This Is Where Your Wine Corks Come From

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Cork. It’s the miracle tree bark that’s found in everything from baseball
bats to spaceships. But it’s best known as the last obstacle in your journey to drink wine. Yes, sometimes de-corking
can feel like a chore. No, I’m not talking about
popping open a wine bottle. I’m talking about how cork is harvested in the first place by these guys. Manual cork harvesters in Portugal. It’s a job so difficult and yet so artful, machines have yet to render it obsolete. (upbeat music) Welcome to Portugal where
cork is the national tree. Cork is native to the Mediterranean basin, but nowhere does it grow more than here. – [Narrator] Since cork
trees can live for 200 years, Goncalo’s trees are the
exact same trees his parents, grandparents, and great
grandparents also cared for. (upbeat music) (calm music) – [Narrator] Once a tree is harvested, it won’t be cut again
for another nine years. This keeps the bark healthy and the harvest tradition alive
for the generations to come. (calm music)

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