We’ve Ignored Climate Change For More Than a Century | Hot Mess ?

Have you ever wondered why you live on a beautiful,
blue, watery planet, and not a frozen ball of ice? That’s exactly what the French scientist
Joseph Fourier wondered almost 200 years ago. He calculated Earth was far enough away from
the Sun that it should be much colder. Fourier noted while sunlight can shine through
the gas in Earth’s atmosphere to warm the surface, the heat our planet gives off doesn’t
pass so easily back into space, just like how sunlight warms up a greenhouse. Fourier’s simple observation came to be
known as the “greenhouse effect” and gave birth to a new way of thinking about the world:
climate science. In the 200 years since, we’ve made a lot
of progress in figuring out how Earth’s climate works, how it’s changing, and why. But why have we had such a hard time acting
on that knowledge? [OPEN] At the start, there was just a lot we didn’t
know. But the next big Eureka moment came in the
1850s: Scientists Eunice Foote and John Tyndall figured out that adding more of certain types
of gas, like carbon dioxide, to Earth’s atmosphere would make it trap more heat. And in the 1890s, Swedish scientist Svante
Arrhenius made the first mathematical predictions of how much that extra carbon dioxide would
heat the Earth. But most people simply hadn’t heard about
any of this. And if they had, they might not have believed
it, since few people even imagined that humans could affect something as big as the climate. But Earth’s human population soon took a
steep upward turn, partly because fossil fuels were transforming the way we lived. A British engineer named Guy Callendar suspected
this might have a bigger impact than people thought. In 1938, he looked at atmospheric and temperature
data from around the world in more detail than anyone ever had. He showed, for the first time, that not only
was burning fossil fuels increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, but Earth’s average
temperature was rising in response, just like Arrhenius said it would. A growing number of scientists realized we
were performing an unprecedented experiment with an uncertain outcome. They eventually gave it a name: “global
warming.” More measurements of the atmosphere continued
to tell the same story: we were adding carbon dioxide to Earth’s insulating layer. That warmed the air, but we discovered that
it was also changing the amount of ice at the poles, the patterns of rainfall on land,
and even the chemistry of the ocean itself. So we gave it a new name: “climate change.” What’s more, by analyzing ancient air bubbles
trapped in ice millennia ago, we realized that CO2 had been the main control knob on
Earth’s climate for hundreds of thousands of years. Looking at the history, it’s clear: by the
second half of the 20th century, we understood the main causes of climate change, and they
were surprisingly simple. We knew what was happening, and why, so why
didn’t we do anything about it then? Could it be that we just didn’t want to
know? It’s not like scientists were keeping this
knowledge to themselves. In 1959, physicist Edward Teller stood in
front every major oil executive and cautioned that by burning fossil fuels, we were changing
Earth’s climate. In 1965, scientists warned U.S. president
Lyndon Johnson about risks from future climate change. But it took until 1992 for us to sign a global
treaty calling for lower emissions, and we’re still struggling to act today. That’s partly because climate change is
a big, complicated problem. Maybe the biggest that humanity has ever faced. The modern world was built on and still depends
on fossil fuel energy, at least for now. So adapting to and stopping climate change
will require revolutionizing much of how we live. That will be really tough to do, and it’s
difficult to even get our heads around what it might look like. Which brings us to another big reason we find
it difficult to act. Our brains are just bad at processing a
problem like climate change. I mean, the gas that causes it is literally
invisible, and the changes play out over decades, across the entire planet. When we do think about it, it can easily feel
far away, or even overwhelming. We know what’s happening, and we’ve known
it for a long time. Climate change will affect us all, no matter
where we are, or how we live. Solving it can’t wait for tomorrow, and
we can’t wait for other people to solve it for us. And that’s why we’re making this show:
to talk about how the climate is changing, and how we can make Earth cool again. Let’s get started cleaning up this Hot Mess…

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  • This channel will finally educate the arse holes.

  • hot mess is right

  • Hi folks,
    I am from Kargil, a small town in Ladakh, northern Himalayas .
    It is so disturbing to note that we are doing nothing to stop or atleast slow down climate change, but even more disturbing is the fact that some people don't even believe it to be true.
    Please folks the thing is extremely serious. We I'm the Himalayas are noticing the scary part of climate change since many years. Our Glaciers are disappearing very fast, many our springs and streams have disappeared already.
    Please Please Please do something.
    If anyone from you folks reading this comment don't believe this to be true then come to my town I will show you and you will be shocked.

  • I think your explanations for why people don't want to know are ridiculous. It's not because it's complex. People aren't idiots – they're cynical.

