Undergrads Come to UK for Summer Research in Pharmacology & Environmental Health Sciences

Hollie Swanson: What I wanted to do at the
summer program is to introduce our rising juniors and seniors to the whole idea of science. So that they understand the importance of
science, why we do science, even if they never become scientists so that they’re better
informed citizens, and they have an awareness of some of the issues that we’re facing
today. There are many, many ways to do science not
just on the bench, but through outreach and being a part of the community. Tyler Gripshover: Well this summer was actually
my first formal research setting and I think my biggest take away have to be, you have
to have a lot of patience for research. It takes a day at a time, but it’s definitely
worthwhile. After I obtain my bachelor’s in chemistry,
I want to go to med school. So possibly pair that with research. A part of the SURES program we actually did
weekly activities, and it was kind of a take away from doing the formal research. We would go out and we would learn about environmental
health science and how what’s going on in modern scientific communities. Veronica Nappi was actually my near-peer mentor
and she counseled me through research. She counseled me through the application process
to med school and getting ready for the MCAT and things like that. She was great. Christina Hermanns: So I’m actually in the
SURF program, get to do some of the programs that we do and kind of learn more about the
research field and pharmacology. I had done undergrad research before. So it was really awesome to be able to see
different lab environments, different research protocols, and also be able to see that there
are some differences, there’s a lot of similarities working in a team. So I would like to go to medical school, but
I definitely think that research is something that A, is important for anyone who wants
to go into healthcare field. It’s what furthers science. But as well, I think I would like to be involved
with it as an M.D. I got to know a lot of other people who are doing research in other
labs, as well. And so, you know being able to talk with other
like-minded people who are really like diving into small nitty-gritty parts of science was
really fun. Kyle Luo: Well my goal is to go to med school
and become a doctor. I don’t really know exactly what kind of
doctor I want to be, but I’ve just found that medicine is very interesting to me and
I enjoy being able to help people and make an impact in people’s lives. I’ve had this going a couple summers now. It always felt good to run these trials and
get good results. Obviously, there’s a lot of failure involved,
too. When you succeed it feels great. It really gave me a good understanding of
how the research process in general works from idea formation, to experimental design, to actually getting the results and putting it together. I want to present at some conferences hopefully. So I don’t really want to stop here, I want
to keep going. Veronica Nwahiri: This summer I was able to
work with the Pharmacology and Nutritional Science Department. My favorite part was when we had rapper Farmer
Brown come and rap to us about environmental science and how he does it for the younger
generation. I like the fact that they were always there
available for us and they encouraged us during this program, and they gave me some really
great advice for my future career goals as well. I plan to be a pharmacist one day and I do
plan to specialize in chemotherapeutic drugs. I plan to do more research and this was just
a foot in the research field. Hollie Swanson: My biggest take away is the
enthusiasm that they have and that they bring life to our departments and you can see it
in the hall. And when the posters start coming off of our
printers on Tuesday then Wednesday, it’s just really terrific science that these students
are capable of. It’s that joy of discovery that you can
see in their faces. As we get older, we have a tendency to get
a little jaded and so it’s helping me remember what it’s like to be a youth and thinking
about their future. I feel like I’m contributing now to our

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