Where Is The Biggest Garbage Dump On Earth?

(upbeat music)
(chalk scratching board) – Quick, where’s the world’s
biggest garbage dump? Did you say in the middle
of the Pacific Ocean? Well that’s the right answer. It turns out that there’s
something called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and they
call it that because it is an enormous amount of trash
floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So the name works. See the rotation of the Earth
and some of the global winds form what are called gyeres. These are massive rotating
ocean currents found around the world but the
bulk of the world’s trash ends up in the North
Pacific Gyre which is home to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Now the GP squared, that’s
what I’m gonna call it from now on okay, is actually two smaller garbage patches. There’s one between Japan
and Hawaii and there’s another bigger one the
size of Texas between Hawaii and California. And they’re considered one
large garbage patch because there’s a six thousand mile
Subtropical Convergence Zone that connects the two
and acts like basically a highway of trash. Isn’t that delightful sounding? Now who knows how long
this thing has been there, but in 1997, a racing boat
captain named Charles Moore who very much likely
wears Ascots all the time, found the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. And a lot of people say that the amount of trash there is inestimable. While we don’t know
exactly how much it is, the good people in Hawaii
can tell you it’s a lot. There’s some beaches in
America’s most beautiful state that have trash piled 10 feet deep. That’s a lot of trash
and it’s coming from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Now 80 percent of all ocean
going trash is plastic which doesn’t quite make
sense because while we use two hundred billion pounds of plastic a year, just 10 percent of it
ends up in the ocean. So why is so much ocean
going trash plastic? Well, that’s because plastic
takes so long to break down. Researchers estimate it takes
about five hundred years for plastic to degrade and it
doesn’t biodegrade which means it would break down into
it’s original components instead it photodegrades
which means that exposure to the sun breaks the plastic
down into smaller and smaller versions of its original self. These smaller and smaller
versions out in the ocean are called nurdles or mermaid tears. And despite their astoundingly cute names, their actually have a
very insidious nature. That’s because nurdles not
only contain the original chemicals used to make the plastic, they also have the terrible
capability of attracting other pollutants in the
ocean like oil slicks and condensing and concentrating it turning nurdles into toxic
powerhouses and then even worse, nurdles are eaten by sea life. That’s because these little
nurdles floating in places like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch co-mingle with
phytoplankton, tiny organisms that are supposed to be there. And sea animals eat
phytoplankton (teeth crunch) and when they do, they can’t help but also
ingest some of the nurdles which means they’ve entered the food chain which is not good. When a larger animal eats the
animal that ate the nurdle, it also ingests the
chemicals and so on and so on up the food chain which very
frequently ends with you, the human grocery shopper
at the seafood case. So what do we do about all this? Well, it turns out that
cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and other gyres
isn’t much of an option. It would take 67 trawlers a full year just to clean up one percent of the GP squared. Instead, the better alternative
is to control the plastics on land that end up as ocean going trash. We can find alternatives to plastic that actually biodegrade. We can expand plastic (ping) recycling programs to include more types of plastic and
of course there’s reducing and reusing the amount of plastic. So, where do you stand
on ocean going trash? Are you for it? Are you against it? Let us know in the comments below. And while you’re down there,
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  • In Trump’s Administration?

  • I think the best idea is to do like that guy in the Bahamas ,, &net it up &make a floating islandout of it &plant stuff on other to have roots to hold it all together,,,who knows ,,one day it could hold life on top too

  • https://www.mmeffective.com

  • All we have to do is get rid of all cruse ship they dump at least eighty present of their garbage in the ocean i am for cleaning up the whole earth but man cannot do it ??????

  • Garbage+ocean=plastic beach

  • Shame this issue has not more exposure than the pop stars. How extravagant and careless the human race has become. Such a problem to will to the future generations

  • Incinerate the trash

  • What these morons fail to announce is that 80% of said plastic trash is 3rd world,NOT FROM THE USA LIKE THEY IMPLY. Yet,USA is blamed for,and tasked with,clean up of other countries lazy ways !!! GO PICK ON SOMEONE ELSE !!!!

  • I've been saying "recycle or die" since '89 ! More support to biodegradable alternatives !!!

  • The African continent

  • when the fuck are word powers/coutries with money going to start cleaning this. burning it all is SOOO much better and we can recycle platic not sure why other countries are not doing this. I AM LOOKING AT YOU FUCKING GERMANY!