    It's because some people like to trigger the libs who like solar (which is, you know, unmanly), and because some people profit off of their current investments in energy infrastructure, and then because other people benefit politically from having their party in bed with those industries, and then because some people think God wouldn't let us change the climate.

  • Please discuss suburbanization creating longer distances between everything and automobile ownership rates and endlessly rising vehicle miles travelled. Everything about lower density development requires more energy. Especially as housing size balloons to absurd sizes and we burn fuel to heat and cool them. All utilities require more material and energy to install and maintain including: power lines, sewers, roads, lighting, water, data, waste disposal. This is why Americans use far more everything than any civilization in the history of mankind. 3x the electricity per person than Germany. Honestly we’ve become so irresponsible and the situation looks so hopeless after watching with anxiety for a decade that I think we deserve our self inflicted fate. There’s plenty of information for many many years yet almost no one in my offline life even registers this as a problem. I want to say so be it but a majority of the problem people are old and will conveniently never face the day of reckoning they manufactured for us and our offspring to suffer.

  • THANK YOU hot mess team for your work . I appreciate educators everywhere !

  • The causes of climate change are surprisingly simple but it is also a big complicated problem. Surprisingly simple but also complicated . How can it be both.? This is due to a phenomenon called complicated simplicity

  • Make earth cool again, hah, double joke

  • GREAT! I hope you lead the way by giving up driving cars, using electricity, no more flying, no heating your home, give up the good life and let us know how it goes, you liberal hypocrite.

  • Alright mother chuckers let’s start doing something or my ? will be 70” under

  • Love the video but at 2.34 you are unwittingly playing into the denier narrative that "it stopped warming so they changed the name from 'global warming' to 'climate change'." Of course, it hasn't stopped warming and the term 'climate change' (and especially it's predecessor 'climatic change') were in use long before the term 'global warming' was coined by Wallace Broecker in 1975. Consider:Benton, George S., Carbon Dioxide and its Role in Climate Change, October 1970, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; and Plass, Gilbert N., Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climatic Change, Tellus, Volume 8, Issue 2, pages 140–154, May 1956.

  • There's a lot of climate science denialists in these comments spouting their usual pseudoscientific, deceitful or deluded crap. If there was a trace of reality in their poisonously distorted thinking, then Big Fossil Fuel would be trumpeting such 'get out of jail free' cards from the rooftops, Instead, denialists, why don't you check out the corporate websites of just about every giant fossil fuel company on earth. You'll find clear statements explicitly or implicitly fully accepting mainstream climate science – starting with the largest – Exxon Mobil – right on down. No dumb denialist fuzz brained beliefs at all…


    We have the same concerns as people everywhere – and that is how to provide the world with the energy it needs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    The risk of climate change is clear and the risk warrants action. Increasing carbon emissions in the atmosphere are having a warming effect. There is a broad scientific and policy consensus that action must be taken to further quantify and assess the risks"

    Bear in mind denialists, Big Fossil Fuel can afford to pay the best least biased analysts on earth to assess the science and, read it and weep deniers, nowadays they stand with the science.

  • I love it!

  • Let's not ignore the fact that in the United States the current administration blatantly ignores the very existence of climate change and has taken steps to reverse attempts at curbing CO2 emissions amongst certain industries.

  • Carbon Dioxide is NOT the issue! CO2 is great for plants- ….

  • Also…CO2 has logarithmic function to heating. We have nearly got to the capacity of CO2 heat absorption.

    Water Vapor is nearly 70% of all greenhouse gases.

    CO2 is less than 10% and even less from man-made.

    This is not a scientifically accurate video… Very very misleading.


  • We know how to scrub co 2 . Why are we not doing so. Set up wind farms and solar to power scrubers and store co2 for a time when we will need to use it.

  • Instead we want to just ban fossil fuels when we have no substitute s yet!

  • Your not going to get people to become vegetarians either, well unless you want socialism.

  • Because greedy humans do not want to give up fossil fuel when alternate clean renewable methods have already proven to work. The thirst for dead-dinosaur-soup is too great..

  • The Dalton minimum explains the natural course of Earths climate and how the lack of sunspots and activity causes alot of our climate change. Yes we did cause a "steep upward turn" but realistically and historically this is how the Earth and the Sun work together. Let's not ignore all of the facts.

  • You forgot the critical or conflict perspective. Solutions to the climate crisis is not unknown, the main problem is that BigOil has big power to prevent nescessary actions. Power in the form of financing biased thinktanks, buying politicians and scientists etc etc. Please take that in count in your next videos!

  • I honestly don't see the problem..

