When I Grow Up STEM Kit: Environmental Scientist | Kaplan Early Learning Company

Encourage exploration with the exclusive When
I Grow Up STEM Series Environmental Scientist Kit from Kaplan Early Learning Company! Dramatic play and STEM concepts are introduced
to children, ages three years and up, through multiple hands-on experiments and activities
as children learn about the different parts of the environment and how to protect it. Science, technology, engineering and math
concepts are taught and modeled through pretend play as children dress as environmental scientists
while testing water samples, collecting a variety of nature samples, studying pollution
and more! The When I Grow Up STEM Series Environmental
Scientist Kit includes a variety of materials. A microscope, a measuring tape, and an aqua
magnifier are just some of the tools included to help budding scientists discover new concepts
related to environmental science. Continue the journey into STEM and environmental
exploration with the challenge and literacy cards that offer additional projects, as well
as extended ideas, tips and discussion topics. Learning is further enhanced with two included
song downloads and the environmental scientist storybook. Enhance your dramatic play and science centers
today, and visit www.kaplanco.com (Include website as text) for more information and
to purchase.

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