Water Environmental Management Technology | Course Jukebox | University of Tsukuba

My name is Nakao NOMURA, in charge of, WATER ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY offered by School of Life and Environmental Sciences for Course Juke Box under Campus in Campus initiatives. Water is one of the most important resource of our life. this course will
focus on one of the most visible water form, enclosed water bodies such as lakes, ponds, marsh from different point of view as its functions. First part will focus on systems for public water supply and public sewage treatment which are very important to utilize water resource for our life. Lecture will introduce mechanism of those systems as well as challenges and good practices by featuring cases in Japan. Second part of the lecture will introduce renovation of water environment specifically on enclosed water bodies. Water quality deterioration in enclosed water bodies often caused by eutrofication by excess input of nutrients. There are mainly 2 nutrient inputs namely, external and internal loads. Lecture will introduce current situations and countermeasures of 2 types of nutrient loads as well as case study obtained from several research project on lake Kasumigaura. Third part of the lecture will focus on enclosed water bodies and coastal environment, specifically about prawn aquaculture and its impact on water environment. Lectures focus on overview of prawn aquaculture, followed by impact on coastal eco-system as well as management of pests such as viral or bacterial pathogens using several technologies. Lecture will also introduce some of the challenges and good practices leaned from lessons through research projects conducted in Philippines, Thailand and Japan. Through this lecture, we expect students to learn about importance of water for our daily life, environment as well as food production and understand how we can improve and keep good water environment.

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