What If Earth Picked Up a Second Moon?

Thanks to VertiPlay STEM Marble Run for supporting this episode of SciShow. Click the link in the description to see the more than 100 ways to play and learn some critical STEM skills! [♪ INTRO] We owe a lot to the Moon. Without it, our tides wouldn’t be as high, our seasons wouldn’t be as regular, and our days would be much shorter. But you know what? What we call “the Moon” isn’t the only moon the Earth has ever had. Once in a while, our planet’s gravity captures a tiny, rocky body, forcing it to make a few orbits around us before it continues its jaunt around the Sun. Because they’re so small, these objects usually go undetected. But what if Earth managed to capture something a lot bigger? Something much closer in mass to our current Moon? It might sound like a lot of fun, but once
you look at the consequences, you might start to hope this never happens. Now, not all of the consequences would be
catastrophic. For instance, if this second moon orbited
close to Earth, we would generally have more moonlight. And while that would affect nocturnal animals and make it easier for some predators to hunt, it likely wouldn’t destroy the food web. The light probably isn’t the thing we’d be most concerned about, though. We’d likely be thinking more about stuff
like tides. If we picked up another moon, its gravity would cause Earth’s tides to reach both higher highs and lower lows over the course of a month. That means a lot of people would probably have to move away from coastal areas, shifting the population of our planet. If the moons were orbiting at different distances from Earth, they’d also be traveling at
different speeds. And that would further mess up our tidal system, where we currently have a nice, regular spacing between high and low tides. The time between those tides would speed up, causing more shoreline erosion. And that would threaten not just aquatic life, but human infrastructure, which would get pummeled by waves all the more often. This extra force wouldn’t just pull on Earth’s
water, though: It would pull on everything on and underneath
the Earth’s surface, too. This would increase Earth’s volcanic activity, and the frequency of other natural disasters, like earthquakes and tsunamis. Which are rarely good for life – or for humans. On an even longer scale, this second moon would even affect how long our day is. Right now, our Moon is gradually slowing Earth’s rotation because it’s orbiting
around us more slowly than we’re spinning. Its gravity is tugging on Earth and creating a sort of drag. But a second satellite — especially one
close to the Moon’s size — would interfere with that process. Exactly how, though, would, of course, depend
on its orbit, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s say
it orbited in the same direction as our current Moon, and was located a bit closer to Earth. That satellite would help slow down our rotation, and our days would get longer. Which might sound kind of nice, because I
could use a couple extra minutes a day, until you realize that satellite would also gradually creep
outward because of some specific orbital mechanics. Eventually, it would smash into the Moon, which would almost definitely bring about some kind of Armageddon as debris rained down upon the Earth. Like I said… the moonlight probably isn’t the thing we should be most worried about. At the end of the day, of course the odds
of the Earth acquiring another Moon-like satellite
are very slim, but there is something to learn
here. These kinds of scenarios remind you of how important the specific conditions around our planet
are. Like, if our Moon had a different orbit or
mass, our world could be much different. So even though we usually take it for granted, maybe we should appreciate our Moon a little
bit more… look up there and say like – hey buddy, thanks, you’re really great. You’re always helping us out. Thanks for
being a friend. But don’t try and pick up a third friend.
Just us. Just the two of us. Building castles in the
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  • The gravitational capture of the moon would also alter the Earth's solar orbit. It would probably add angular momentum, increasing the Earth's average orbital radius, lengthening the year, altering the seasons (by changing the time of year of the perihelion), and generally reducing solar heating, chilling the planet.

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  • The presence of a moon of outlandish size is almost certainly a factor in the existence of life on Earth. There has been no other planet, rocky or otherwise, found having a moon with a similar mass ratio to it's planetary host. The lack of such a moon would prevent large scale, quotidian ocean tides, potentially reducing the likelihood of life developing at all and severely inhibiting the subsequent occurrence of eukaryotes and multi-cellular organisms.

    The Fermi paradox may have a partial explanation in this unusual Earth/moon relationship and the apparent lack of similar pairings visible in the cosmos.

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  • Our moon is unusually large as moons go. The biggest in the solar system in comparison to the planet it is orbiting, according to tv scientists.

  • The most dangerous thing about the second moon is that it will affect the Earth's precession that will affect our seasons. Which will be very bad and can lead to all kinds of nasty effects like unpredictable weather patterns, hurricanes, and global ice ages. In other words, it will break the stability of our climate. Which is not good.

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