UNC Charlotte Majors: College of Engineering

What’s going on, guys? My name is Alex Hafner. I’m a sophomore mechanical
engineering major and I’m from
Bridgewater, New Jersey. The reason why I chose my major is because as a kid, I really enjoyed playing with LEGOs. And I realized that
I really just like figuring out how things
work and piecing things together using my hands. When I was old
enough to figure out that mechanical
engineering was a thing, I decided to pursue
it as a major. And ever since, I’ve
really just enjoyed working with computer aided
design and being in the shop or in the lab, just piecing
things together and figuring out how things work now. In the College of Engineering we just have a tremendous number of opportunities for students to enrich their learning. We have a really active
chapter of the Society for Women Engineers. We also have a lot of
special interest clubs such as rockets or motorsports. We also have an
incredible number of opportunities for students
to get involved in research labs and work on really
challenging research problems right alongside their
faculty members. In my engineering
intro class, I actually designed an air
engine, piece by piece. And finally put it together,
made it work on the computer. And eventually in my
sophomore design class, I’ll actually be able to
machine it out and manufacture it together to make a real
life working air engine.

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