This Farm in Mexico is Growing a Solution to Climate Change (HBO)

— Ricardo Romero inherited this former cattle ranch
in Veracruz, Mexico from his father decades ago, and has spent the years since turning it
into the Las Cañadas Farm Cooperative. There, he’s been at the forefront of
a practice known as carbon farming. — Come here, I’ll show you these plants. I love these plants. — While sustainable farming methods
have a long history in Mexico, Ricardo’s innovation was expanding
this tradition to carbon sequestration. Carbon farming may sound like it
involves lab coats and heavy machinery, but it’s a lot more simple than that. It’s the practice of choosing plants species that absorb and store more carbon than others. — When any plants grows, it takes the CO2 to make branches, to make trunks. Some plants have more carbon than others. So carbon farming takes the carbon
in the atmosphere that is in excess, and puts it in the soil, or in the trunks, in the system. — For instance, one plant that’s incredibly
effective at sequestering carbon is bamboo. One acre of bamboo forest can take almost five tons
of carbon out of the atmosphere every year, the same amount emitted by a car. According to researchers at the Ohio State University, if farmers worldwide did what Ricardo does, they could take up to 1.2-billion tons of carbon
out of the atmosphere each year for 100 years, bringing levels down to where
they were in pre-industrial times. — We’re in a bamboo forest right now, but is this all to it? Are there other parts to this? — At Las Cañadas, cows graze among trees,
which they help fertilize, which, in turn, store much more carbon in
their deep root systems than grasses alone. Ricardo’s sheep play a similar role, working to conquer an invasive grass species
that once plagued the farm. From there, they also fertilize macadamia trees, the nuts of which are a major source
of fat and protein to farmers’ diets. All of this provides for a system that’s
not just environmentally progressive, but allows Ricardo and his community
to live almost entirely off of the land. But Ricardo’s system is not without its challenges. The setup requires more human labor
than traditional farming because planting and harvesting is done by hand, which might make carbon farming hard to scale up. Also, Ricardo’s luscious forest might not
grow so well in other parts of the world. — So, you were able to make this in
a Mexican paradise in the mountains, with a pretty good climate for
growing everything that you need. Could you do this in a place like Atlanta, Georgia? — So you think this would be
possible in most any other place as long as you adapt it
to whatever climate you’re in?

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  • "history ends in green."…..T Mckenna

  • I believe the methane produced by the ruminant animals and the copious amount of water required for the bamboo to grow is counter-productive for the cause. This farm seems to produce far more greenhouse gases than it is able to absorb unfortunately.

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  • Bamboo is very useful

  • +IKEA USA, 'One acre of bamboo forest can take almost 5 tons of carbon out of the atmosphere every year. The same amount emitted by a car.'

  • for those that DONT BELIEVE in climate change … let me ask you, are ALL scientist organizations, from ALL around the world, from ALL kinds of belief systems and ALL different political ideologies …. are Wrong? cause what, your Trump twitter news said so?

  • Too bad they can't make a country their people will stay in…………Mexico sucks

  • We all know that more efficient water cleaning tech will be R&D'd & then deployed in an Open Source manner. + Most of the countries in the growing climates could all expand/grow further in a sustainable way, and growing carbon-capturing plants for richer nations, whom use taxpayers money to invest in the environment and offset their own destructionary habits, is a truly sustainable and practical way for the world to resolve climate change and all related concerns.

  • Most farms are stuck growing food for people and livestock so im not sure you could get more than a small fraction to switch over to this kind of system but it is doable if you change ur species according to ur climate and region

  • Go to Ukraine and do more docs there please.

  • I haven't seen one comment about how cool this is so I'll say it, this is pretty cool.

  • Let the ice caps melt… What's the worst that can happen?

  • farm animals produce a lot of methane, which is way worse than co2. strong irony

  • carbon isnt the problem educated people know this, even the uneducated are starting to wake up to what government n secret government is doing to them and the planet there time is almost up, it is going to get really bad soon, the like this planet has never seen,, next they are going to do the whole alien deception they have been prepping everyone for years, you can see main stream starting to come on board with more and more sighting, they are going to say this is where we came from ALL LIES,
    We have a Creator, THE LORD OF HOSTS, His SON IS returning very soon,,, but not for peace this time,, make know mistake,
    Ask forgiveness , Ask Yeshua The Messiah, to reveal himself to you, get a relationship with him while there is time,, , would be the smartest thing you ever did !!!

