WAG Cooking Show: Environment Overhaul

[Aimee] Hi guys my name is Aimee Anaya Everett.
[Cody] I’m Cody Anderson.
[Christian] And I’m Christian Lucero. [Aimee] And we’re here this week to teach you how to overhaul your kitchen and make it more macro friendly.
[Christian] Yeah so where do we start with that? [Christian] Tip #1 is getting yourself some good Tupperware. Some of the Tupperware we have here are obviously your high quality glass Tupperware and this stuff’s good for anytime you’re making meals, sectioning off your proteins, carbohydrates, fats just for
later use and putting them in the fridge. You can section off each having a protein, a fat and a carb in each Tupperware and making yourself little meals and just leaving those in the fridge for on-the-go snacks.
[Aimee] This Tupperware is oven-safe and microwave safe so you can just take it right from the fridge, right in the oven to heat up. That’s why I love this Tupperware and it
stacks really well. This Tupperware is just cheapy Tupperware that I buy from the grocery store and it’s kind of plastic. You can reuse it but what I like to use this for is when I travel. When I get rotisserie chickens I actually have one of these that’s bigger and I’ll buy three rotisserie chickens at once and I shred it all up so it’s nice and easy. It’s easy to shred when the chicken is warm and so you shred it all up and put it in
a big Tupperware and then people can just weigh out all day what they want.
I do separate it into light and dark meat so and I never do the skin just
because it’s hard to macro-in what the skin is so I take the skin off, I shred all the white meat, put it in one large Tupperware, and then all the dark meat I put in a separate Tupperware. So that way it’s separated because it
does have different fat values. [Aimee] Tip #2 is to always have readily available good protein choices in your refrigerator. Trader Joe’s has grilled white meat chicken strips that are amazing. It’s already cooked, super easy! Actually the other night I made chicken and everybody loved it so
much they ate it all by the time Christian got to dinner, there was no more delicious chicken.
[Christian] Yeah everyone was like “Oh this chicken is so good Aimee”
and backstory to that is Aimee’s usually (she makes really good food) but sometimes we tease her because her chicken can be dry. So like sometimes we say oh this chicken tastes like it just walked through the Sahara Desert to get
to the table tonight. But everyone was like “Oh my gosh this chicken is really
good Aimee! What did you do?” and I was like “Oh I can’t wait to try it.” and she’s
like “Oh we’re all out here Christian have some of these grilled white meat
chicken strips.” They’re really good but I mean obviously fresh is better.
[Aimee] It’s true I overcook my chicken sometimes cuz I’m worried it’ll be raw and everyone will
die of salmonella. Another emergency protein that I love is smoked boneless
ham steak. You can find this pretty much anywhere this one I got from Whole Foods.
The macros are really good in this, one serving, 3 ounces has 16g protein, 1g carb and 3g fat. 99% fat-free ground turkey breast is the best. Best best stuff ever! If you don’t have a lot of time for dinner I use a pressure cooker
often. You can cook chicken to where it’s shredded in about 17 minutes so what I
do is I just put a bunch of chicken breasts in the pressure cooker and I
add a huge container of verde sauce and I pressure cooked it for 17 minutes
and then there you go – shredded chicken for everyone. So I like egg whites of
course in the morning I do all kinds of scrambles with them, vegetable scrambles, I scramble it with my ham, sometimes just cheese, sometimes if I have an overripe
banana I’ll mash up the banana in the egg whites and cook that up in a
scramble and then I add syrup. A little bit of macro friendly syrup.
[Cody] I actually do use egg whites even though I have a lot of more fat than most
people probably but I find they’re just easier because like a lot
of breakfast meats have more fat in them so I’ll usually just do some scrambled eggs
or something like that.
[Aimee] I pick and choose like that as well. I would rather have add a little bit of meat to my scramble and have egg whites for the source of the fat from
meat rather than have whole eggs and get the fat from there it just makes my
scrambles a little more exciting. The last thing that I love to have on hand is Greek yogurt. I have a couple of favorites Siggi’s is really good at zero percent milk fat and I really love this with mixed berries and acai. It has 14g carbs in 16g protein and zero fat for one serving and I always keep a
ton of these in the refrigerator because they’re really easy to grab on the go,
after your workout when you don’t feel like eating chicken for one more meal.
[Cody] Tip #3 is just to have a scale handy. When I started counting my macros I didn’t
have a scale and so I was just having to constantly scan barcodes of stuff and estimate however much chicken I was eating and it was kind of
a disaster. So I have the same brand of scale as this and it’s just a good one.
Probably one that you can zero out is one you want to buy. So if you’re
weighing out like a quarter cup of peanut butter obviously your measuring
cup is gonna weigh something so having something you can zero out and
add your peanut butter to or add whatever bowls of rice or I pretty much
make all of my food on my scale so it’s kind of a crucial thing to have for counting macros.
[Christian] That’s good too if you’re constantly adding food on top of food you can weigh something out, record it, zero it out, weigh something else out so you can constantly just add in one bowl. You
don’t have to like have a bunch of different measuring devices or separate
bowls for each ingredient that you’re eventually gonna combine. You can just
start on the scale measure your first thing, zero it out, measure your
second thing, zero it out, third thing and just record it all as you’re going.
