What Happens When Earth’s Magnetic Poles Reverse?

Scientists claim that the earth’s magnetic
poles will reverse within the next few thousand years. So why does that happen? And what exactly
does it mean for us? Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews – and something
that’s always fascinated me, is the earth’s magnetic field. Maybe it’s because we can’t
see it with our own eyes, so it’s this elusive thing that we pretty much assume to be constant.
Believe it or not though, the north and south poles we know today, weren’t always that
way. 786,000 years ago – the earth’s magnetic
field flipped – and it’s remained constant ever since. But before that happened, south
was actually north – and what we now know as north, was south. According to scientists, every half million
years or so – the earth’s dipole magnetic field, which you can imagine like a bar magnet
with a north end and a south end, starts to weaken, before eventually reversing completely.
No one is really sure why it happens, but it’s thought to be caused by changes in
the fluid portion of the earth’s iron core. Up until recently, scientists presumed this
reversal process took a few thousand years – but new evidence suggests that the most
recent major reversal 786,000 years ago – actually happened in less than 100 years – roughly
the span of a single lifetime. Obviously, flips like this have occurred several times
throughout Earth’s history. But the next one, scientists say, may happen within the
next few thousand years. New evidence indicates that the intensity
of the Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing at a rate 10 times faster than normal, leading
many geophysicists to believe that we’re on the brink of another reversal. So what
would happen if that did occur? Would there be any noticeable changes? Well, the good news is – there are no documented
catastrophes associated with past reversals. So you shouldn’t expect the human race to
immediately die out. But that doesn’t mean nothing bad could happen. A magnetic reversal would almost surely wreak
havoc on our electrical grid, which could potentially bring it down. It would also make
us vulnerable to energetic particles from the sun and cosmic rays – both of which can
cause genetic mutations. And that could happen before the reversal even takes place. Like
I described earlier, there’s a period prior to reversals where the magnetic field gets
progressively weaker, and the genetic mutations that arise from that, could potentially increase
cancer rates. So the longer it takes for that reversal process to complete, the more harmful
it would be to us. Also worth mentioning, is the fact that even
though the last reversal only took 100 years – it was preceded by a period of magnetic
instability that spanned over 6,000 years. Meaning if the next reversal happens within
a few thousand years, we could start seeing the effects of it – very soon. Kinda scary to think about it. But at the
same time – it’s not likely that any of this will affect us in our lifetime. So, before
you start packing up your family and moving off the grid, Doomsday Preppers-style, just
remember that. It’s probably not worth it. What do you guys think though, are you worried
about this? You can lay it all out for us in the comments right down there – or if you
wanna get in touch with me on Twitter, you can do so at @TaraLongest. That’s it for
me, but as always – thank you guys for watching.

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  • Every one worries about a worming world. But no one seems to see the obvious when it comes to the crust of the earth. Not to baffling if you look at the obvious. Look at the shift in heavy mettle every day. From vehicles to building. All being shifted to large populations through out the world. Where are the newest and largest negative fields located. So in the processes of building large empires. Gathering of metals in large quantities. To be placed in a single solitary space, or multiples of? Wonder why they are telling us. The fields will be split off in 4s and 8s. Everything that is shifted creates a new problem. From fossil fuels to vast mineral deposits. Everything moved in large quantities creates a reaction to everything on the earth. Put it back where it belongs. Spread out the population. Begin fixing what has been displaced. What was in that space, was there for a reason. Play with the earth. And she will play back to correct it. Even if it means the loss of humanity all together. Yes it has happened before. 700.000 years ago, when volcanism was the word of the day. And doing for the world what man is doing for it in the now.

  • Gibberish. How would they know it happend in this or that time span.
    Takes less Faith to believe in God.
    In fact, that's why all these disasters are happening.
    Why, cause I have Faith, just like you, but in a Creator.

  • It won,'t happen, it's FLAT !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Repent all you Sinners and turn to Jesus

  • It's happening right now.