    Build a huge multistory hydroponics greenhouse.

    Fill it with plants from several climents.

    Connect it to the exhaust of a power plant.

    Plants inside adapt to a high co2 low h2o.

    After they fully adapt,

    Clone and diapers.

    The plants will suck it up faster and the release is already going to decline.

    Biogass replaces natural gas and the like. And reduces other polution(sewage).

    So.. Yeah.

    We already have the means.

  • We have Burned 50% of all Fuels. 50 years of oil and Gas left. Coal is 100.
    We Raised the Temp 0.8 C and the Ocean 8" rise.
    So after Burning ALL Fuels we can still be under the Paris Agreement Targets…. AKA Keep your Ocean front Homes…

  • We learned this in grade school in the 70s. 40+ years later-denial, half-steps and status quo. SMDH! Just subbed bc I think I love you!

  • Really? And here I am thinking that it was all about profit. Oh, silly me.

  • I'm here because of the seeker

  • guy callendar sounds like a superhero name that was created by a ridiculous boy that was bored to death while memorizing the days of the week

  • Wowiiiii,,, both thumbs up.
    Best and most important channel on YT.
    Thank you sooo much Joe. / Ola.

  • I wonder what affect those active volcanos have, under the west side of the arctic.. I mean, considering that, it's the west side that's melting.. Would burning bees wax in our gas tanks, as a biofuel, distribute enough negative ions, to clean the air? Would that work? Or, cloud seeding?

  • I love the show! What would happen if the Rain Forest in Brazil is completely cut down? I heard it is the lung of the planet.

  • 0:50 "Why have we had such a hard time acting on that knowledge?"

    TL;DR Capitalism. The basic principles of capitalism gradually concentrate power/control over society (based in capital) into few hands, based only on those humans' ability to accumulate it (not their humanitarianism, knowledge, scientific ability, willingness to solve climate change, etc.). Furthermore, capitalist commodity production for exchange actually incentivizes actions which exacerbate climate change specifically, by not placing use-value on humans , our society, or the greater biosphere.

    Answer: Capitalism/capitalist ideology. Specifically, the root of the problem is twofold: the core capitalist principles of generalized commodity production & distribution (GCPaD) for exchange rather than for _use_, and secondarily, the privatized ownership of the means of production (MoP).

    These principles both synthesize into the essential tendency of whoever privately own MoP to maximize said exchange-values (i.e. profit) they can derive from those MoP, in order to accumulate more capital, which is necessary to survive in capitalist society (in both a 'bare life necessities'-sense and business/market-sense). Because it is a disproportionately unbalanced zero-sum system, one obvious, natural result of these starting conditions is vaster amounts of capital and MoP, and thus control over society, accumulating into smaller amounts of hands (especially in laissez faire/liberal capitalism), whose only necessary qualification is the self-evident ability to accumulate capital and MoP (not scientific knowledge nor humanist intentions/character traits that lend themselves to actually solving ecological/environmental problems).

    However, just in itself, GCPaD immediately generalizes and abstracts value in false equivalency, leading to the attribution of value (manifesting as exchange-value) to materially unproductive labor and non-useful, or even straight-up detrimental/destructive, products of labor (e.g. the FIRE economy and military industrial complex, as extremes, respectively). This ignorance of and lack of focus on the material use-value of labor and products of labor has then also prevented humans from scientifically/materialistically (i.e. based on material circumstances) planning production, distribution, and consumption of products/labor/resources for use, which is then only further exacerbated by the concentration of power via the private ownership of the MoP.

    The solution to these issues is found in the abolition of the aforementioned capitalist principles, by which I mean shifting to principles of production & distribution for material use, as well as the holding of the MoP in common, but what do I know. :/

    In conclusion, this reasoning is the crux of why 'ecological capitalism' or 'climate-conscious capitalism' are oxymorons, and why we have not and will not tackle climate change until it endangers the stability of the human species further than it already has, and only because that will probably affect/destabilize the global capital market (at which point our species' struggle will continue to be commodified, yay).

    It's not that "our brains are just bad at processing a problem like climate change" (3:59). I mean, here we are talking about climate change, and despite the overall complexity of the issue, we can all, scientists and laymen alike, quickly conclude on material solutions to it e.g. notably, cutting down our fossil-fuel dependency (and for that matter energy consumption generally) and developing renewable energy resources, among other things. It's not that hard. It's just that our current system/society perpetuates and is therefore incapable at addressing these issues.

  • Heres something for ya. We could die of the yellow knife super volcano or climate change and a bunch of stuff. Man isn't it a great time to be alive!!!.