  • But its ok because counteries like Australia are switching to reusable shopping bags.. some how that will stop places like Haiti dumping rubbish straight in the ocean..

  • proof that the world will end one day

  • Faulty logic…The earth doesn't spin…It's a tidal issue…

  • I feel like the Earth is getting crappier and crappier, then a few thousand years down the road we'll just go extinct. Slowly getting worse and worse for each generation.

  • https://www.facebook.com/oceanresourcemanagement/ we have the solution and the equipment to clear it, at a profit

  • Generic information and his math is off. He obviously doesn't know of Boylan Slat and the Ocean Ocean Clean Up project. Cleaning up the mess is not only an option, it's finally becoming a reality. I agree 100% that it has to start on land, but to say cleaning up what's existi g is the most idiotic thing I have heard today. However, the day is going and I'm sure his level of idiocy will be surpassed. Probably right here in this thread.

  • Many videos on this but none seem mention that the USA doesn't contribute to it. (Maybe guam). We use landfills. So you a solution…..don't trade with any country that dumps trash in the ocean.

  • The true answer is Hollywood.

  • I had to watch this for school how annoying is this guy!

  • The white house

  • 1:32 – that doesn't look like 10 feet.

  • It's no coincidence the bigger patch is the one that's closer to the west coast of the U.S!

  • If u think this is bad-check this out, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vIZEgFY3hg u will be horrified. WE DUMPED MILLIONS OF TONS OF RADIOACTIVE WASTE IN THE OCEAN. The the mentality of this crime against humanity is pure fucking evil

  • where is the photos of the patch from above w a drone

  • Someone said "The human race is idiotic, and will never save itself" that is not true. Humans are progressing well and good. What is 2000 years in a sapn of 4.5 Billion years?

  • Here is why the trash is in the ocean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVnMBGXVVUI

  • If there was an ocean going ship engine that could use plastic as fuel, that would solve this problem. Ships would take up the plastic debris on their voyages to re-fuel.


    You should be able to see it from fucking space and all you have in any of these videos is about 100ft of trash. STOP YOUR LIES.

  • The Chinese are building islands from trash plastic , now when then build , some has got to un raval, from the bundles and it floats away, you don't know if other countries are backing up there dump trucks up to the ocean and dumping out . In other words it's the end of the world as we know it.

  • Man is not intelligent enough but dumb enough to dump it into the oceans , why make city dump, just dump it into the ocean , it floats away and becomes someone else's problem.

  • China n India

  • Humans trash everything

  • Look up above our heads. NASA’s large orange liquid fuel tanks from the space shuttle days are EVERYWHERE up there. Differing from the smaller booster rockets that get reused. This debris is unrecoverable and must be tracked by MCon for safety. NASA must watch and track literal garbage and do so with my money.

  • Its so sad how we kill the Earth and killing fishes 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😢😢😭😢😭😢😭😭😭😭😢😭

  • Or just stop making fucking plastic all together

  • To all the people in the world and to the comments below. I was taught to not complain unless you have a solution. There is a very simple solution to this problem. Most Plastics can be broken down into little pellets and reused. There are some Plastics that are contaminated with food products and paper stuck to them that are not is easily reusable. And America's running out of space for dumping are trash. Most of the plastic that ends up in the ocean lakes and rivers is due to the people that are throwing the trash onto our streets. If then gets washed into the ocean to our sewage. The problem is not plastic or our trash there are many good things that we could be doing with it but we are not it is we the people that need to change. Here's my solution to the problem of our garbage. 1 we must demand that Congress make a law that says all homeowners recycle if the homeowner does not recycle they will charge a fee so that it can be recycled by others at a recycling plant. Every city must have at least two recycling plants. If not 4. As for people that live in the apartments right now we pay what is called a alligated bill for water sewage and trash each building has its own dumpster the residents of the building that occupy the dumpster will charged in that alligated bill. And for the people that don't care and purposely litter our streets there are two things we can do with that. One the people that are literally must be fine first second and third offenses will increase once we hit their wallets they will care. 2 we encourage by making it profitable for people to pick up the garbage by offering money for it like we did with aluminum cans and glass. There are a great deal of people that would be picking it up if they knew they could get money for it. Then we recycle everything and reuse everything that we can. The food products that we cannot recycle should be buried in the ground only food products should be buried and made into methane Natural Gas. The stuff that cannot be reused like the Plastics that they are talking about can then be molded into making walls doors floors and roofs to make affordable housing for people. We have a wood shortage that most people do not realize. And affordable housing is unheard of here in America. But if we take the idea from Henry Ford and what he did with the Model T week and end turn this plastic into affordable homes. Plastic melts and is easy to mold. Plus wood rot when it gets wet and many animals and insects make it their home where we have to spend a lot of money repairing and insecticide. Whereas with plastic it is waterproof it will keep you warm in the winter cool in the summer and no Critters will eat into it or water ride it to make it a home for insects. This will solve the problem. There is no reason for us to run around screaming like chicken little the sky is falling the sky is falling. We are human beings with a brain let us start using it. If any of you have other ideas that you can add to what I said please reply and let us hear it. Y'all have a good day.