  • And what happens if the pole relocates to say a 90degree shift which has been suggested as likely? will the Earth's rotational axis stay as it is? I very much doubt it.
    No mention of the weak magnosphere reducing our thermosphere which means a lot of bad radiation will reach ground level and is doing as we speak, check the UVC at ground level, it should read zero!

  • Here's the proof that it's happening right now.


  • If the poles flip we can stay without Internet for a few days. Is it all that may happen?

  • It flipped 12,000 years ago. That 780 thousand is bs propaganda to keep people from panicking. It's due to flip in 2046 and its so bad I can't even imagine how anyone survives.

  • I’m worried about a lot of things but the shift ain’t one….

  • When Earth’s Poles Reverse all of England and North America switches to being like Aussies. They talk like Aussies. They act like Aussies. They are constantly throwing an extra shrimp on the barby. It's an horrific frightening event that almost wiped out the species last time. Fair dinkum.

  • “It won’t happen in our lifetime”

    It’s now 2019 and the poles are moving. WACK

  • THANK YOU!!!!

  • Maybe we are seeing the effects right now . https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/aaf2ed , in this article is stated that the level of sea was rising faster by the 1990's as it shows in the grafic . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Magnetic_Pole?fbclid=IwAR26hQRhPjVHtTkiv8SW20ihIL2h_Xfgk3CAKwJOA1j3EyoRM56yDiuzAw0#/media/File:Magnetic_North_Pole_Positions_2015.svg , on this picture ( and many others ) we see the path and speed from the magnetic pole . Its about the same time / speed frame !!! The question is is there a relation between these two big events ???

  • Lmao it’s already happening

  • If the poles do flip in our lifetime, we won't know what happened because there'll be no telly and no internet.

  • not worried at all it sounds excited. im more worried about the institutions and people who "lead" them destroying life on this planet with war and intensive animal agriculture

  • Try the next 50 years !!

  • All Muslim knows about it!
    The only religion that prophesies from illiterate desert man that the sun will rise from the West..(1441 years ago)

    The Messenger of Allah SWT said :" The day of the hour will not come until the sun rises from the west, if it rises and the people saw it they will all believe, when a time where nothing will be accepted anymore of believe the truth" [Abu Bukhari,Muslim]

    But if we read the circumstances of the night before the rise of Sun from west in Hadiths, we'll find that there would be a night much longer than the normal nights. And night and days are due to the orbital motion of earth. That means, the change of time duration of night, could be the result of orbital movement due to some external force. And so that seems that the earth would revolve in reverse direction for that night.

  • Well if the earths woble has been getting bigger while the pole is shifting then that tells me that when the poles do shift then the earth is going to move as well along with the ocean currents & the ocean level is going to rise also because of the arctic melting.

  • The Next Cataclysmic #EarthChange, Declassified CIA documents & Bible (The Word of יהוה – Yahuah) ❤📖🔥#Prophecy Collide

    There is no question we have seen extreme's in our planet. Here on Hawaii, we experienced the most powerful display with the Kilauea eruption starting with a 6.9 earthquake. yet this event, like many other across our planet can be interpreted as events of the End of days. this past year i started reading and studying the works and the man Immanuel Velikovsky. Worlds in Collision caught my attention and then i realized Velikovsky's method of overlaying the bible with math and science was also my own method.

    (TheCodesearcher dotcom

    Publisert 27. jan. 2019)


    In tonight's Livestream Jonathan reads a DECLASSIFIED CIA document/book that our Government determined you should not read, we'll not until it was sanitized first. TheCodesearcher.com Live stream and chat Bible – topic prophecy and Catalysmic Earth Changes = events prophesied to happen.

