UAlbany’s Program to Explore Environmental Health Risks

– “Factors in everything around you effect
your health.” – “It’s kind of things that I never would
have thought about.” – “It’s the carpet you’re walking on, it’s
the air that you’re breathing.” – “The effects of pesticides.” – “Lead exposure.” – “Air pollution.” – “Dust from mattresses.” – “Indoor air quality.” – “Flame retardants that are in everything.” – “Hazardous waste sites.” – “Environmental exposures, they’re everywhere.
We can’t get away from them and they’re all impacting human health.” – “In the U.S., 3.8 million disabling work
place injuries occur every year. Huge impact on the economy.” – “Public health and environmental health
sciences in particular is a huge field. We work for prevention of the adverse health
outcomes in the population. So we try to identify those things that we want to prevent. We are
a field that needs to understand how sociology intersects with biology intersects with mathematics
and how we bring those sources together to understand the population health.” – “I think it’s really cool that you bring
in information from all these different subjects.” – “The assumption is that no dose of radioactive
material is healthy.” – “At the University at Albany school of public
health we have a passion for helping people and helping the population.” – “You have amazing faculty and environmental
health. Super small class sizes, and you get a lot of attention from professors, their
doors are always open when you need help with something.” – “I immediately fell in love with the course
work. I found that the challenging nature of the graduate level really pushed me to
be the best academic student that I can be,” – “I can’t imagine having better opportunities
anywhere else.” – “We have a great success record with our
students in part because it’s such an applied approach to our training.” – “I was really attracted to the school of
public health’s close relationship with the New York State department of health.” – “And that offers students a wonderful opportunity
to work with the Wadsworth center laboratory. With national and internationally well renowned
researchers.” – “I took one internship with the Wadsowrth
laboratories where I looked at immune factors in developmental disorders.” – “The MPH program at the University at Albany
and the environmental health sciences program really opened the doors for me gaining employment
after graduation. My favorite part about my job at the local health department is being
able to interact with community members all the time and share health education with them,
and teach them about environmental health and other aspects of public health.” – “Over 85% of our students are employed within
6 months of graduation, the remaining 15% traditionally go on to either an additional
graduate program or medical school.” – “I would tell a student interested in public
health to give it a shot, because while it might seem challenging at first, there’s plenty
of people here willing to help.” – “It was an excellent learning experience
all around, from the professors to the course work to the internships.” – “At first I thought did I get smarter in
these last two years? And then I realized no I learned how to learn.” – “While the course work might seem intimidating
at first, over time, and with the help of the excellent staff that teach at the school
of public health you can do anything.”

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