What would Earth look like inside-out ?

I’m standing in Trafalgar Square, in the centre
of London, and I’m looking due South towards the Houses of Parliament. That’s about as
far as I can see, beyond it lies the rest of Southern England, France, Africa and eventually
Antarctica. Of course, we can never see those places from
England; not because they’re far away but because of the curvature of the Earth. But
what would it look like if the Earth curved the other way ? What would the Earth look
like if it was inside out ? And there we go. Now we can see France, the
Mediterranean, the vast Sahara desert. We can see all of the South Atlantic and even
a bit of South America. We can just about see Antarctica at the top. Looking to East
Africa we can see the great lakes of Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. I can see Madagascar there, a little bit of
the Nile. I can just about see the entrance to the Red Sea, I can see the edge of the
Arabian peninsula and the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Facing South-East now we have India, South-East
Asia, Indonesia, the Philippines. You can just about see North-West Australia at the
top. To the North-East we have China and Siberia. Due North of us, of course, is the North polar
ice cap. If the Arctic melting continues at its current rate then one day, a ship sailing
from England to Japan will head due North, over the pole, down through the Bering Strait
and out into the Pacific. Looking to the North-West now we have North
America and Mexico. You can just about make out the Gulf of California there. LA’s probably
hidden behind that lamp-post. If it seems odd that LA is North-West of us,
remember that the Earth isn’t flat. On a flat map, LA is due-West or WSW I suppose but,
on a globe, the most direct route is North-West through the Arctic and then down the other
side. If you’ve ever flown between the West coast of America and Europe, you know just
how far North the flight will take you. Looking due West we have all of South America
and the Eastern Pacific. And if I look straight up, I can see a point diametrically opposite.
It’s marked by a red dot. That’s 12,000 miles away if you go round the surface but only
8,000 miles away if you cut straight across. I haven’t put any day or night on here, I’ve
made everything daylight so you can see it all. There’s an interesting side-effect of a hollow
Earth, the net gravitational attraction inside a sphere is zero so, if the Earth really was
like this, we’d all be floating around inside like jellyfish. So, we’re probably better
off the way we are.

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