    The Adam & Eve story









  • You must get to know the real God Jesus Christ. I have a small message about God for you.Do you believe in God,? In the last day Jesus would resurrect everyone who ever lived including the good and the bad, and the good would go to heaven while the bad would perish and be tormented in Hell for all eternity, there is no reincarnating into another species, that is a lie, you only have this life to get right with God. today I want to share with you the Gospel of God Jesus Christ who is the only God who came in the flesh and lived among us about 2000 years ago and he was crucified and died for our sins, all men have sinned against God and hence we live in a world full of trouble because the first people named Adam and Eve ate from the tree which God commanded them not to eat from, hence because of their disobedience, Adam and Even were cast out of Paradise. But God in his love and mercy made a way for us to get back into this paradise so that we can once again live with him for eternity in paradise where we never grow old or die and where there is no pain or suffering for all eternity. Today you can take the first step in this journey by believing in God Jesus Christ and accepting him as God(as he was not just a good teacher) and by repenting of your sins. In the last day Jesus would resurrect everyone who ever lived including the good and the bad and the good would go to heaven while the bad would perish and be tormented in Hell for all eternity, there is no reincarnating into another species, that is a lie, you only have this life to get right with God. Therefore we must repent of our sins today and realize that we are not Gods, neither are we divine, only God is divine. Jesus is God and he taught us how to live when he came to Earth , there are 2 destinations either Heaven or Eternal hell fire, those believe in Jesus Christ and who live according to Jesus Christ would go to Heaven but those wicked people who reject him and choose their own paths would be cast into the lake of fire where they shall be tormented for all eternity, this is just the reality, nonetheless it is not fear that cause me to live for God but rather it is my love for him in that he is a merciful and loving God. Focus on the things of God instead of the things of this world as the things of this world are only temporary but the things of God are eternal. If you would like to know more about this I encourage you to study the ESV and KJV Bible as there is vital knowledge that you must have in there as it explains Gods plan for Humanity and what we must do to please him. Do not delay, tomorrow is not promised.Jesus bless you

  • She’s lying read Isaiah 13 13 amd 24 3 and more read your Bible it all their weather will become more severe to the point of birth pains the pole shift compleat the profecy the Sahara will re green

  • Next few THOUSAND YEARS ? 🙄🤔 wonder where we'll be then… so what will it mean for who?

  • The people that talk shit about preppers (like the lady in this video) will be the same ones trying to get the preppers to help them in the case of a major disaster

  • It’s coming soon then you realize

  • Will the magnetic field get normal after the flip?

  • This switch has happened many times in the past. The way we know that is through core samples of the floor of the ocean. The magnetic particles get aligned on the ocean floor depending on where magnetic north is. They can see in the samples they flip regularly. No one seems to know what will happen when that happens, but it will happen. And yes, it appears it has been beginning for some time. We have seen a weakening of the field and other signs. Only one thing for sure, this is going to get interesting.

  • Who knew it would be so soon

  • U look like a great mother

  • So – Polar shift creates increased genetic mutations … That explains all the SJW/NPCs 😂😅😂😅

  • Nothing brake fast instead of dinner

  • Putin is fking with everythig! THANKS!

  • Some are saying the warming period and pole flip have already started and will be completed in the next FEW years.

  • It is said in Islamic quran so it is true


  • She gave clear and useful information. As a teacher I am shocked that earths physical axis orientation and magnetic pole orientation has been represented again and again as one and the same thing – perhaps out of ignorance, perhaps maliciously. If we did not have means to detect magnetic fields, we would not even know that polarity existed , let alone that the field can shift and even reverse. We would just carry on oblivious. Which is benign. Causing panic with misinformation is not benign. There are enough real threats to cope with. No need to invent more.

