What MTB Protection Should You Use? | Mountain Bike Helmets And Pads

– It doesn’t matter how good
a rider you think you are, even the professionals crash. So, that’s why it’s important to have some good body protection. In this bit we’re gonna take a look at a range of products from
our partner brand POC, show you the different types
of body protection available, and how they suit
different types of riders. (music with techno beat) (boom) (bike on gravel trail) In mountain biking there’s
really two types of helmet, there’s the full face,
and then the open face, or what I’d probably call a trail helmet. So, these are more suited
to cross country rides, again, trail rides, enduro riding. They come in different varieties, you can get lighter,
more ventilated helmets, but this is my POC Tectal Race. So this is something
I’d use for trail rides and enduro riding, for popping into town. And one of the main
features about this helmet is the vents, that it’s
just designed to draw in the air as you ride along,
and just really ventilate your head and keep it cool. You do have that protection
down the back of your head that you’ll see from these
trail types of helmets. This one’s even got a
goggle strap retainer, perfect for those enduro rides. So the trail, or the open face helmet, is the one that most mountain
bikers are gonna use, I’m sure you’re aware of that, but the features to look for when you’re trying to buy one of these, is just the added features
like this retention system on the back, this one’s
got a ratchet system, but also adjusts up or down. Just make sure it’s super
snug on the back of your head. It’s also got these SPIN
pads, so it takes some of that rotation force, when you do
impact your head into the ground it takes some of that away. It’s got an adjustable peak, and it’s got high quality straps, to make sure again, it’s nice and tight, and this helmet isn’t gonna move on your head. So this is my Carbon Coron
Air, so the premium one, and this is the one I’ll be racing here, at the EWS in Finale, I’ve already whacked the back of my
head with this one on. So, with the premium one
you’ve got a carbon shell, you’ve got that EPP core. And again you’ve got
the SPIN liner inside, to take out those rotational forces. You got these pads, cheek pads
that pull out super easily. And also that peak that
just sort of pops off, just trying to take away
any chance of injury, if you land on your face. So it’s got those SPIN pads inside, and that stands for Shearing Pad Inside, so that’s POC’s own
proprietary technology. It’s got silicone pads in there, again to take away
those rotational forces, you’ve even got ear chambers in there, I think that’s the first
time I’ve heard about that. Heard about that, good joke. And a full face helmet,
and that’s really to help give you space, and no
padding around your ear, and that’s to help balance and hearing. Now, on to body protection,
this is the Spine VPD Air Vest. So you’ve got three
layers of back protection, again it’s lightweight and ventilated, and it’s available in
three different sizes, small, medium and large,
and in two different fits, so slim, and regular, to
make sure it fits perfectly and is low profile. So the Air Vest, as you’d
expect from it’s name, is really well ventilated,
it’s trying to keep you cool at the same time as protecting you. But, if you’re not so keen on that, and you like using a backpack,
there are other options, and you can get that
spine protection built in to that backpack, so this
is the Spine VPD Backpack. So there you can see
that protection, built in to that backpack, again,
super well ventilated. Of course, now you’ve
got 13 liters of space to chuck in all your bits and bobs. It’s also got pockets on
those straps for tools, things like that, and, quite
important for enduro riders, is you’ve got space to
actually strap your helmet into that backpack if you want
to take it off to transition. Full face, or open face. Now, moving on down
the body to the elbows, often something that hits
the ground the hardest, these are the VPD Air
lightweight elbow pads. The VPD Airs are a lightweight elbow pad, you can get bigger, bulkier
ones that offer more protection, but these are really
about comfort, ventilation and compression that
doesn’t restrict movement. So, something to suit those
trail and enduro riders, but if you’re maybe a free
rider or a dyno racer, then you might want to look at something a bit bulkier with more protection. And don’t forget about
padding for comfort. So, I always use padded
bib shorts when I ride, and these are the XC Air
bibs, so designed to use under your shorts and your jersey. So, super ventilated, you
won’t want to wear these out by themselves, but
nice and cool as you ride. A cool feature as well is,
in the back of these bibs, you’ve got those stash
pockets that are great for chucking in bars,
gels, even a spare tube so you can potentially
ride without a backpack. Now on to knee pads, something that I find really important, I almost
always wear knee pads, I’ve had loads of knee
