Why Bullets are Good for the Environment

Good morning, John.
Thank you for your lovely Esther Day video. Today I want to talk to you about a really weird reason why it is worse for conservation to have a Republican in the White House than to have somebody from the Democratic party. You might think, “Hey that’s obvious Republicans hate the environment.” Ah, not really.
Uh, it’s… more complicated than that it turns out. Let’s be honest, both parties like resource extraction. It keeps energy prices low and it makes us
less dependent on other countries. President Obama did a great job of keeping
gas and energy prices low by having a whole lot of fracking happen in America And there are a lot of reasons why conservative people in the US are totally into land conservation. Specifically, they like to use that for hunting and fishing and recreation of various kinds But unless your dad the Florida state director
of the nature conservancy, which our dad was, you probably don’t know about this law
that’s very obscure and really amazing and popular. It’s called the Pittman-Robertson Act.
Named after the two senators who thought it up. It was signed into law in 1937 by FDR. And the idea was one of the things that makes America really interesting is that we have a lot of open space in a way that of the places where a lot of Americans came from — Europe — did not. But America is growing fast, land values are going up, wildlife management is all over the place, so the idea is we’re going to take existing revenue
from a tax on guns and bullets and put that toward
managing wildlife and conserving land. And in 1937, the main reason people bought
guns and ammo was to hunt, so basically you’re just taxing hunters,
specifically by taxing guns, and saying we’re going to use this
to do stuff that you want us to do: to protect the land so that there’s still places
for people to recreate and shoot stuff — and also so that hunting won’t become what it mostly was in England, which was a rich person sport — to keep it accessible to more people. Nowadays, guns and ammo are bought for
a wider variety of reasons. Hunting still, for sure, but interestingly one of
the biggest reasons people buy guns and ammo is out of fear that they will soon not be able to buy certain types of guns or guns and ammunition at all. And as any good marketing person will tell you, the idea that something is available for a limited time only is really great at motivating people to buy stuff now. Which is why, during Obama’s eight years in office, Pittman-Robertson revenue went from 310 million dollars to a peak of over 800 million dollars. And suddenly states had three times more money
for their conservation and wildlife biology programs than they used to have
and they even had a hard time spending all of it! A lot of it went to local and national land trusts
to acquire new land and of course that land has to be, uh, like,
open to hunters but it’s also not open to development. And interestingly, as the Pittman-Robertson revenue has increased, the number of licensed hunters is going down. It’s just not as popular a hobby as it once was. So Pittman-Robertson is protecting wildlife that’s getting hunted less and less. And nobody doesn’t like that, though. People who buy guns, even if they don’t hunt,
are proud and happy to support hunters, and people who might be in favor of
more gun regulations in America, like me, also are probably more or less happy
that more land is getting conserved. To be clear, if you want to support conservation,
the best thing to do is to donate to a local land trust rather than buy a bunch of bullets But I find it fascinating that a surge
in the purchase of firearms and ammunition inspired by a fear that those things
are going to get taken away from you by the person who is in the White House at that moment actually did amazing things for
wildlife conservation over the last eight years. It’s just weird. John, you recently sent me a text. It said: I forgot until just now that you are the CEO of a, uh, board game company. You are hilarious and amazing. I mean, I wouldn’t– I don’t know that I’m the CEO.
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who can come to VidCon Australia. John, I will see you on Tuesday. [Michael] Blood, sweat, and…
[Hank] –tacos! [Brit] Tyr…ranasaurus Rex. [all talking at the same time] [Hank] Blood, sweat, and tacos is…
[Michael] …good.
[Hank] Yeah. [Brit] The Backstreet– [Hank] –banshee! [Michael and Ceri] …banjo. [all laughing]

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  • This is just weird to put on YouTube ! No hate or offence I find these youtuber really amusing

  • 4 eyes

  • Tell that to the friends and family of the 15,000 people' approximately who were killed as a result of gun violence last year. Sponsor the land with something else.

  • Why you're a pathetic liberal white knight

  • Speaking of wildlife and the environment… Hank have you seen cowspiracy? It's a documentary, I think you'd find it interesting.