  • 786k yrs ago , where were u little girl , you didnt know ur ass from ur elbow , u must be a Masonic bullshit artist ; u cannot even give me a mathematical equation to prove water can be curved , u lying scumbags , water cannot be conformed , it will always and forever lay down flat , the only thing u could possibly manipulate are the already deceived 2 come listen to u , let me help u , Santa existed 1trillion 756 billion yrs ago , as he traveled at the speed of nashole bullshit with his reindeer he got younger and younger , but was able to keep the beard , but I got hungry and put his venison in my freezer , now he has to hitchhike from state to state and I used carbon 10 to figure a date on my new rolls Royce after I detonated the steel I had in my factory with a bomb and it turned into a "56" , I got into my new rolls and met Santa 800million light yrs away when he was a kid on the planet kolab with the mormons , when we ( santa & I ) got back to earth in 2019 I went on utube and starting hearing ur fables about water curving , I'll let u use glue 2 hold the ball shape water ( because ur gonna need it ) my story is true and ur's a fallacy , damn u people r blind , maybe that's how u like it…???!!!

  • As a geophysicist I can say with a moderate amount of confidence, it will create more short term and long term issues than the public is being led to believe. First off, the magnetosphere can weaken to 5% of its current strength. This will destroy almost every satellite orbiting the earth currently. It will damage the electrical grid. It will cause crop loss and animal loss. Lastly it will do so well before the next thousand years. Do I have a time table? No, but it is my belief that we are at the tip of the iceberg currently. We should watch animals that are sensitive to magnetic currents closely. Global warming is a small issue compared to what might happen very shortly due to a partial magnetic shift.

  • So why are we even talking about this?????
    We will trash this planet way before this even occurs .. so why do we even care??
    UNLESS this actually happens before the end of this century! (most of us will still be dead by then tho ..)

  • That is taking place now when she speaks about the mutation a mutation is a good thing it is not cancerous it is only cancerous to Europeans

  • momy, momy there is something shaking in my paints, WHAT ! is it michel. Can you pit your hand in my paints and tell me if i'm having a pole shift.

  • Now they are openly admitting it's happening

  • She is not correct on her timeframe. The flip is happening right now.


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  • Well the poles are already nearly halfway there

  • Who told you to say that? ??? Just curious.
    So …. Climate change is also not Happening! Right?
    Tell the Truth Please. It'll be less confusing.


  • WTH ! 😵😨😱

  • Bois Get Your Foil Out

  • Hard to find any actual info on this subject. I don't really understand it. Maybe someone can explain it to me. Seems to me that this has all the earmarks of a catastrophic event. Would the earth's shell or crust stay in the same configuration and underneath the surface change positions or would the shell of the earth violently flip with devastating changes in weather? I also wonder if those horrible sounds from the sky people all over the world have recorded are possibly related to this event. It seems that the sounds started around the time scientists noticed an acceleration in the magnetic pole migration they've been measuring. Just don't get it with my pea sized brain!

  • I'd like to know if this is effecting our crazy weather now. Or has weather always been crazy?

  • That's what the pyramid s are for!!. They're meant to produce a sort of radiation shield or reflector of sort?????….

  • For sure the pyramids pyramids were made 780000 years ago when the earth had finally stabilized to where the poles are now . as the effects of the last shift subsided the pyramids were shut down because earths magnetosphere was back to normal . thus. What we need to do is figure out how to get them running before its to late?? What has think?. Its no dumber than any other theories that I've seen ….??

  • If you notice the date on this is 2014.. Look now how far the poles have moved in just the last 5 years… going to be MUCH sooner than 1000 years.. more like 30 to 40 years..

  • Seriously what's to worry. When it happens I'm going to the nearest pharmacy and grab all the roxis that I can. I'll go out on my terms.

  • It's happening right now today and you can see it with your own eyes by looking at the moon and seeing it has rotated counterclockwise about 20 degrees. Take a look at Wickipedia. See that bright belly button about 6 o'clock ? Tell me why Wickipedia shows how it should look,but really that belly button is at 4 o'clock so I say one or both are on a new course. I could send images but it's not possible in comments

  • I'm thinking if we had a Polar Reversal we would end up Walking on our Heads…….Not sure but I think this is going on in Australia right now….I know this because if I drilled a hole through the earth with my feet from the North Pole to the South Pole I would come out the other side on my Head….I only know this because it happened a few million years ago and I know this because someone said this on the Internet…..someone once told me Santa Clause is Real – I figured he wasn't real when I was Five told my friend and totally destroyed the rest of his life….Moron!!!

