Trump Vs. The Environment

Now we all know how much Donald Trump hates
the environment, but it’s really important to know exactly how much Republicans have
all ready damaged the environment. They have just passed two bills that will
make it harder for the Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, to use science when they’re
trying to protect the environment, and they’ve done that under the deceptive title of “Transparency.” Those two acts are called “The Honest Act”
and “The EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act,” and they might seem like a good idea. They use the same language that scientists
use when they’re advocating for good research practices, but what these bills are really
trying to do is to prevent the EPA from having enough science to be able to actually make
recommendations on the environment. First, let’s look at the piece of legislation
called “The Honest Act.” Now this act is the love child of Republican
Lamar Smith of Texas, who we all know and love on ‘ScIQ,’ and his bill before it was
called “The Honest Act” used to be called “The Secret Science Reform Act.” Now, Lamar Smith is the Chair of the House
Committee on Science, Space and Technology and is the same congress member who said that,
“President Donald Trump might be the only way to get the unvarnished truth.” Now, this “Honest Act” says that the EPA can’t
make any assessments or analysis based on science that’s not openly accessible to the
public. Now, this seems on the surface like a great
idea. We’re all fans of transparency and accountability. We want to be able to replicate studies that
the EPA does. Great; but, in the real world, a lot of science
is still done by private organizations. Most government organizations make their data
publicly accessible and private organizations do not. They’ve paid for that science and they get
to keep it private.If the EPA must publish all of the science that’s used behind its
decisions, that means the EPA will not be allowed to use any science where their scientists
want to keep that data private. It means it will seriously limit the number
of studies that the EPA is able to use when they are making their decisions. Basically, the EPA wouldn’t be able to advise
the government on good policy.Now, the second bill passed by the house is “The EPA Science
Advisory Board Reform Act.” This piece of legislation at first glance
also seems like a good idea. Its specific change is to who is eligible
to sit on the 48-person committee that provides outside advice and analysis to the EPA administrator. Basically, it prohibits anyone who has an
ongoing research grant from the EPA to serve on the EPA board and prohibits board members
from applying for grants for three years after they step down from the panel. Now Republicans claim that they intent of
this bill is to make sure there’s no conflict of interest, board members of the EPA weighing
in on grants that they would financially benefit from; but the thing is, is that most experts
in their field, people who are qualified to sit on the board, are currently enjoying an
EPA grant. The effect of the bill would be to exclude
many scientist with substantial expertise in their field from serving on the science
advisory board. It also is a massive disincentive to serving
on the board. Why would any environmental scientist join
the panel if they knew it would mean that for three years they weren’t allowed to rely
on grant funding? Currently, the panel is made up mostly of
scientist who work at universities and who receive grant-funded positions. This law would have the impact of disincentivizing
academic scientist from joining the panel but would strongly incentivize scientist who
are currently working in an industry to join the panel. Basically, the implication would be that the
people who serve on the EPA board, instead of being academic scientist, are more likely
to be industry scientists, and industry is usually bias because they’re funded by private
money; so you’re going to have more people serving on the EPA board from companies like
Shell, Exxon and Monsanto. This is only two bills that will impact the
EPA. A lot of these bills existed before and failed. Now, under Donald Trump, they have new life. Lamar Smith claims that both of these bills
are about greater scientific integrity and transparency. Don’t get me wrong, I love scientific integrity
and transparency, and I think any measure that increases that is wonderful, but the
thing is, is that these are a Trojan Horse. The effect of the bills is to seriously decrease
the EPA’s effectiveness in making recommendations and new legislation. Only time will tell if these bills will actually
pass the senate and become law, but all the signs say they probably will. If you’re watching this channel you’re probably
a huge fan of scientific integrity, but I’d love to know if you think that these bills
are actually going to do what they claim to do and increase transparency, or if they are
just going to make it harder for the EPA to do it’s job? Let us know your thoughts in the comments
below. Hi, everyone. I’m Jayde Lovell, resident science nerd on
‘The Young Turks Network.’ You’re watching ‘ScIQ’ and we know you don’t
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  • Do you think that these bills are actually going to do what they claim to do and increase transparency, or if they are just going to make it harder for the EPA to do its job? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • I'm under the belief that any environmental bill introduced by republicans is suspect because they have never shown they truly care only they care about their bottom line.

  • You are retarded

  • define The Environment ? Imo its Trump VS the socialist globalist turds hiding behind the unfathomable Environment. Its the Superpac that takes care of environmental issues, not Trump or Obamierda.

    Btw stop following the SAD, your health is suffering.

  • republican are the king of Orwellian language after all. just look at the 'patriot act'

  • Sounds like the same swamp draining that installed the billionaire cabinet now going to populate the EPA….once again the people getting screwed.

  • Jayde, I kinda love you. Keep up the good work.

  • If the republicans are going to do such things then they could at least hand out free teddy bears – but they don't because they are just a bunch of ass holes.

  • What they say is what they are. They will have private board members raid the benefits of the EPA scientists research, while prohibiting rules or regulations that might mean Less $$$ for Them (no matter how much damage they do that Others pay for eventually). It's all about 1 common theme: Privatize Government. Make it all for Profit. (was that the tyranny America was founded to escape from?) (Government money is a huge trough for the hogs to feed from…. (More for Them, Less for You). How can their Destroy Government agendas be curtailed or stopped (before it's too late)???

  • I like how their deceptions are in plain sight. Why would they call anything "The Honest Act"? Because it's false , obviously. Why else would they try to make a point of honesty in the first place? (money people making rules = kings). Could they ever be deceivers or bad sales people? naahhhhhh

  • Great work and presentation Jade!! 🙂 Very sensible and Smart. Would make sense to everybody. (That's really critical in the confused , contradictory, deceptive, philosophy selling world we are repeatedly exposed to now. Most people can't figure out how obviously false their selling points are , and consequently, buy the concepts, blindly…)

  • I'm tired of hearing this crap science got us into this mess so stop passing the buck and do something about it. its up to you scientist to fix your problems!

  • As a non-US citizen, republicans just seem evil to the bone. How is that possible? How does your country even function?

  • This stuff is nothing new. This anti-science behavior, in the name of lax regulations to enhance corporate profits, is a given whenever republicans are in power. It can sometimes get downright comical, as with Trump's current appointment to head the EPA. Here are just a few examples:
    This republican congress should pass a 3rd law, one renaming the EPA. It should henceforth be called the EDA, the Environmental Destruction Agency.

  • interessting that you bring out the Monsanto boogie man for a side jab, would you care to elaborate what you think think about GM crops? perhaps it's the same opinion as your boss the big fat buffalo. If you made one video counter to his view you would loose your job. If you got some sense you would leave the sinking ship. Seeing how Cenk rarely hires people that don't agree with him plus the fact that your have no scientific training whatsover i doubt you have sense though. "I love scientific integrety and transparancy" xD funny, you are paid by the most regressive "network" out there and there is nno transparency whatsoever that SciQ is an offbranch of TYT. you people have No self awareness

  • You can't even take care of your body fatty yet you think some one over eating is some how good for the environment

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