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Hello EveryOne!!! Welcome back to my channel… In this video, i will share how to cover white hair using henna if you try this 2 step method, it will give black color to your hair instead of red. there are so many reasons for gray hair like vitamin deficiency, hereditary or due to pollution. so stop worrying when you see gray hair, there are many ways to cover them. :):) Graying of hair is a natural process, just stop breaking your head over it πŸ™‚ i hope you will find this video helpful..pls like, comment and share if you like this video πŸ™‚ without further ado.. lets get in the process… So guys, this is a 2-Step process . first we will apply henna pack. here iam using Nupur henna… For tea decoction im using 3roses brand, you can use any brand or you also use coffee decoction. Im using Tea Tree essential oil, you can also use rosemary , lavender essential oils Tea tree oil will help in controlling dandruff, itchy scalps etc. You can also skip essential oil. its totally optional here im using 9 herbs nupur henna, it has the goodness of several herbs like methi, neem, amla, bhringraj , aloevera etc Which are very good for hair…. here iam using Iron bowl for mixing henna, iron bowl helps in more dye release. you can also use ceramic or glass bowls. here im preparing decoction for mixing henna, for 1.5 cups of water i have added 2 teaspoons of tea powder…. allow it to boil for 3-5mins.. now decoction is ready for mixing.. Use the decoction when it is moderately hot.. now mix henna with tea decoction, add the decoction till it reaches yogurt consistency. now add 15-20 drops of tea tree essential oil.. or any essential oil of your choice it helps in controlling dandruff, itchy scalp and also helps in hairfall.. tea tree oil helps in controlling itchy scalp too… mix till you see yogurt consistency without any lumps… add more decoction if needed.. now cover it using plastic wrap and leave it overnight or atleast for 6hours.. After 6 hours, our henna is ready for application… when you leave it overnight henna color will turn more darker… so its even better that way.. you can add more water if you think the consistency is too thick for application.. so here you can see all the white hairs, im using this pack to cover these now.. i had severe hairfall when i used dye, so i started using this 2 step process for covering all my grays and also this pack conditions the hair really well.. use surgical gloves rather than plastic ones… they are easy for application.. now i have covered all my grays,you can also use this pack for conditioning your hair…. cover it with plastic wrap or shower cap and wait for atleast 3 hours… after 3 hours, use only water to wash the pack. DO NOT USE SHAMPOO OR CONDITIONER. you can see all the gray hair turned red with henna pack… Next.. on the next day, we will apply indigo pack.. Indigo powder comes from ‘Indigofera Tinctoria’ plant.. this is a natural product with not any added chemicals etc this pack will give a bluish green color to the white hair.. so it is important to apply henna pack first.. so that indigo pack helps in changing red hair to black.. lets see how to make this pack… mix indigo powder with warm water till it reaches yogurt consistency here im taking about 2tbs of indigo powder, this quantity is enough for covering my grays.. so please take the quantity as needed. we just need warm/hot water for making this pack. there is no need to add anything else.. if you use only indigo pack on gray hair, it will turn all your white hairs to green. so it is very important to use henna pack first… cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave it for 30mins max.. its important to mix this pack just before 30mins of application.. indigo will release dye very quickly unlike henna pack.. After 30mins.. the pack is ready for application.. you can add more water if needed… you can mix henna and indigo in a single step, but that pack gives a brown color to the hair instead of black.. so i prefer this way.. so i do a 2 step process… first day i will apply henna pack, after 3 hours i will wash it with water and next day i would do indigo pack.. i have covered all my gray hairs with this pack, and covered it with a plastic wrap.. we should wait for atleast 3hours.. wash it with water after 3 hours.. DO NOT USE SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER OR OIL for next 2days.. later you can wash it with shampoo.. you can see the final result.. this pack has turned all my red hairs to black.. πŸ™‚ DO NOT USE SHAMPOO OR OILS TILL 2DAYS.. In my next video, i will share on how to mix henna and indigo in a single pack… If you like this video, please like , comment and share it with others.. πŸ™‚ thanks a lot for watching πŸ™‚

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