Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center Open House 2009 and 50th Anniversary

Mike Jawson
Hi, we do an open house to celebrate our successes and our achievements and share with the public
what we are all about here at UMESC. We think it
is very important to reach out to provide information
and be a good community steward. Randy Hines
People are having a wonderful time today, they are
learning about our science. There are hands on activities. They are actually banding birds, they are
catching trout at our pond, they’re actually looking
and learning about diseases and invasive species,
and handling wild animals that we have got captive. Kevin Kenow
The radio telemetry portion of the open house has
really been popular over the years with kids, and I find that they are really, really good
at finding animals. A lot of the adults have
problems training in on exactly where the loudest signal
is; I think they have a preconceived notion about
where the animal is going to be. The kids really
concentrate on the sound and they really enjoy at the end finding the animal. Jane Rivera
Well, here we are in the kid tent and we are busy
making buttons and it has been incredibly popular, especially the northern pike, a hot item.
And we have a monarch butterfly that we have been running out of so we finally got some more
printed, and we are busy cutting them out now, but
it has been very very fun and kids have been helping
we have lots of volunteers helping with it, so the
day is going fast. Bill Richardson
All right, the bugs are so diverse, they are extremely productive so they are everywhere
and everybody eats them out there in the river,
so they are really important to keep our fish happy
and our birds happy and our river productive and they
do a lot of things like cleaning up all the extra
things like detritus and dead material so they are
really important parts of our ecosystem and nobody
sees them until we put them in a bucket! And so,
that is when people get excited when they can see
them and realize that they are out there. So, like
I said, very diverse, very important to the ecosystem,
very important for fish and ducks and wildlife.
Kids and some adult kids like looking at them. Tim Donahue
I think the open house is a great opportunity for
everybody to see the science that goes on in the building and have some fun. The kids are all
telling me on the way out, getting on the bus how
much fun they had handling the fish, seeing all the
stuff, seeing the bird banding, even the coloring
wall, everybody is having a really good time.

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