U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy visits Ottawa, Ontario – April 7, 2016

Well, Administrator, it’s really amazing
to have you here in Canada. We’ve worked so closely together. We’re just happy to
have you visit. Well, it’s been an amazing visit, and I
can’t wait for our continued discussions of how we work together. It’s amazing how
much President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau have connected on really core issues that
we have to work on together, like the issue of climate change.
Yeah. And I… I look at the concrete actions. I’m like you, someone who appreciates action
and looking at how we’ve already, you know, we’re already tackling methane and all the
other ways we can… we can move forward to take serious action against climate change
and talking about including Mexico, which is really important too.
Yeah. We… we do have a North American strategy, and I think it was incredibly helpful to have
Canada and the U.S. in Paris. Yeah.
To actually continue to show our domestic leadership and how much we’re going to do,
but also to drive that, that agreement to a place where I think we can all be extraordinarily
proud. So, now it’s the chance for us to implement…
I know. … and run as fast as we can.
We’ve got to run as fast we can during your administration. I’m also really excited
about April 22nd, the signing of the Paris agreement. It looks like we have 120 countries.
And I know we’ve both… both governments have worked really hard to get governments
there to the signing so that we can… we can make sure it comes into force early.
We can. But we also know that we’re not waiting for them to move the issues forward,
and I’m so looking forward to coordinating with you and with other countries on methane,
on HFCs and the Montreal Protocol venue. It’s just the U.S. and leader… and Canada are
now not just really strong partners, but we’re strong leaders internationally and that’s
where we want to be. These things matter to us. They’re part of our core values. They
always have been. We have to protect our ecosystems and our families and that’s what this is
all about. Yeah. And there’s a huge opportunity. I
look at the opportunity to create jobs, clean growth, and doing this together. I also thought
it was really great that you were able to meet some of our Inuit leaders. This is really
important that we work together in the Arctic, protecting the Arctic and making sure that
we have our Inuit leaders, our Indigenous leaders as part of the conversation at the
table, and they appreciated that. Well, we’ve been working with tribal nations
in the U.S., and our ability to make a linkage with all our Indigenous communities allows
us to recognize that they’re really on the front line of the kind of damage that we’re
seeing. And their voices need to be heard, not just as background, but as central to
decision making on how we continue to work with them to adapt to the changing climate,
allow their cultures and their economies to continue to survive and grow. But these are
big challenges, and no country is going to solve it on its own. But having a partner
like Canada to work with, where we share ecosystems so closely, is just a gift I think for me,
and I’m sure you share the same… the same feeling. And our ability to work together
is going to make a big difference. I think it’s like “seize the day.” We’re
going to work as hard as we can together, and I’m thrilled to have you here in Canada
to talk more about what concrete actions we’re taking.
It’s great to be here, Catherine. Thank you so much.

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