Video Alert: New California Refrigeration Regulations: Too Close for Comfort

– [Narrator] What’s keeping you cool inside your office may
require you to register with the California Air Resources Board and, for companies in
the Los Angeles area, with the South Coast Air
Quality Management District. – Many commercial office buildings may suddenly find themselves
subject to this regulation. – [Narrator] The regulations
include comfort coolers and other stationary refrigeration units with 50 or more pounds of refrigerants with high global warming potential. – The owners and
operators of these systems are now going to be
subject to doing audits and having deadlines to repair
any leaks that are detected. – [Narrator] The new
California Air Resources Board requirements are in addition
to the EPA’s existing regulations for ozone
depletion substances. – There’s more annual requirements under the CARB regulations than there are under the EPA regulations, but both do require
leak testing and repairs and both do require record keeping. – [Narrator] Keeping up to date files will aid in accurate record keeping. – It’s a lot easier to
maintain your records regularly than to try to scramble after an agency who has an inquiry to you. – [Narrator] You can contact
your air conditioning unit manufacturer for details
on the refrigerants used and the capacity of the
unit if it is not listed on the unit or in the manual. The technicians who service
the appliance will also know what refrigerants are used
and the unit’s capacity. – Then you can come to us
and we’ll help you determine whether that particular
refrigerant is subject to the EPA or to the California
ARB regulation or both. – [Narrator] The California regulations went into effect January 1st. All units are required to be registered with additional requirements in 2011 for units more than 2,000 pounds. Those requirements are phased in over time for smaller units.

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