  • Since this video was made, the CIA released a book that they classified in 1965. The Freedom of Information Act forced the CIA to release some of the book. The CIA only released 20% of the book since they feel the rest of the book is still classified. That is BS…. The book is by Chan Thomas and it is called The Adam and Eve Story.
    When the poles flip, the earth stops rotating. The oceans keep their momentum as does the winds. The Earth goes from a rotating speed of 1,000 mph to zero mph. The oceans and winds keep this speed…. The oceans slosh over the lands at 2 miles high and at 500 mph. The winds are still going at 1,000 mph. Only a few places on Earth do not get wiped out by water and wind. Pikes Peak is one of them and now you know why the government is the only one on that peak…. Google The Adam and Eve Story and you will find that in the near future (predicted by some to be 2046) the cataclysmic event will take place, NOT thousands of years from now…. The kids born today will experience The Adam and Eve Story. Why else would the CIA keep 80% of the book classified today???? Because the book is true!

  • Islam states that Judgment Day will not happen until the sun rises from the West

  • I would eat the sun

  • All the instances were documented! Like Noahs flood and the heinrich events. We are due for another event. every 8k years

  • I wouldn't say thousands of years. I truly believe the big one, two punch will be within the next decade when the earth will shift!

  • She says there are no documented catastrophes associated with past reversals. Maybe that’s because only 8 people in an ark lived to tell about it, and now no one believes it anyway..

  • April 2019…
    It's not yet happened….
    But some people are talking about it.


  • The Hour (of Resurrection) will not come until the sun rises from the West. When the people witness this, everyone who will be living on the face of the Earth will develop faith ( believe in Allah), but that is when believing will no longer be of benefit…"   (Sahih Bukhari)

    "Portent that night will stretch out for you to the extent of three nights. The people who fear their God would get up and pray for him, but as if the night did not pass out, Then again they will lie down till they get up to see the night as before. When they find this, they will be scared of happening some very big event. While they will be waiting for long for the sun to arise, it will emerge from the west.
    (Ibn Abi Hatim & Ibn Mardoya)

  • Will happen within our lifetime, the acceleration is 20x faster not 10x. Disinformation

  • You need a strong mind for the times ahead… Good luck

  • It's called the Grand solar minimum. And yes it's happening we're in cycle 24. Going into cycle 25 . Going from cycle 24 to cycle 25 there will be more cold weather stronger storms and larger earthquakes active volcanoes. These are the signs of the polar flip before it happens. Just my view

  • Once the flip reaches a tipping point it will happen over just a couple dozen hours

  • few thousand years!! mmm we won't be around! so silly just talking about this!!!should be cleaning our planet and living more simple lives! back to nature!!

  • well read revelation 6 dumb people….

  • I think scientist have it a bit wrong, the latest pole movements blew their projected placement out of the water, it is happening much faster than they anticipated. In fact…I wouldn't be surprised to see it flip before 2100. As for the time it takes to actually flip? Well…size is kind of relevant to that. Thankfully we have a model for a polar flip about 93.5 million miles away. The sun undergoes a polar flip pretty much ever 11-12 years. This is what causes the cycle of increased solar flare activity.

    So let's think for a moment…the sun has no crust, the surface is too hot for one to form; however, we can see how the magnetic field affects the gasses, the twisted magnetic lines trap the energy being released or the "currents" moving toward the surface, then they snap and you get a CME. Now if that happens on the sun, can you imagine how much a twisted magnetic field would affect the mantle inside the Earth and it's convection currents? I suspect you would see massive jolts in the crust and powerful earthquakes. The mantle is made up of superheated rock and more importantly, iron, which is affected by the magnetic fields. If you look at a map of the tectonic plates and their movement direction you can get a feel for the direction of movement inside the Earth. Currents push up against the Atlantic ridge forcing all the plates on that side of the world to move away from the ridge and on the other side of the planet, they are pushing against the Pacific plate…which is why the edge of that plate the (ring of fire) is so active.

