What would happen when NT7 hits Earth

Earth is in danger but not the entire planet it is Asia yeah it’s Asia
we have learned this in the last video so let’s move it and this is Nt7 we see
a small recap in the end of the video but not right now okay let’s see which
countries will be destroyed during the impact of nt7 there are many countries
in Asia such as the most populated countries in the world like China and
India and by seeing the websites I found an new information that is Nt7 is going
to hit in the time that is 11:47 a.m. in the yearly beginning of the day and
there are same zones which are inside Asia which will get very less damage
and approximately safe which were taiwan Malaysia Indonesia Philippines Cambodia
Thailand North Korea South Korea and Japan which are approximately safe and there are some countries which will have more deaths as well as in danger
where India and China you know the reason why because they are the most populated
countries in the world and let’s see closer how nt7 will hit
Asia it’ll form of big crater and most shockwaves that will surround the entire
earth and the small chance to destroy the moon which will have a drastic
impact on us he’s on an angle of the earth and if a super volcano erupted at
the same moment of NT7 hitting asia which will destroy or
extinct the human beings and that will form a hurricane of category six that is
20 times more powerful than Katrina hurricane in US and that looks
like this but there will be no human beings to see
this because the entire be destroyed during this impact and the
explosion and this needs the eruption of the super volcano plus the NT7 and that
forms a hurricane which will be in the size of Earth okay that’s how about these new information it’s time for the 2002 NT7 it is going to hit
Asia in February 1st 2019 at 11:47 a.m. and I found one new information that
Newton wrote a letter before his death says in 2016 the world will end but
nobody knows how it will end but also nt7 has a chance of hitting either in
February 1st 2019 or February 1st 2060 if we need to match the in design and
the Newton’s later it should hit in 2016 but if there is anything to destroy the
earth in 2060 it should probably not hit in 2060 and that’s all about this video if
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