  • great show!!!

  • I pick up roadside trash. Keeping the planet a little bit cleaner. I am coast to coast. Border state to border state.

  • Brilliant work with HM – thank you for sharing the evidence and let us all fight climate change and be the change we all wish to see in the world

  • So basically we are the frog in the pot of water on the stove. If it goes slow enough we won't do anything about it.

  • I have to admit, I used to fully believe in human caused climate change but now I'm a sceptic. So I guess the naysayers have done their job by making me doubt. I know we are polluting the planet to a terrible degree but I don't really know how much of an actual impact humans are really having on the climate versus heating from the sun or from the internal planet. This is why I'm here to learn more.

  • We need to protect the environment before it’s to late

  • Just let the world die

  • Thanks for this cool video! Your work is really important for society!
    Have you ever thought to translate the videos in other languages? So I could show it to my parents too.

  • अत्यन्त दुःख की बात है कि एक शत वर्ष के पश्चात् भी मानव-जाति जलवायु परिवर्तन को मानने के लिये तैयार नहीं हैं।

  • Humanity really is running the dumbest science experiment ever.

  • Hey Hot Mess, I like your goal of becoming the best YT channel about AGW. If you haven't already, check out the channel of Potholer54. He has a very no-nonsense series about it. IMO it's easily been the best source of information about the real science and debate on YT since it began. He strikes a very different tone from yours and his production quality isn't high, but I hope (and think) the science and debates he's looked at in his videos could be a useful source of input for your own. Perhaps you could recycle some of his content and communicate it in your own more educational way, which I think is really important.

  • Let's put solar panels on our roof

  • Stop preaching to choir in the US. Convince China and India.

  • Solenodon

  • It's to late to change. Tap dancing our way to the grave

  • I can understand that trying to resolve climate change sounds like a humongous job, but that does not mean that it's impossible and that we should just ignore it. People everywhere should at least take baby steps into finding a solution.

  • This should be #1 trending

  • I thought it had about 50 years… I am even more disappointed now.

  • If people doesn;t understand how more humans and less trees would heat up Earth, they should get in a big room wih 100 persons and let me know if it is not hot AF
    after 1 hour

  • I am only 12 but I am working to do something about climate change and I WILL improve the climate for future generations.

  • Give up the hoax it is a proven lie . Stop encouraging the theft of the people. Co2 is good for the plants and the plants are good for us. The biggest lie in the 20 th century.

  • To think that we could have acted uppon it SO MUCH SOONER??!

  • I would like him to address, the percentages of energy trapped by different greenhouse gasses, and what percentage of greenhouse gasses each of these make up.
    Another good topic of discussion is to expand on the ice core samples specifically if the increase in atmospheric carbon levels preceded or followed the temperature increases / decreases seen in the ice records.

  • PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION: I keep bumping into critics that claim climate change is a hoax and they argue that there isn't as much of consensus about our involvement in climate change. Then I found this article from a commonly sourced research group which claims the same thing: https://www.fraserinstitute.org/article/putting-con-consensus-not-only-there-no-97-cent-consensus-among-climate-scientists-many

    Is it true? Is the global scientific community actually at odds about this?

  • Yeah. It's just us destructive old humans that cause climate change. That ball of plasma that rises every morning and sets every night is just a celestial space heater What an arrogant species we are.

  • Now everyone go read "Ice Ages" by John Imbrie and Katherine Palmer Imbrie! Climate change is cyclic and inevitable.

  • Termites put more CO2 in the atmosphere than man….


  • I'm pretty sure the earth's climate only changed recently because I used to take the bus and got a straw that one time we were able to afford to eat out at McDonalds when I was 7. It's time I stop ignoring the facts and change my terrible habits. All those big corporations put that little green leaf on their packaging and marketed a whole new slew of eco friendly products to a growing demographic of consumers, so I should do my part too.

  • People yack about climate change then hop in planes from LA to New York without a second thought.

  • Another video about climate change that gives zero suggestions about what lifestyle changes we can make to do something about climate change =|

    Still loved the video though

  • No one talking about how climate change isn't made man

  • U r on drugs if u believe global warming

  • A hot bunch of infantile crap, cherry picked to support a political narative. It just doesn't matter what the US does. China and india are the problem. Its just a money grab by shameless dogooders.

  • I read this as “ignoring inmate calls”

  • Trees need co2

  • What is the logic behind the idea that there is no such thing as climate change?

  • Roll coal! Ye ye! Sweet home Alabama home of no emissions or dumb regulations!

  • I live in canada and im passionatly waiting to experience a winter with 10 degre celcius. Love climate change and support it.

