Tufts NSBE “How Engineers Make a World of Difference” 2012 IEEE Video

Hi name is Louis Ellis majoring in
computer science engineering. My name is Yorman Garcia and I’m an electrical engineer.
I’m Chaimaka Chima a proud member of IEE and I’m an electrical engineer.
I’m Camilla Rodriguez and I’m an environmental engineer. I’m Anecia
Richards and I’m an electrical engineer. My name is Danielle Wilson and I’m an
environmental engineering major. My name is Kristin Ford and I’m a human factors
engineer, we give IEEE the right to use all of our material none of which
is copyrighted. We are Tufts University NSBE. From designing bridges to helping the
environment, from building robots to develop in tomorrow’s technology,
engineers shape every aspect of our world. I remember when I was younger it used to
kill me to see the pain my grandmother went through to check her blood sugar,
but now thanks engineer’s their painless ways to check your blood suga.r I
want to be an engineer because it gives me the power to change the world around
me. I love having the ability to see a problem and be the solution, because I
want to design the technology that will power the future, because it allows me to
turn my creativity into boundless innovation, it gives me the ability to
unleash the whatevs, dispel the can nots, and constantly ask the question why not.
I want to be the next Bill Gates. I want to design video games. I’m a world changer
I’m a problem solver. I’m boundary pusher. I am a thinker. I am the future. I
am an engineer

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