These Massive Geoengineering Projects Won’t Stop Global Warming

Hey citizens of Earth, Trace here. Most climate scientists agree that climate
change is happening and that humans are to blame. Greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and
methane that we’ve been pumping into the atmosphere have been capturing heat from the
sun’s rays, and average annual temperatures have been on the rise since the industrial
revolution. The common wisdom is we need to drastically
cut back the amount of greenhouse gasses we emit, but what if instead we just reduced
the amount of sunlight we receive so greenhouse gasses can’t soak up as much heat? If that sounds crazy to you, it’s probably
because it kind of is. Projects that would accomplish that would
require engineering feats on a global scale, hence why it’s called “geoengineering.” Geoengineering ideas to fight climate change
stretch all the way back to 1965 when science advisors to President Lyndon B Johnson proposed
covering 13 millions square kilometers of ocean with reflective particles to bounce
1% of the sun’s rays back into space. As you can tell by how un-fabulous our oceans
are right now, we never ended up glitter bombing the Pacific. But geoengineering ideas still crop up from
time to time, lurking at the fringe of the climate change discussion. They run the gamut from painting everyone’s
roof white, to drone ships that make ocean clouds brighter, to launching a giant mirror
into space. All of these plans have one thing in common
though: They’re all trying to increase the Earth’s albedo, which is a measure of how
much light we reflect back into space, as well as the name of my hispanic alter ego. There are a lot of reasons none of these ideas
have gained any ground though. First, as you might imagine, intentionally
changing the entire world would be kind of expensive. And in a time when the scientific community
is STILL trying to convince the powers that be that climate change is both a real and
serious threat, it’s going to be hard to get those same powers to shell out funding
for something crazy like a mirror in space. Ironically, the cost of these projects will
likely be relatively small compared to fixing the damage caused by climate change in the
long run. Second, these ideas may have side effects
that would change the world in unintended ways. One of the most popular and realistic geoengineering
proposals is to release sulfate particles into the air, which would combine with water
vapor to form aerosols that reflect sunlight. Large volcanic eruptions do the same thing
and cause temperatures to dip for a few years. Unfortunately, these sulfates also react with
chlorine in the atmosphere, converting it to a form that destroys the ozone layer. Basically these geoengineering projects might
be like that time you tried to fix your car yourself, and it worked for a bit until it
broke in a more expensive way. But the biggest reason geoengineering still
isn’t considered the solution to climate change is because it doesn’t solve the root
of the problem, if anything it encourages us to never actually fix it. We have a hard enough time changing our lifestyles
now, and if people learned that we could spray sulfates in the atmosphere every few years
and we could keep burning coal, oil, and natural gas, why would anyone change? And if we don’t curb the rate we put greenhouse
gasses into the atmosphere, then the problem will only get worse, and the situations we’ll
have to engineer our way out of will get more extreme. Another ambitious geoengineering idea sprung
up lately: replenishing arctic ice with millions of windmills. Jules gets into the details here. So knowing the risks and rewards of geoengineering,
are you on board or do you think we should focus on cutting emissions. Let us know in the comments and come back
here every day for more. Thanks for watching!

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  • Listening to Trace is the best way to start off my morning before school.

  • why don't we take the sun and push it somewhere else?!

  • Definitely cutting emissions. It's too bad few people realize about generating power from a molten salt reactor or other ways of taking energy from thorium that is abundant enough to give us 1000 years of electricity.

  • Here's one that would work: reverse desertification of semi-arid land by spreading grasslands with livestock. If it sounds counterintuitive to you, look it up. There's a brilliant TedTalk about it, and it currently sounds to me like one of the best ideas we've come up with that actually works. There is a LOT of land we can "geoengineer" in this way.

  • When he started talking about decreasing the amount of light the Earth takes, it immediately brought to mind the Matrix. They elaborated on it more in Animatrix. You, know, how the humans released black gas into the atmosphere to blot out the sun? And how it did ABSOLUTELY nothing.

  • People need to use solar, nuclear, and water or wind power. The only thing holding us back is the government and big businesses. If they weren't so stingy with their money we could have gone nuclear and solar back in 2004

  • Climate change is a hoax created by the Indians to steal American jobs at gun point

  • I think someone has been watching too much futurama..
    Building a giant mirror in space… Bad idea.

  • Capture the greenhouse gases and release them into space?

  • why not both? oh, right, change is hard…

  • we should focus on solving the emissions problem

  • The root of the problem? It's sin. Plain and simple. Every single thing wrong with this world is the result of sin. Disease, degradation of the earth, and even death is all the result of sin. And there's lots of logic in saying that…

  • 1PacificRedwood for real weather reports

  • the rest of the world needs to get on board wtf is China, India, and Russia doing

  • what about using airplane to spray aluminum into the air and reflect the sun ray!? lol

  • Chemtrails

  • Just genetically engineer super plants to absorb more co2 from the air. It's doable now.