  • The soil is filled with lead salts down the range, pretty toxic.

  • Ironically you want to save animals buy killing them with guns. Only americans would think this is logical.

  • Guns kills people, people with guns kill people, more guns equals more people killing each other.
    There is no such thing as a good person with a gun, there is no such thing as a good gun owner.
    If you own a gun it means you want to kill people.

  • First time I saw a Vlogbrothers video it was a link from a link from a link and I thought "This is kinda cool guy" Couple of days (after 12h work shift) I just watched random video after another. Until the first reunion came up. I was stunned. Like 50 videos after I finally realized that there is a TWO man, not one in different settings. (I thought that Hi Hank/John was a inside joke depending on video set) That made me do two things: I finaly admitted that I have a terrible memory of faces and it made me very happy. There was/is a TWO awesome man in the world that make world suck a little less every day ? So thank you and sorry ?

  • Because they kill off humans who are infecting this planet

  • When mom asks why you have a gun

  • Is this guy fucking sick in the head like why the hell is this video even trending

  • Oh good. I was afraid you'd say that killing people helps the environment. (Which is not completely false!)

  • It is a great shame that the only way wildlife can be conserved is by people paying to kill it. In a modern world, I find it difficult to understand the mentality of those who "enjoy" hunting and killing sentient creatures. It does not prove the hunters are skilled or brave, given how unfair the weapons balance is between the hunter and the pray. For a fair fight let the hunters hunt each other. Then both sides can be armed with automatic weapons, of course the winner will be open to murder charges, but as far as I am concerned these should be applied to all hunters. If you want to experience the wild, exchange the rifle or crossbow with a camera.
    Those who hunt bears and it cats armed with only a camera are truly brave and skilled, those who hunt with a weapon are just sadistic Monsters.

  • uhhh, thanks Obama?

  • Hunting Licences do the same thing. Taxing on hunters so we can manage land and wildlife.

  • Love this!

  • Will ROLF come with diacritical letters and other symbols for other languages (like the umlaut letters ü, ö, and ä for German)? If so, this would be a great game to play when learning a language. In German class, we played Taboo in German every now and then and I can see this game fitting into a role like that fairly well.

    Edit: Can we never get on trending again? These blobs of irrational anger are stomping all over our nerdfighter garden.

  • Can everybody stop having angry discussions about whether we should ban guns, its not what the videos about and debating it in the comments of a youtube video won't change anything.

  • Wow I had no idea about this! Just wow!

  • Interesting content, but ugh on the clickbait-y title.

  • so to be clear bullets aren't good for the environment but their taxes are

  • Ok I have been following you for a few years (sci-show, sci-show-space, DC channels, and clog row). I did like this episode, but I came here to ask

  • great vid, great point. Pittman Roberts illustrates the proper function of gov and taxation. a true win win!! Thank you Hank

  • Yass

  • Wait there is a correlation but you just assumed causation.

  • Yea Obama did do a lot for fracking. Despite his best efforts to destroy it.

  • The time that Obama May fear can taking away their guns more more people bought guns because they thought that they government taking away their guns the Second Amendment is for for us to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government it's called democide Google it

  • "… a whole lot of fracking going on in America…"

    HAHAHAHA I've been binge watching Battlestar Galactica the last couple of weeks.

  • Do you know what the impact of physical bullets (or rather, spent casings from hunting or military exercises) are on the environment? Not good, I would presume…

  • The Clever Girl Tee at the end! That girl has some great taste in Math Rock!

  • yo can papa green get me a job at the nature conservancy? #networking

  • I live in the UK. At an age of 13 I joined the Air Cadets and got to shoot a .22 target rifle. I was pretty good and I liked doing it. So I went and joined a shooting club. I wish I could have the freedom you have in the US. Getting to fire real rifles with actual power rather than the mouse farts we get here. Shootings happen every day here, almost exclusively by hand guns, in big English cities. Funny how hand guns are completely illegal.

  • Yea rite and all donations to Haiti went to The needy

  • Bullets are good for environment because they kill humans 🙂

  • As a gun rights proponent, I am quite well aware of the law. And much like taxing any other right, it should be stopped.

  • Why are low gas prices seen as a good thing?