  • Animal agriculture is a waste of resources .

  • dont criticise bamboo it grows faster than i dont know just imagine

  • If only we were allowed to grow hemp.

  • This farm is growing the solution to climate change: …plants.

  • The leading cause of global warming is the meat industry, not cars.

  • We need some global warming in Russia. It's so cold here.

  • If trump was to watch this he would say that its fake news??

  • 1 acre of bamboo = 5 tons of co2 removed. there is 7.68 billion acres of arable land. 7.68 * 5 = 38.4 billion tons of co2 removed from the atmosphere. 38.2 billion tons are emitted every year.

  • Even third world countries fight global warming. Shitty USA ??????

  • Good, so now we all need is to grow an acre of bamboo for every car in the road!

  • This is all based on the erroneous assumption that CO₂ is detrimental to life.

  • The corporations which have a much greater impact on the climate need to be forced to fund projects like this.

  • Lol new form of tree huggers.

  • "if farmers all around the world did this" Lets just put bamboo everywhere right? How about large governments fund a Manhattan Project style carbon capture system initiative that takes billions of tons of carbon out of the atmosphere in months. Unfortunately that won't even happen since humans care more about money than they do about survival.

  • Trump is not going to like this.

  • Climate change is fake and gay

  • Seems like a no brainer to me.

  • Bullshit…not enough water.

  • meanwhile trumptard says america needs '''clean coal''…..CLEAN COAL just let that sink in people……like a black lung

  • Yes Yes Yes!!! ✌????????

  • This is the coolest shit! Maybe it's time we change our lifestyles. People don't see the benefit of growing their own food. Evolving in a way where we can implement modern day tactics [appropriate] commodities to an ancient way of living that can better the health of all constituents on this planet.

  • sure….

  • And then Trump says we don't need Mexicans

  • this is the type of video that got vice good. i want the old journalist back tho, or i just want to know they didn't die in latin america and the middle east.

  • Crazy how china and india havent adopted this technique since they are the 2 biggest polluters in the world and climbing

  • As long as we ain't growing Avacado this sounds great!

  • If everyone like Mother Nature him . I have a Friend who don't even like to step on grasses

  • Bamboo is an invasive spieces.

  • This is pretty much a cult.

  • Crazy Mexicans.trump build that wall.asap

  • I love bamboo ??

  • Okay if you pulled down the pants of this presenter thing its got to be 50/50 what you might find surely.

  • Love this content. Cheers Vice!

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  • is that a man or a women

  • We should not be impressed by this since this was what happened on earth before men ruin everything. Should we focus on eliminating the problem?

  • This isn't sustainable in a hell of a lot of places in the world. It's a dream, nothing more.

  • This Ross Dude sounds like a woman….

  • I will sleep better tonight knowing that Ricardo has solved the global warming problem.

  • 1 acre = 1 single car

    Yah;….good luck with that

  • Livestock aren't environmentally friendly

  • The other problem is factory farms.

  • This dosn't add up his farm isn't neutral not only that iff every other farm in the world would actualy do this we would have to exterminate half of human life on this planet to come close to feed everybody

  • Nice looking farm, nice and lush.

  • This was really cool!

  • mexicans do it best

  • Ignorant people…

    Humans are NOT cause of climate CHANGE. That is inevitable.

    We ARE the cause of the ACCELERATION of climate change.

    Meaning if a Earth without humans took 100,000 years to change, then a Earth with Humans will now take 100 years to change.

    Ignorant People: "If it's changing anyway, then why does it matter what humans do?"

    Normal People: "Because if you enjoy going to your nice home in Miami, or New Orleans, or New York, or pretty much any city near a coastline, then it would be under water in the near future."

    Ignorant People: "I'll be dead before that so I don't care."