  • It’s ok to be smart 2

  • It’s cold out side

  • The clothes you wear were made from fossil fuels or grown using fossil fuels.
    The house you live in was made indirectly using fossil fuels, the transportation we are use uses fossil fuels, the computers we are all using were mined and refined using fossil fuels the plastic we all use for almost every thing in our lives are fossil fuels, every item you have purchased was shipped using fossil fuels, the food we all eat was grown using fertilizers derived from fossil fuels, the heat we use to warm our homes is generally speaking made from fossil fuels.
    My point is
    Get off the climate change BS kick because everyone alive today with the exception of a few primitive tribes that still practice hunter gatherer techniques all have fossil fuels to thank for being alive and there isn't 1 person alive today that will solve this problem. Even if Fusion reactors became a viable reality tomorrow they will not be able to solve our dependency on fossil fuels.
    The only real answer is to quit having children and reduce our population to substantive bubble levels that do not require digging up fossilized materials to burn or concert for our energy needs.

  • My brother is a climate denier. How do I disown him?

  • Well in israle we got snow at 100 meters above sea lvl in kiryat gat

  • Several obvious reasons why this is a death trap for humanity:
    1. oil companies don’t want to lose their big money;
    2. too many people not wanting to change their lifestyle (or not knowing how);
    3. democracy paralysis (too many politicians can never agree);
    4. too little consequence (“weather is fine over here”);
    5. and a lack of understanding (“global warming must be fake because weather just got really cold”).

  • Unsubbed

  • You are hypocrite for using the computer and any other technology made out of plastic that comes out of oil. Not to mention using any power that uses fossil fuels.

  • Nonsense. CO2 does not drive climste change.

  • Quick, take a look at NASA’s climate change website before pTrump and his oil and gas lobby buddies give it the same treatment as the Environmental Protection Agency. Even better, archive it. Book-burning is back; Ignocracy rules.

  • www.ecosense.me

  • The sad thing about this is that he is only preaching to the converted.

  • I did the maze ?

  • Do 97% of Climate Scientist know
    99.95% of the atmosphere is NOT Co2?

  • I've never wondered why we don't live on a ball of ice.

  • If the earth is suppose to colder, why is the moon hotter? Yes, the far side of the moon is colder, but the average is higher.

    GHG regulate the climate, but co2 is not the culprit of the warming. The earth is recovering from a cold period, nothing more.

  • We who is the WE? We dont make the decisions. People are freakin sheep If you dont pull them by the nose they will all walk into a saw blade!

  • Well, if you have it all figured out, what happened during the Younger-Dryas period?

  • It's a big complicated problem? But but but…you just said it's simple……and ever hear of climate cycles? Ever hear of Grand Solar Minimum?

  • Svante Arrhenius is such a badass name tho

  • Understanding why humanity has failed to act in concert for the benefit of all is easier if you remember that we are not so much fallen angels as we are risen apes (naked apes, to be more precise). Tribalism is our default position when fear takes over.
    “Fear is the mind killer”.

  • Climate 97% of my ass!


  • CO2 is a life-sustaining gas. Without it life would not exist on Earth. It has increased and decreased over millennia. Y'all find some other religion to practice

  • The main reason nothing has happened is that humans are just not good at change. And we need big changes to fix climate change. Humans, unfortunately, work on schedules. We plant, we grow, we sheath. We get up, we go to work, we come home. Everything is schedules, and this is how humans have developed. This is why buying a house is the most stressful thing a human does – because it involves lots of change. New area, new shops, maybe new schools, etc. We don't like change, and that's 50% of the phrase climate change……. So we have the climate, but not the change required.

  • Lol "will effect us"? Climate change 'IS' effecting and has 'BEEN' effecting us!! Call it what it is and not what it is not. Also we are apart of nature so this thing is a natural change of state. Because we are humans we are used to seeing nature change over longer 'human' life spans but because this is changing in 1 to 2 human life spans it all of a sudden is not natural? People need to see it for what it is and what it is not. It is a natural event and it is causing human problems that nature/humans have effected. Just because we are human does not stop us from being apart of nature. Oh how I wish people would read this.

  • How does a guy with a degree in cell and molecular biology become a "climate expert"? This dumbed-down introduction to modern "climate science" includes the false idea that this planet has ONE "climate". It in fact does NOT. There are multiple climates on this planet which are very regionalized and localized. The idea that somehow a composite of all the weather data from all climate regions on the planet can be accurately compiled and averaged over multiple decades to show accurate planetary trends is bogus. It's phony science and this data does NOT exist. Just for the record.

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