  • Let me shine some light on this video. As long as westernized Governments are HI -Jacked by Corporate & Globalist Whorebags that are exploiting every thing for endless filthy greedy profit, then this crap causing destruction will never end. All that plastic could easily be replaced to be made out of  Cannabis that's organic & clean to breakdown  but clean healthy alternatives are always > Illegal < , for they only wish to use things that can only be  > Weaponized, to be used against Humanity & the enviroment <. The greedy parasitic whorebags that run this world have more than enough money to clean all that mess up in the oceans & other Catastrophies they caused & could end one of the biggest ones > GeoEngineering < of spraying 100 million tons of deadly toxic shit per year in the skies falling down on earth & into the oceans. But you know what, they're not for making a better world cause their Psychopaths hell bent on destroying it. 90% of the fish is depleted in the Pacific Ocean while over 60% of the Plankton is now gone. Do understand that Plankton & Trees are the top 2 Oxgenators  for planet earth. But anyhow it's all being intentionally destroyed & once the O-Zone Layer is totally gone, the UBC Radiation will lead to crop failure & this is expected to happen around 2025 If nobody rises up to bring the changes for good we need real soon, then it will all too late for all of us.

  • Shouldn't matter how long it takes or how many ships, the plastic needs to go from the ocean…

  • Meanwhile, on the land, plastic production sees no reduction. Trying to fix only one side of the problem will get us nowhere. I am not as stupid as the rest of my species, but unfortunately have to suffer the same fate.

  • This is an International ( Global ) cleanup issue. Plastics in other countries not gonna stop cuz its cheap. Start hauling it out.
    If it breaks down …guess what, now its part of the environment causing a bigger issue. Better it floats so it can be retrieved and reused….start hauling it out, dont leave it there.

  • Mankind destroys all

  • Omg how do we fix this?

  • 177 dislikes, how can anyone not like the video


  • What he is saying is garbage

  • Can't believe you did not show us this big garbage patch this is after all you tube

  • Hola soy Jefferson del Oxford School de Panamá si alguien se4D. Vio el comentario dale like jjijijiji

  • The problem is a lot scarier than it sounds.
    The Ocean Cleanup Project is taking a massive effort to solve this.
    If you want to support them, check out https://www.theoceancleanup.com

  • Wow! Thats a lot of KPop

  • I hate the recycling program we have in Massachusetts. Only some cities are adhering it, and most customers in my store could care less. They make us double the extra thick plastic bags, only to find them in the empty carriages in the lot because they were too lazy to bring their reusable bags INTO the store in the 1st place. And we aren't charging them. And we then have to throw them away because we can't assume they are still clean. When customers get cut, or spit in them when they are sick

  • At my dad's house I put 16 cups of water in the vacuum

  • SO what about eating elmers glue ?

  • Bender bending rodriguez

  • I've still not seen a video on this I'm starting to think its fake.

  • Many different ways to do it, dyes, mechanical, biological, chemical, they usually do the cheapest. I don’t want to drink chemicals.

  • That was for taking care of Tahoe lol.

  • Work in progress to clean up the ocean.

  • I wonder if any of my plastic forks and condom wrappers are clumped up in that thing🤔

  • The answer to this problem is to regulate the population, less people equals the need for less food , water, petroleum, less pollution etc, it's a no brainer , tax people who have more then two children, tax them $100 per child per month !

