What can you do with an Environmental Safety degree?

(upbeat music) – The All Hazards center at
the University of Findlay provided a lot of hands on experience dealing with disasters
and various scenarios that you might run into in the workplace. – Any students that are
looking into the environmental health and safety programs,
I would encourage them to take a strong look at
the University of Findlay, because their academic
programs, as well as their internship programs
and All Hazards Center provide an excellent
foundation for the future. (upbeat music) – As a manager of Safety
and Health Management, I use classes like Chemistry to make sure that all of our employees
are safe as they work with chemicals that come
in on a day-to-day basis. (upbeat music) – We have a lot of great
internship opportunities. Dr. Murphy does a really good
job of locating and telling students about internships,
so that’s a great way to really further our career
before we even graduate. – You know, one of the great things about the University of Findlay is that in the field that I went into, there’s an onsite
training center on campus as well as off campus, and
the field that I chose, it gave me a lot of hands-on experience. I sometimes tend to be
a better visual learner than reading a book, and so experiencing those hands-on experiences,
it really kind of came right, everything fell in line
with what I’m doing now. (upbeat music)

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