    If the sun flips its poles in less than a decade…do you not think a much smaller magnetic field would flip its poles at a fraction of the time? I actually think the poles are moving now and will hit a point of critical movement over the next 50 years at which point the shift will occur and it will not take 100 years but rather a few days. 3-5 days in fact. There will be geographical upheavals but certainly not the end of humanity, just the end to modern society. I doubt it will do a complete 180 flip though. I suspect we may see the poles actually stop moving in the tropics. The mantle will then pick up on the new orientation of the magnetic fields and start moving the plates around toward the new direction. The rotational direction of the Earth will not change, just your location on it. You may think you are looking West in North America when in fact you are looking North and the sun will rise from what used to be North. Though it could flip completely.

  • You dont know how it happened… notice you have 2 magnets, 1 being earth and the other can only be another planet coming into our solar system. Yip they here !! Think how did you get onto this subject in the 1st place to make this short doc… just saying … Jesus Saves …

  • Hahaha, so funny, nothing but disinformation

  • I really hate how scientists deliberately say that such events like this wouldn’t happen in our lifetimes, but rather in the next thousand years, but then at the same time, tell us that the Earth’s poles are already shifting very fast, which means we could witness a pole reversal within a decade, not centuries.

    C’mon be truthful with us scientists.

  • diamond from magnetic reversal news channel predicts it will happen 2025

  • A "few times"? Even if it only happened once per million years, it has happened THOUSANDS of times!

  • 1,ooo mph winds for starters probably 😂

  • Some scientific schools used to suggest it happens every 5,ooo and there is a document called the Adam and Eve story in the CIA archive based on thier findings. Some freaky fun reading ha

  • They found a tree that lived through the last flip. https://www.stuff.co.nz/science/113954687/ancient-northland-kauri-tree-reveals-secrets-of-earths-polar-reversal or google it Ancient Northland kauri tree reveals secrets of Earth's polar reversal

  • Lies nothing will happen to humans lol ok

  • No one really knows why it happens

  • According to the self proclaimed experts ( Morons ) the earth is flat, so how can any of this be possible?

  • Like I said …

  • I'm not worried happened before and humans survived if it affects technology it will only be a few days well I guess that would be the best time to rob a bank lmao just kidding lol 😜

  • So some of us die?

  • I don't care because me or my daughter will not going live up to thousand years.

  • disney is fake news.
    they don't want the masses to know because there would be mass panic.

  • I think a pole reversal may trigger mass extinction

  • When you say the fluid portion of the Earth's core do you mean h e l l

  • look harder

  • 41 years of study. im bit shaken

  • It's an exstiction event…
    And it's already begun.

    Screw climate change.
    Lack of magnetic protection will end us first.

    Meh, we had our time.
    Humans generally suck anyway.

  • What a load of shyt

  • Damn al quran already talk about this

  • Damn it Just check suspiscious observers channel for actual information… Seeker is Just a mainstream media echo of tremendous bullshit

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VPfZ_XzisU this vid is the most intriguing thing I've seen related to this topic. at the end he claims the earth will never flip but i disagree. the earth is not a perfect sphere so it will likely happen, we just don't know when.

  • Something may happen to are grid and electronics but above all not much will happen we might see a HIGH spoke of energy but that is all

  • Nice to see she's not clued up on what she's talking about. The last shift was 7.8 Thousand years ago. The current one is already taking place, and will probably conclude in the next couple of decades. The climate is changing fast too. Britain is becoming more like Siberia, while the US and Australia are having devastating fires that are burning out of control. Adjust your comfort level – you old way of life is changing.

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