[Aimee] This one is awesome actually because this pulls out so you have a big plate on
there you can pull it out and still read the numbers but as Christian mentioned I think it’s really important when you’re
zeroing out to immediately go to MyFitnessPal and enter what you’ve done. So yogurt, one serving, strawberries 200 grams, because if you don’t enter it as you go
and as you zero out you’re gonna get to the end of the bowl and have to do all
this mathematics and be like oh crap what did I even put in it so make sure
as you’re zeroing you’re recording before you add something else so you
don’t get lost. [Christian] Tip #4 is managing your cravings. So we’ve got a nice little basket here
full of all the things that we all secretly like to eat and not tell
anybody about. When you’re on Working Against Gravity we’re not saying that
you can’t eat any of these things and we know that you’re gonna (and this goes for all of us) we’re all gonna have those temptations to eat the yummy stuff that isn’t the best for us. And you definitely can it’s
just about managing how much you’re getting in and not binging on a whole
bag of Reese’s Cups or Skittles at a time. [Aimee] We don’t want there to be any forbidden food even though we all are on WAG, there is no good or bad food and so
like Christian said we want to manage our cravings so we have different snacks
that everybody in the house likes but we keep them high on a shelf in the
pantry in this little box so that you know they’re not sitting on the counter
and you’re just walking by grabbing one Reese’s all day long and pretty soon the whole bag is gone by by the end of the day. [Cody] Yeah another thing you can do is just have some Ziploc bags handy for when those cravings come. Either write what the macros are on them or say maybe have a printout of the UPC so you can just scan it
easily that way, like they were saying, you can’t (or shouldn’t) eat an entire bag of Reese’s. [Christian] And it’s also tough too to like get a big bag of something and only be able to have a little bit of the bag. You’re like look at all this candy but I can only have this much in a serving. Whereas if you have stuff measured out you only grab that and
that’s all you see and you’re like okay this is a serving this will pretty much satisfy my craving. And having the the first thing we talked about having it away from you know generally where you’re gonna be most of
the day, out of sight out of mind, you’re gonna not really think about it. That I
think helps me the most is having it not right in front of my face or somewhere
where I can easily see it, it’s somewhere like by the time I think about it and then I go all the way to the pantry and get a ladder
cuz it’s so high or have a friend help me like Cody get on your knees so I can
step on your back and get this candy out. [Cody] There’s a key that two people have to put into the thing to unlock.
[Christian] By that time I don’t even want this in the first place, so it’s a pretty good deterrent. [Aimee] Tip#5 is plate sizes. So if you get to dinnertime and you don’t have a lot of macros left you don’t want to get this plate and have like the food right
here because then you’re gonna look at it and feel like you’re really missing
out. So make sure you choose plate sizes or bowl sizes that fit your food better so that it looks like you have a full plate. For example if you get two pieces of carrot, like four ounces of chicken and a half of a sweet
potato you don’t want to put it on this giant plate because it’s going to make
it look like you don’t have any food. You want to find a smaller plate so that
when you put that dinner on there it fills the plate and then you actually
are tricking your mind into thinking like wow I actually have a full plate of
food. So that is something that’s been really helpful for me. Also to have a
variety of measuring cups and measuring spoons. A lot of these spoons (measuring
spoons) it’ll say like 15 milliliters on it or 5 milliliters which is really good
if you’re measuring something in milliliters, don’t make the mistake of
measuring a milliliter as an ounce. That’s happened before to someone I know and it wasn’t pretty. Also a wide variety of measuring cups sometimes things call for 1/2 of a cup. I always always measure when possible, so
for example if it’s a box of noodles and it says 1/2 a cup and then in
parentheses it’ll say like 85 grams, I always weigh it out in grams if
can. I only use measuring cups if there’s not a gram or ounce option to actually weigh it because weighing is of course gonna be more precise. People like
scoop it in there and jam it in there well then now that’s like probably 2
cups of rice rather than weighing it out. But I do recommend if you do have
something like rice where it says a cup is a serving to get another smaller
serving utensil this or a spoon and actually scoop the rice into the cup so
that it’s it’s not packed down so you’re getting a more accurate representation
of a cup. [Cody] Tip #6 is eat your carbs, don’t drink your carbs. If you’re a soda drinker a good option if you’re used to drinking soda to kind of take that
craving away and do something like seltzer water or sparkling water. I know
my family goes through La Croix a whole bunch and I actually made
an Instagram post a while ago showing that and they never even said anything to me so you can use a SodaStream instead to spite them. [Christian] We were talking before the show and Cody actually brought it to our knowledge that he has never drank soda. [Cody] That’s not true.
[Aimee] That’s true. He said he’s never had a soda in his life. [Cody] I’ve never had candy or soda or anything like that so I can’t really relate to the cravings. [Aimee] Deprived. Amish country.
[Cody] It’s a joke I had soda before in my life. My mom was a health freak so she didn’t let us drink a whole lot of soda or sugary drinks.
Which is probably good. [Christian] And she sent you to gymnastics with bags of carrots right.
[Cody] Yeah I was sent with bags of carrots to gymnastics. [Christian] So he’s actually implementing this little snack system we had over here…
[Cody] Bring it back from 8 years old. [Christian]…before any of us were. [Aimee] That’s it for today! Thank you so much for joining us! Look out next week… [Christian] We’re gonna have tons of new cooking recipes, cooking shows and different types of tips to
help you continue your WAG journey. [Cody] And if you want more tips or just to go over the stuff we were talking about you can click the link below for more information. [Christian] It’s a PDF.
[Cody] It’s a PDF. [Aimee] On environmental overall. [Christian] It’s a PDF – not a Word!
[Cody] Not a Word doc – you can’t change it!
[Christian] It’s a PDF.

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