injuries in the past, so super important, and loads of different options out there. So, here we’ve got the VPD Air knees, and then we’ve got the VPD System knees. So let’s start with the VPD Air knee pads, just like the elbow pads,
design about comfort, compression and ventilation. So you see that pre-shaped curve in there, sitting nicely and comfily
over your knee cap, great for peddling around in. And this really is suited to cross country and trail riding, where you’re not riding the gnarliest of terrain. Right, it’s the VPD System,
this is the one that you’ll probably see me
riding in all the time in the videos, this my
preferred choice of knee pad. It’s really got more
material between your knee and the ground when you fall off. And something that, well
I’ve got a really nice sunny day today, but when
it’s cold at home in the UK, they can be a little bit stiff, so you stick ’em on your
knee, and your body heat really warms ’em up and they
really get nice and flexible. And I’ll peddle big days
in these knee pads as well. So these VPD Systems have
got that abrasion resistance stuff in front, and they’re
two ply, so like I said before, just two layers of material
inside, almost like tires, to give you more protection over the knee. Nice and ventilated, you can
get knee pads that go longer down the front of your shin, again, great for more
coverage, but for me, they’re a bit hot for
most types of riding I do, but if you’re riding downhill, free ride, going to skate parks, something like that, that might be a good option. You can even get those knee pads, the material inside that
will stiffen up on impact. Eye protection, now I’m sure you’re aware, if you ride a mountain
bike, that debris can fly up off the trail, off your front wheel, and go straight into your eyes. So it’s important to have
some eye protection on. Now, you’ll find with
both goggles and glasses, there are different features
that you should look for, things like UV protection,
and interchangeable lenses, to change out maybe from
a tinted to a clear, or a blue lens like I’ve got here, for different lighting conditions. In the UK, most of the
year, I use these blue ones, give you sort of a bit of enhancement on what you’ve got there,
but it isn’t tinted at all. When you’re out here, in
the lovely Italian sunshine, on the Riviera, that’s my choice. A feature on some of the POC
I wear, is this new Clarity. So, these are my Ora goggles
with that Clarity system. And this is all about sort
of filtering the spectrum of colors, so actually a
really interesting feature. So for mountain bikers, often
you’re riding through trees, out into the open, there’s
roots and rocks on the ground, and it really just filters those colors, so there’s more contrast
on those features, so you can see in that
a little bit better. So, these goggles aren’t
just sort of repurposed motor cross goggles used
for mountain biking, they’re designed around peddling bikes, so you’ve got way more ventilation, see that up inside
there, so again, perfect for these enduro races,
where often you’re peddling really hard, you don’t
want these to steam up or anything like that, you still want a good amount of ventilation. Now, I always run my goggles
with a full faced helmet, and glasses with an open face. We do see people sort of
switching up those rules, and often people run goggles
with their open faced helmet, like I said earlier, that Tectal Race has got that strap to hold them on. It does offer actually a good amount of protection with those
goggles on, but obviously nowhere near as much as having
a proper full face helmet. Glasses or goggles, totally up to you, but of course, the added bonus of glasses is you use ’em causally,
walking around town. I don’t think I’ll do
that with my goggles. Gloves, now these obviously help you maintain grip on the
bars in wet conditions, or if your hands are getting sweaty, but, hands, again, really need protecting. So, again, same with all
the other types of pads you can get different
levels of protection. With these gloves, you can get all sorts of sort of knuckle pads on there, or even more padding
on the palm, if you’re, maybe you’ve got soft hands, you’re riding for a really long time. I tend to go for really
lightweight gloves like these, so you’ve got that really
nice thin palm there, can really feel the grips. And actually, not too much
protection on those top, because I want a lot of ventilation. So hopefully that’s given
you a bit of an idea of the sort of protection you might need, for your type of riding. I’m out here in Finale Ligure, in Italy, I’m racing the Enduro World
Series, on some gnarly terrain. It’s compulsory to wear a full face helmet and a back protector
here, but I’ve also have the goggles, the gloves and
those VPD System knee pads on for this race. If you wanna see a couple
of videos of Blake, wearing some different
types of protection, click over there for his
adventures in Whistler, riding Dark Crystal in
an open faced helmet, and smashing the hardtail
in a full faced helmet. Give us a thumbs up,
and hit that sub button.

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