What can you do with an environment degree? | RMIT University

As a society, we know that our behaviour impacts
the environment, so now the challenge is to change. Many people shy away from this career path
because the issues seem insurmountable, but as you get deeper into the profession you
find that it is the little things that make all the difference. I’m coordinating the delivery of the Urban
Forest precinct plans for the City of Melbourne. We use a spatial analysis tool to determine
which rooftops can be retrofitted with green roofs, solar panels or cool roofs as well
as greening our laneways. We try to bring nature into the urban environment
and the work we do has a big impact on the way that people experience the city. It also
ensures that the city will thrive in a changing climate. I worked as a chef for 10 years and now I
use those skills in a project I started to promote sustainable food to students and to
the community. We started a community garden along with other
groups on campus, and now we run workshops where people come along and get hands-on experience
at growing their own food. I train and assist volunteers monitoring macroinvertebrates
in rivers and creeks across Melbourne, as they are indicators of ecosystem health. I also run events that engage the community
along their local waterway encourage them to connect with their local environment and
take actions to conserve local species. I’m involved in identifying and understanding
the ways in which our facilities interact with the environment. This involves evaluating and assessing potential
risks including air emissions and water discharges. I look for opportunities to avoid or reduce
the impact and ensure that the environment is being adequately protected. There are so many interesting careers available
to environmental degree graduates and the field is expanding rapidly. You can work for any organisation in any country
as an environment professional. It all begins with one small step.

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