  • global warming is a hoax

  • why don't they just make a rule to plant more trees

  • According to that graph at 0:17 all we need is another World War to reduce global temperature. Just kidding ofc.

  • Why not find out how to use fossil fuels more efficiently-we only use 40%? Save $$$ and keep supplies.

  • The ad was at least twice as loud as the video for me. You're still at a medium volume even after turning my speaker all the way up.

  • The real solution is to just stop reproducing. Global birth stoppage. Less people means using less natural resources, means putting out less pollution.

  • Just turn all the air conditioners backwards to cool the outdoors. Problem solved!

  • That's a very cool concept but the earth is still flat.

  • why not just start building a dyson swarm and stop caring about the climate change since it won't have any noticeable effect for hundreds of years and will never even get us close to extinction…

  • You could still do it. For example, engineering plants that strongly reflect any light they do not use for photosynthesis and using them as food crops.

    If they are cheaper and better than cutting oil consumption down to nothing or dealing with the effects of climate change, then why not?

    That being said, I don't think these would be all that advantageous. No matter what, these will not fix the problem of reduced heat escape in the IR, which could ultimately, in the long run, be more problematic for humanity, by which I mean technology, than increasing temperatures.

  • Let's geoengineer Mars :p

  • Instead of fixing the bridge let's build a hospital under it

  • I was really expecting to see something about "dissassemble Mercury to make a Dyson swarm" 😉
    Also, it's not only about CO2 emissions: if these geoengineering solutions were working, we'd still deplete even coal by around 2050-2080.

  • cuz installing millions of windmills won't affect the world in unknown/ unwanted ways at all…

  • Albedo. Lol. Ben 10

  • if we postpone the harm to the future, by the time we will have to care about it. we will move to mars

  • Stratospheric Aerosol Injection is already in practice, it shouldn't be but it is.

  • I wonder if a space elevator style radiator that goes up into space over the north and south poll would work, or if it could even stay up.

  • We should have moved to Nuclear energy about 20 years ago. Safest form of energy on earth. Just don't build them on major fault lines, next to the ocean.

  • its in our skies 24/7

  • If we divert some of the $600 billion a year the US spends on military these geoengineering projects would be pocket change.

  • And since this video; Trump, in his infinite stupidity, withdrew the USA from the Paris Accords because "it hurt American business". Looks like we're all in for it, regardless of whether you are a US American or living in the USA since we all share the same planet as that ass-hat.

  • Please add the y-axis legend on the Global Temperature graph you use – you show the time axis but chose not to show the temperature? That gives me no context.

  • Well some of these ideas aren't meant as permanent measures.

  • the gas you and everything exhales is carbon dioxide, the bad thing that is the problem is carbon monoxide. trees breath in co2 and replenish the O2.

  • but what if we just use the extra heat we have to create like bigger crops or more electricity. Don't plants store sunlight as sugar? yes they do? can we convert heat to power. yes we do. would it cooldown the globe? yes it would. like that little plant that caused the ice age. Floating ocean farms made from the plastic from the great pacific Garbage patch + crops that thrive in salt water ( are being developed in india) = 🙂

  • Reflecting the suns rays would do nothing but heat up the atmospear instead of the earth, It will just bounce of the atmosphere. Just shows how lost in mathematics scientists are these days. The greenhouse effect!

  • Climate change is an extremely complex system, and if you claim to know that humans cause it (or even have a great affect on it), then I'd like to know how you reached this conclusion. The world has had mass extinctions long before humanity, nature is a cruel mistress after all.

    Should we try to make it habitable, sure, but inevitably, we will need to leave the planet to survive. Live as clean a life as you can, but if you think that will stop climate change, then you probably think you can stop a tornado with your hand.

  • We should stop using green house gases or pay the price

  • Cutting emissions, definitely. Getting our culture to recognize the limit to carbon emissions to live within the carbon cycle is an event in front of us that allow the possibility of doing it.

  • Less fossil fuels we will run out in 2088 and in 50 years we will run out of oil, Thats how we will convince people with power to stop fossil fuels

  • a ridiculous pseudo scientist. there is no co2 problem. co2 is a trace gas of about %0.04, it is ESSENTIAL for life on this planet, plant growth gobbles it up turning it to oxygen… water vapor is 10x the green house gas and 1000x more abundant. the sahara desert turns from desert to lush every 13000 years from the earth's "wobble" called persession, end of story… I love this planet!! the real climate change is GMO, Pesticides, round up, RF pollution, chemical abundance in the food the water your clothes your fragrances etc.. don't be fooled by this pansy

  • Why not terraform the North and South Pole to have more ice, this would fix the environment hopefully before Penguins go extinct, this would also add a couple percent more reflective surface area.

