Tour inside the College of Engineering

Welcome to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s
College of Engineering! The College of Engineering is one of the fastest
growing colleges at UT, with dramatic increases in recent enrollment and research expenditure.
Our students and faculty members are stronger than ever. We are one of the oldest engineering
colleges in the nation, founded way back in 1838, and we are continually developing and
improving—building new state-of-the-art facilities all the time. The UT College of
Engineering is truly a college at the forefront of engineering research and exploration. Chances are, if you get to visit the College
of Engineering you won’t be able to go to all the labs you want to. That’s because
we are in more than 8 buildings on campus with over 100 laboratory spaces, with each
one doing research on something fascinating and different. The Knoxville campus is home to eight departments
of the College of Engineering offering a total of 12 undergraduate programs: There’s Biosystems
Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Materials Science
and Engineering, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering, and Nuclear Engineering. Our labs are run by distinguished and award-winning
faculty who are leaders in their respective fields. For approximately every 17 undergraduate
students, the College of Engineering has one faculty member. As a student at UT, you’ll
benefit from working closely with the faculty in the classroom and in the lab, and you’ll
have the opportunity to learn from these researchers whose work is defining and shaping the future
of engineering. And when you leave UT, you’ll be equipped to pursue a vast range of exciting
careers. UT is also uniquely situated next to the Oak
Ridge National Laboratory, a huge research facility that attracts scientists from all
over the world. UT’s partnership with ORNL has also brought many of those world-class
faculty members to Tennessee where they hold joint positions. So in addition to all of
the advanced research you can do on campus, you may also get the opportunity to do research
in one of the United States premiere national labs. In the UT College of Engineering, we nurture
and inspire the students and the Big Ideas that will transform the world. If you get
the opportunity, make plans to tour the UTK engineering campus. If you have questions
or need more information please visit the College of Engineering website for tour information. The University of Tennessee. Big Orange. Big

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