What does Air Pollution PM 2.5 do inside children’s body and brain? (English)

The small smoke particles from air pollution, or “PM2.5”, are more than 25 times smaller than the width of a human hair. As air is inhaled, particles enter the body through the nose and mouth. Air passes through the respiratory airway and finally, reaches the alveoli, tiny air sacks in the deepest part of the lung. The smallest of the particles that enter the lungs diffuse through the walls of the alveoli into the bloodstream where they are transported to to all organs of the body where they can affect normal function. Critical organs affected include the lungs immune system, heart and developing brain. The growth rate of the brain is highest around birth but development continues throughout childhood and adolescence playing an important role in child’s memory, attention span, emotional control, and social interaction. Once in a child’s still-developing brain, particulate matter damages brain cells The result – impaired cognitive development and ability to learn that may have severe consequences for welfare and earning potential across the lifespan, and may accumulate resulting in neurodegenerative disease later in life. In addition to harming the brain, exposure of the fetus to air pollution may increase the risk of other diseases across the lifespan including: Protect your children from air pollution

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  • The city on this video is Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

  • This is plain silly: what is needed is government action to control this menace. Most poor individuals living in high pollution zones are helpless to protect themselves.

  • People have and are dying world wide from air pollution example hcho, tvoc, pm2.5, pm10 the list goes on the governments in the world have not cleaned up there act for many decades. Im from Sydney Australia do we have air pollution the answer is yes. People that have never smoked in there lives and living the normal life some of the percent of them have died from cancer alone. So for better it is best to give yourself a chance is better to install air purifier systems in house filter the water reverse osmosis if you can at least. The things that are mentioned in the video will give the people a chance to limit the exposure prevention is the key.

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  • well thailand has some problems with the pm2.5

  • I'm still safe even if I'm Thai.

  • can the liver or kidneys not filter the very small particles?

  • And for animals the same.

  • Let me explain to you what the Nazis at UNICEF is trying to do.

    They are trying to terrify you into believing that pm 2.5 is a hazard to life as we know it and the only way to keep everyone healthy is to outlaw and eliminate all known sources of it.

    To make a very long conversation short, they want to be in control of the periodic table which would unilaterally give them powers over everything on, in and around earth.

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