  • I thought he said earths libido!!! 😂😂

  • why not focus on trying to find ways to utilize greenhouse gasses as fuels?

  • 2 people in a room can do more work done that 100 oldies in a room that’s y the climate talks won’t work out

  • i do not like this video. the three main reasons they say it wont work. 1.) too expensive 2.) we should put all focus on reducing emission 3.) side effect. well number one will not matter when we have AI, 3-d space printers, the can reduce themselves and nearly anything else money will not be a issue. soon money may not even exist. it is just a manmade rule/tool. 2.) is partially wrong because we can move the technology and science along with very little invesetment. we need a contingency plan. The science does not have to published in media. we just do not announce that we have a plan B. it will not be a secret, but it is not something that should be widely presented to the public. 3.) we can reduce side effects, so that they are far, far less the deadly effects of climate change. I like the idea of AI and self-replicating 3-printers in space making all the spacecraft and equipment

  • His argument is sound, but the thing is, even if we changed our carbon footprint, as a species, today, this second, climate change has a momentum of it's own.

    A UN dictated stopgap might be necessary, whatever our actions, predicated on committing ourselves to changing our habits.

  • I like Trace. We need more Trace videos 🙂

  • We need more renewable energy

  • I am in favour of cutting emissions cause we will get addicted to geo engineering

  • The problem with global warming is not only because of industrial revolution and the massive animal farming. No!
    Not in a planet that long time ago was full of massive animals and active vulcans. The think that was present in abundance at that time and not to much in our days is the green mass, the large forests…
    With deforestation we have cut down the largest O2 producing factory on land. Everything we do is burning oxygen so we need to grow our biggest CO2 eater, the nature and his forests!

  • i KNOW a really virulent pandemic can do the trick in 2 years

  • I'm glad I waited for the closing thoughts, it just sounded like hiding the problem off the jump.

  • I don't even know wether this question is right but, does human body act as a carbon sequester? #seeking seeker

  • "crazy like a mirror in space" so patents and pictures of the sun simulator is crazy. oh when people dismiss facts and call it crazy, what a time to be alive!

  • Trace good stuff. However, worryingly, the clamour to instigate geoengineering is growing and the one-dimensional Trump and his mob of junk scientists might get desperate and do it unilaterally because they don't care, period.

    Some talk of reviving the discredited ocean iron fertilization idea, again a potentially dangerous option, with toxic blooms and (more) ocean anoxia as a possible consequence.

  • lunatics on the loose!!!! These so called scientists are full or it, besides chemtrails are a full on reality now so lets look forward to the 'side affects'..

  • we have to start studying it seriously. solar, wind, self-driving EVs, and energy effeciency are all going to dominate based on economics alone. however, we may need to a few decades to figure out how to lower temperatures until we can figure out how to remove CO2 out of the atmosphere. spaceX is dropping the cost of launch from over 12,000 per KG to $50 per kilogram by making reusable rockets. there are some very technical ways to shade the earth while reducing side effects. you only have to reduce the light by 2% to offset global warming. we could do this for a few decades why we reforest the earth. create man-made inland seas in the desert to sequester more carbon. we can also make machines the scrub carbon from the atmosphere. we will prevent catastrophic climate change, and part of the at will be quietly studying geoengineering.

  • why don't we just get rid of humanity? Problem solved, right?

  • Chemtrails!

  • …"but are they really worth trying?" Where have you been sir, in a cave? GEOENGINEERING IS HAPPENING NOW! We are being sprayed DAILY by chemical aerosols, specifically of aluminum, barium, strontium. EVERY DAY! We see the on and off spraying from airplanes. These aerosols spread to create that milky white haze we see then BREATHE.


  • As of now oil is the best form of power we have. Nuclear is a very good way to make electricity and actually very safe. The problem is when there is a problem its pretty bad. Still it is the cheapest way we can get power.

  • Geo Engineering has destroyed 80% of the Ozone. i got a second degree burn 30 mins under a tree 1st week of May

  • our extinction is locked and loaded cutting back won't do anything…its 2 LATE…8 years to humans final breath on the plane..Guy McPherson – Human Extinction within 8 years

  • Gundaaaaaaaammmmmm!!!!!!

  • As well as the wind can transport the clouds from one hemisphere to another hemisphere ,so the world is in danger to face new problems. Besides the acid rain and pollution,our planet is in danger to face new kinds of illness caused by the use of nuclear and chemical weapons .Without law and financial aids nothing can be done.I hope that someone in this world should resolve such obstacles that may damage the health of a living being and even can deteriorate the physical aspect of a new born baby or creature.

  • Why don't we just plant more trees and other forms of vegetation that consume more CO2. This solution seems simple enough to me so whats the problem?

  • Forest fires, volcanos, and CNN.

