James Hansen's research, and faked a graph, to the point where even the vice president of Cato Institute called him a fraud?

  • Like a banker would grope for more money, a conservative bible thumping republican would say its not us, lets exploit nature more for our wallets and not really look at the big picture.

  • who gains from public acceptance of global warming theory. Follow the money at all times.

  • Trump is a genius, He works for the people, Democrats hate that. Trump is cooking their goose, that's why they want him out. Don't believe me? Who gains most with Trump gone? Think about,
    it, certainly not the American public.

  • Tell the people on Tangier Island in Virginia that global warming is fake. They will be happy to give you a tour of their sinking island.

  • Global warming is evolution of the earth. AOC donkey head needs to go back to elementary and redo her 1-2-3-4 grades I will stop there cause she will be totally lost. I just wonder how millennium would react to ice age? We had ice age before…… bizarre here again we are in October and winter is around the corner and we will see again SNOW, SNOW STORM and Santa Claus with his slay. So are they going to cry about climat change? If it’s too cold they have a tantrum and if it’s too warm they have another tantrum…..they just lack of education information fact on the weather, the earth. So if it’s too HOT get naked and if it’s too COLD get your polar bear outfit stupid millennium

  • I’d love to know the carbon footprint of the useless mass climate protest recently. I was stuck idling in traffic for near an hour, the resources used and waste left to clean up. Total idiots believe with such certainty, yet are so unaware of their own irony and hypocrisy.

  • The climate change idea was simply a scam invented by the U.S to keep everyone occupied in lieu of the now-defunct Iron Curtain (which previously kept everyone occupied).

    The Iron Curtain went down in 1989, and the Global Warming idea came in the same year.

    If the Iron Curtain hadn't gone down, the Global Warming idea would not exist.


  • .9c = 2.4f so… Yeah. Go fox entertainment

  • he spended 1 minute and fourteen seconds explaining the roles Dr. Patrick Michael has…

  • These climatetologist get billions of dollars a to tell us that we are causing all of the climate change and adverse weather and sea level rises

  • Fox News – For when you need your circle jerk to also be a human centipede

  • Instead of countries nuking each other they will end themselves by sinking and burning

  • Trump said he does not believe in man made climate change. What else you have to say?

  • I have a PhD in walking outside and my weather isn't what it was in the same spot annually like it was before.

  • I just tried to share this to Facebook and there was a fact check article fb attached to it. They were splitting hairs at the numbers used in the equation. Total bias from the climate warming, cooling experts

  • The other 31 countries: I am I joke to you?

  • Fox News and the word truth in the same sentence what is an example of oxymoronic.

  • If the consequences of global warming are real, how come the banks keep loaning money for seaside real estate?
    An 11 meter rise in ocean levels-and they are saying well upwards of that- swallows London and half the planet, yet not 1 single financial institution is worried about it and continues to loan money for those areas that apparently are about to be inundated. That right there speaks volumes.
    You want to know if G.W is real or not?? SIMPLE, JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  • If you listen to the Globalist Gov't Politicians everyone except for them should be reconstructing their lives or jumping off cliffs.

  • If you don't agree with the ideology then no government grants for you. It's called bribery or extortion.

  • This Global warming thing it’s another scam to make money .. like al gore made 500million for selling those life time life save energy light bulb.. new co2 tax and green energy lobbies ( those I think green energy is good) are pushing this agenda

  • I just got a cerebral erection :
    ''History didn't begin the day I was born :
    The climate has been 'changing' for millions
    of years – long before there ever was, a 405 freeway. . .''

  • why is it that dems are stupid and repubs are smart .

  • Yeah that's who I want to learn about global warming from. Bunch of old fucks that aren't scientists

  • "We Must EAT THE BABIES!!!"

  • bahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… etc etc etc

  • All Gore and the rest of the dummyrats work for satan

  • So this is the one guy who disagrees with 99% of all climate and environmental scientists. I guess he heard Trump said it was a Chinese hoax.

  • We wont die to global warming but eh… volcanic activity ocean are the top one of global warming… so its not our fault and we cant controll thw weather

  • So a computer model is melting the glaciers and ice caps and raising ocean temperatures and levels.

  • Deep corporate $$$$$$$

  • There is no one in denial the ice is going away so it can come back like a lion .stop driving vehicles no electricity no farting eat your garbage and make what you need to wear and start walking .Then you can save the world that don’t need saving it just needs to get rid of us.

  • Talk talk talk just what we need another idea.

  • The globe has been warming since the ice age, nothing we can do about it. Let’s talk about clean air and water instead!

  • The Russian model has the lowest impact of fossil fuels on the environment because Russia only has one export. Anyone know what it is? Fox found the only "Scientist" who doesn't know why earth is warming. I understand why the world industrial complex wants us to believe that they can keep burning coal and we shouldn't worry about the last 200 years of choking pollution they've been producing and pumping into the wafer thin atmosphere surrounding and supporting life on this planet, What I just don't understand is why so many people want to believe them. Want to defend them. Ignore every sign of our rapidly warming climate, or, think that it's a naturally occurring cycle. How can anyone believe that all the centuries of pollution don't matter, and that trying to clean up the atmosphere won't matter. Do you really think it isn't us? It isn't our fault, and our problem to fix? I just don't understand. Can someone explain why they think it's better to not do anything? I just can't wrap my head around why there are so many that think it's a made up problem.

  • I remember some years back when the environmentalists were telling us that our pollution was bringing on a worldwide Ice Age. The whole earth was gonna freeze over.

  • Flat earth

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