  • No plastic allowed on.beaches! How ‘bout no food or drinks allowed on beaches; nationwide! Let’s build inexpensive picnic tables & umbrellas (maybe) for food & drink consumption. There are already “beach buggers” on all NJ beaches collecting money from beach goers; let’s give them the authority to ask the contents of coolers! Asking them to leave if they even HAVE a cooler! (SFTE) “Safe for the environment” sunscreen booths that spray beach goers;non profit of course.

  • it feels as thouhg im wacthing dora

  • The most toxic garbage dump is CNN.

  • Why the heck youre saying cleaning it up isnt an option

  • Cant that be gathered out and recycled and somehow be stopped from ending up back in the sea again ? I would think somehow that could be worked on.

  • Against it obviously…

  • It just needs to be cleaned up
    A huge vacuum filters and recycled the clean water ba k to the ocean
    It can be done


  • E.F.E forever!

  • Humanity is the worst crooked funky animal living on the Earth.

  • Down with plastic.

  • Plastic water bottles are causing cancer, google Bisphenol A.

  • what is this?????????????????????????????/

  • comeon astroid get rid of us all

  • Yeah
    It comes from the westren companies that ship cubed poorly sorted " " recycling"
    Stop pretending to be recycling
    Bury it burn it eat
    Stop shipping trash to Asia

  • Nobody has a picture of the mid-ocean floating garbage heaps….. because it DOESN'T EXIST….. beach garbage yes, don't litter folks….

  • Is there really anyone, for ocean going trash, legitimately curious?

  • All are bad options.. We humans won't do anything you suggested… Not very smart. We should use glass and recycle it. Plastic must go…. End of discussion. Thanks dummy… Lol…

  • We are now sending our garbage to Indonesia because ?China won’t take anymore.

  • I hate the great pacific garbage hole – patch – 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • "it turns out cleaning up the GPGP isn't much of an option." WTF DUDE YOU ARE SO WRONG. Maybe if you want to use a bunch of trawlers to do it yea it would take many years. How about you join us in this century and when you do something tells me your "it's impossiblesque" statement will get adjusted accordingly. Much less than a decade this can get done but we need to stop with the non-biodegradeable schmidt NOW.

  • use hemp ya dumb fucks….

  • He sounds like mark Ruffalo

  • Tell this to Trump. He can do something to it. And tell him he also has already microplastic in his body.

  • That’s The Kamilo beach on the Hilo side of the Big Island, Hawaii…..I live on the West side (Kailua-Kona) side!! It’s very SAD to see the garbage!!!

  • my room

  • I just ate a nurdle

  • Don't figure with all the stuff we make that is disposable and made of plastic. That might be contained on any normal day but add in a disaster like a tsunami and you get a garbage patch floating around in the ocean. Meaning is we live in a garbage dump. As even if a container is full it is already garbage waiting to happen if disposable. But we can not buy anything that is not? And with everything being made so cheap isn't everything garbage this day in age? When nothing is designed to last us a lifetime.

    Why even have disposable containers? When we could have vending machines at the store with everything to refill old containers with. Everything from catsup to soda.

    But have to digress. The elite have always known this world is ending. Why they do not care about our self-destructive direction we are taking. Keeping most too weak to handle the truth just to keep the status quo. Knowledge is power. Power, they do not share in.

  • "The Ocean Conservancy reported that China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam dump more plastic in the sea than all other countries combined.[33] China alone is responsible for 30% of worldwide plastic ocean pollution." Making the USA ban plastic isn't really going to help. Rather, the USA should probably just directly help with cleaning efforts.

  • That captain found the great pacific garbage pack in 1997 lmao 😂

  • I’m all about preserving the environment. Where are the pictures, videos etc of these occurrences?

  • Screw the sea turtles, the ocean should take our garbage!! #AMERICARULES

  • All I know is we throw out an insane amount of stuff daily it's almost incomprehensible

  • Kenneth Parcell / George Michael Bluth

  • Taxing pollution and passing that increased cost onto the consumer will price pollution out of existence.The proceeds could be redistributed into the community.


  • This is the stupidest thing ever we shouldn’t worry about this the world won’t end let’s worry about real problems when you ban plastic theft goes up and actually 1 percent of plastic is in the ocean stupids!

  • Climate change is dum and we shouldn’t worry about it

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