  • It bothers me that so many people are against trying to enact positive change to our planet through Geoengineering. They have this attitude that if we don't solve it the "right way" (ie stop releasing green house gases) then we shouldn't do anything about it. But the reality is that so much of our planet runs on fossil fuels and will for the foreseeable future. We are making efforts to elimate that dependence but it is decades away from being the norm. Until then there are things we can do now that will slow the process and give us time.

  • look up in the sky and see that they are already geoengineering like crazy.

  • They are spraying.

  • Don't watch propaganda without checking the facts:

  • … what is the problem with a variable parasol located at Legrangian Point 1

  • I think too many barking at the wrong tree. I am all for the government to help, BUT what about educating people with money to invest in solar panels and buy electric cars? I love my solar panels and my EV car but how you get others to see the light? Not everyone will buy $100K cars when they can buy and ice car for $20K and I am sorry but cars like the leaf are ugly compared to a model 3. And e-golf, so little range. Hope the future brings better alternatives.

  • Ya mean the chemtrails they have been spraying for decades?

  • Get a computer to figure out the solution.

  • The scientists (Ken Caldera, for example) who publically speak about the need for geoengineering are simply stating what has been occurring since 1947. There is, indeed, "global warming" and of course, atmospheric particulates have been a factor since the start of the industrial revolution. However, it is geoengineering by the U. S. military (and others) that is actually sending us flying toward Abrupt Climate Collapse. If we continue on this course, we'll all be gone by 2026 or so with the exception of the those who brought us to this point; they'll be in hiding, safe and sound, while the rest of us draw our last breath. Please read Elana Freeland's books. To follow is an excerpt: Under An Ionized Sky, Elana Freeland, Feral House, 2018, pgs. 50-51. (Sequel to Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth).
    pg. 50: "…under the classified Project Cloverleaf is just more of the same, nanoparticles able to breach the blood-brain barrier make it uniquely diabolical, as does the global conspiracy of power to turn the entire planet into an electromagnetic grid and plug everyone into it. War has gone corporate and all of life reframed as a battlespace of disposable noncombatants (civilians) redefined as potential 'terrorists.' The military is no longer a protector but partnered with giant transnational corporations and wealthy dynastic cartels like that of Big Pharma and Big Oil.

    p. 51: Fertilizers and pesticides, bombs, "medicine," and jet fuel additives all flow from the self-serving chemical industry of Dow, Monsanto, Siemens, Eli Lilly, Sandoz, Bayer, I.G. Farben, etc. During World War II, I. G. Farben provided nickel, aluminum, and magnesium for Nazi Heinkel and Junkers Stuka bombers, along with fuel, oil, and phosphorous incendiaries. Today, they support chemical warfare against society. Monsanto developed its aluminum-resistant "Terminator" seed in step with the Welsbach patent and Cloverleaf jets furrowing the sky and sowing Al₂O₃ combustion chemicals in soil, oceans, rivers, water reservoirs, gills and lungs. Big Pharma corporations boost cancer, legislate for more vaccinations, and pay off physicians to ply Americans with one drug after another. Like Monsanto seed, fertilizers, and pesticides, 'mood stabilizers' and vaccines are designed to work synergistically with the chemicals and nanoparticulates falling from the sky. Profit and population control go hand in hand." Freeland attributes part of the above to the following footnoted references:

    James Pressley, "Hitler's Chemist Chased Auschwitz Profits, Financed Mengele." Bloomberg News, August 8, 2008; a review of Hell's Cartel: I. G. Farben and the Making of Hitler's War Machine by Diarmuid Jeffreys (Metropolitan Books, 2008)

  • Reflecting back sun light is the stupidest this ever we just burn more fuel and we're back to square one

  • Considering that 100 million years ago, the earth was 10 C hotter, CO2 concentration was 10 times higher, and humans even weren't around back then, what makes you think a mere 1C increase in temperature is attributable to us? Global warming is real, and it's part of Mother Nature (I.e. not man made). Mankind need the geo engineering toolkit for future survival.

  • Plant more trees

  • Don’t say convince the world

    Say convince American

  • Team space mirror.

  • Are u f crazy . They are seeding the clouds!!!

  • The premier of British Columbia went on the record that they are spaying aluminum and stoning into the sky’s . How could u not know this u imbeciles

  • Where is an evidence for the "most climate scientists agree…"?

  • We should use a cleaner and save energy that would help keep the climate down and to maybe we could make a Future cities that could use this energy to power and maybe we could make a space station that powers the planet and that powers the station using the sun's energy

  • F U Shills! 🖕

  • Be a little pragmatic which is the most likely humans accepting to empoverich themselves or a little spraying in the upper atm?

  • I love how they show a plant instead of showing the cows that are the actual main cause of global warming. Is nobody aware of this? God.

  • Delete this video and study what the real problem is and come back.

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