    Normal People: "Please hurry up with that…"

  • Donald Trump and his stupid supporters dislikes this video.

  • I think that reporter drank too much of that gender fluid…

  • If he has methane cows grassing among the bamboo trees there is not much point to it.

  • Or we could make it illegal to cut down old growth trees? Even as a conservative I think it's wrong for ppl to cut down trees that are older than you…

  • How about they work on stopping cartels and police from murdering entire classrooms of children? Taking control of their failed narco-state? Get an economy going that isn't based on illegal immigration, guns, drugs, and slaves? No no, this is way more important.

  • Nature would do the same thing, if given the chance. If we disappeared, things would be put right in few thousand years. In earth time that's a fraction of a second.

  • Why would you want to stop the climate from changing. It's been changing since the beginning of time.

  • Stop recycling paper and cardboard. That's carbon sequestration.

  • So we just need a few dozen third world substance farmers on an acre, for each car on the road. Awesome!

  • What does this succesful gentleman have that illegal Mexicans don't? An EDUCATION!

  • no wonder Trump hates Mexico.

  • Wow!! This is awesome, love that some people take the initiative to make a change and prove that it can be done!! ????

  • Why don't we just ditch our Dumass addiction with coal?

  • If the carbon isn't stored then it isn't permanent sequestration. Tree roots rot and release the carbon right back into the soil and atmosphere. Biochar (charcoal), though, does not break down unless burned and so improves soil fertility by its' structure and water/nutrient absorption/release. Lumber/paper stores carbon for as long as the wood doesn't rot. But it ties up minerals in the woody cells. Minerals held in biochar can be available for plant use sitting in damp soil without off gassing co2 as it rots. No rot occurs.

  • cattle then again produces methane, which is even more damaging to our atmosphere

  • thee Ohio State University!!!!

  • ExxonMobil and Shell Oil have both acknowledged that AGW and human induced climate change are contributed to by burning fossil fuels sequestered in the Earth's crust for 10s to 100s of millions of years. 'Google' Our position on climate change ExxonMobile. Their website states 'The risk of climate change is clear and warrents action. ExxonMobil is taking action by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in its operations…helping consumers reduce their emissions…etc'. 'Google' Shell's stark warning about climate change 1991. If you can't believe what an oil company says, what can you believe?

  • This video makes me wanna grow a man bun and gentrify a poor black neighborhood

  • Carbon Quackery.

  • whats wrong with that guy in blue ? His voice sounds like a woman?

  • This isn't a solution, nature was doing this already and climate change was already happening. There are no viable solutions to reduce co2 in the atmosphere, natural or man-made, because the carbon we're releasing was stored up over tens of millions of years and we've released it over the past two hundred years, nature can't keep up.

  • Hemp should be used instead of bamboo,bamboo can be invasive and hemp performs as bamboo probably better

  • who knows the name of reporter in this movie?

  • Cool story, but methane is the real problem. As the ice melts in the poles, more methane is released. Maybe you could do a story on capturing methane…

  • Boi when ever I visit my family in Mexico I’m always told to stay way from big bamboo patches cause they have snake

  • That guy's a badass

  • Does anyone know where I can find the whole episode ? I don’t have HBO here

  • That's why it grows so quickly. ?

  • Also Acacia trees, ????

  • This can be done in almost any place in the world, it has even been done in the Sahara Desert. However, the same species of plants are not possible. The systems though are adaptable, it is called polyculture or permaculture. It involves watching natural systems and mimicking them. While some people might not support animal husbandry; in most, if not all, ecosystems animals play a very important role in their ecological niches and if these animals can also help support people as a food source or for other purposes, then it is well-worth it.

  • You can't absorb carbon from the atmosphere you fucking morons.


  • About that solution. The 3 seeds of Definite Honor. Would help. Climate change is cautiously turning around d already.

  • Bamboo is a part of the grass family. It grows very fast and you can make many things with it. I wouldn't have the cows. Replace them with Aquaponics.

  • Get ready for the ice age

  • You can't feed the world by this process lesbian

  • The single product that is causing global warming is money. Give me all your money and the world will be ok.

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