What we do as Queensland’s environmental regulator

Clean air, running waterways magnificent wildlife, and healthy lands are all worth looking after. As Queensland’s environmental protection agency this is where we come in Across Queensland’s vast land, our team is dedicated to safeguarding its environmental values and reducing any impacts from environmental harm. We are Queensland’s environmental regulator Imagine that our team is like the root of the tree and each of our business groups is an anchor of that root. Our job is to support industry growth and ensure the prosperity of Queensland’s environment. We are always there working twenty-four/seven to ensure industry does the right thing and our air and water is kept clean for future generations. As the frontline service working from the inner cities, across expansive kilometres of coastline to the dry and dusty outback – there is never a dull day in the life of an environmental regulator. And if there are chances of rain, our job doesn’t stop there. We could be on site with a mining company to make sure they have measures in place to handle the predicted weather to avoid environmental wrongdoing. We could be out meeting with any industry or community group to listen to their concerns or address their expectations on environmental impacts that are important to them. As well as receiving vital information from the community about what is happening in their part of the state- they are our eyes and ears, and a fundamental branch to our team. We could be at the courts anywhere from Dalby to Cairns, taking up the fight and prosecuting companies and individuals to make sure polluters of the environment pay. And that’s just Monday… Tuesday’s forecast is sunshine… an entirely different ball game. We could be monitoring sites using drones, gathering spatial information for on-site inspections, or taking action by issuing fines or clean up orders to polluters Our team in the office is assessing environmental impacts, fielding calls from people about everything from how to apply for a licence to receiving information on a pollution event. Our highly skilled group of environmental officers are checking compliance and could be out responding to pollution events, measuring levels and taking samples. A truck has rolled over and spilled its load. We are responding with emergency services to take fast action and mitigate impacts to the surrounding environment. Who knows what the rest of the week will demand from our dedicated team to keep Queensland’s environment safe from harm. The environment is unpredictable sometimes and as Queensland’s environmental protection agency, we are here twenty-four-seven to ensure our environment can be enjoyed by future generations. Authorised by the Queensland Government Brisbane. Spoken by E Grieg.

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