Visual Editor: create events in a code-free environment

hi I’m Sarah from Cliffdale and today I’m going to talk to you about visual editor it’s click tells WYSIWYG environment to set up your own events segments or filters as you know events are the building blocks of almost all user experience analyses for example if you’d like to know how many visitors engage with the filters on a category page or who clicked on Add to Cart you need an event no coding is necessary data starts gathering immediately it’s a great way for you to find quick wins and become more agile and optimizing your website let me show you how easy it is to use visual editor creating a new event is as simple as clicking out an element and defining the scope of the events one of the coolest parts of visual editor is the use of CSS selector technology in other words the elements let’s say it’s a call to action button is automatically identified by its CSS selectors so even if you later move the element to a different place on the page the event won’t break if you have the same elements appearing numerous times on a page say an Add to Cart button on a category page simply point to the relevant element and let the wizard setup the event for you no special knowledge of CSS technology is needed save publish and events will start firing right away visual editor can also be used to create page events in other words events that fire when a particular page is loaded for example you’d use page events when you’d like to compare it logged in first not logged in visitors or to see different versions of an a/b test if you want to check that the events you’ve created our firing is expected use the test mode click the element related to the event and you’ll see in the test console whether the event was triggered want more good news you can piggyback on any events you’ve already created in Adobe or Google Analytics this way your data will always be in sync with a few simple clicks just like I’m doing here you can grab the page name event from Adobe and bring it into click tale all events can be used to analyze your visitors and page behavior as well as flows between pages using click tales best-in-class visualizations and for customers on the click tale experience cloud use events to track your KPIs in a personalized workspace enabling you to immediately surface experience related issues or opportunities it’s easy and fast contact click tale to learn more about visual editor and answering anything about customer experience enjoy hi

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