  • Yay I was the 15,000th like!

  • And Trump wants to sell off those public lands to his friends for mining or golf courses

  • Have you done a video on conservationists vs preservationists? Maybe a video looking at Hetch Hetchy in its historical context with Teddy Roosevelt, John Muir, Gifford Pinchot, James Garfield, and the Raker Act, and then maybe looking at the modern debate about removal of O'Shaughnessy Dam and other dams at a time when uncertainty surrounds our water resources and we are transitioning to a renewable energy future.

  • Bullets kill people.
    People cause pollution.
    Pollution is bad for the environment.
    My enemy's enemy is my friend.
    There for bullets are good for the environment.
    Save the environment shoot someone today!

  • This is very interesting. You learn something new every day! I had no clue I would be learning something this obscure, though.

  • yes, those who partake in recreation of the lands are the largest financial supporters of it.

  • I wish liquor and weed were taxed for education.

    Public schools would be so well-funded…

  • https://www.shopstands.com/products/rachel-miners-be-the-clarence-campaign?variant=37039268353

    This is awesome!

  • Something anti-gun people need to realize is, shooting is just fun too. I don't have to buy guns and ammo to hunt or because I think they will be taken away, I just enjoy it.

  • Guns, Germs, and Steel 🙂

  • i know that i should to be learning stuff but i got detracted by ur books in the back ground and going 'i read that!'

  • Thanks for reminding me

    I need to get more ammo

  • I failed to follow him. Would you please put it a little more simply, yet clearly and precisely?

  • Biggest loser in this phenomena: California Condor. https://www.nps.gov/pinn/learn/nature/leadinfo.htm

  • lol you notice how he said. "they had a hard time spending the money" aka I guess NASA doesnt need a dime…. lol government

  • We should tax urbanites by the population density of their neighborhoods.  That would keep the rest of us from funding silly things like city bike lanes with our tax dollars.  I find that the higher the population density of one's local area, the more likely they are to want to impinge upon the constitutional rights of those who live in rural areas.  I am happy to pay the land tax on my firearms and bullets.

  • BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Funny how things are so complex that gun nuts (afraid Obama will take their guns) wildly supported Obama's agenda for environmental conservation!! I wonder if I am somehow supporting racism by building a Permaculture homestead. Hmmmm…

  • Every one needs to see this

  • FYI: Melbourne is pronounced Mel-bun not Mel-born

  • Thanks Obama! 😀

  • And Trump got elected and all the hypocrite Dems went out and bought their own guns and ammo.

  • Ya, AK-47 and true Slav understand. You get double vodka rations

  • As collectors enter the market they drive hunters out with increased expenditure.

  • yeah, you shoot enough people, our carbon footprint will go down

  • More people is hunting with bows and arrows now, and some are hunting with an ancient hunting tool called a spear thrower (you are allowed to hunt with it in some states).

  • Two snake heads one bodythat's Republican and demoncatsa government is for the incompetent

  • the title should be "why TAXES are good for the environment"

  • Not only that it is good for the environment, it is also good for population control as well!

  • Did so the Colombian shooting were actually a good thing?

  • There was a pic of Obama circulating the internet with a caption that read, "gun salesman of the year."

  • I would love for more funds from firearms sales to go to conservation. Kind of like buying a fishing license.
    If we could get poverty, education, and healthcare (mental health being part of that) fixed in this country, crime and more specifically violence crime would go way down, violence crime where firearms are used as well would decline.

  • THAT explains why Yellowstone park had the awesome program with an awesome website looking through the eyes of bears and in Australia where making one of our national icons nearly extinct because…shopping centers and apartments.

  • Irony is awesome

  • On a sidenote, if our forefathers were alive today… They would have stormed the White House and Capitol years ago

  • Conservatives aren't the only people who hunt or use public land for recreation (as Hank seems to imply). We all use it. Public land unites us. It's the best thing going.

  • Is there a video where you defend your stance against guns? It being one of the few topics we disagree on I'd love to hear your full explanation. Instead you just reference it in a lot of videos and preface things with "as someone who is in favor of more gun legislation in america" Wheres the video on just guns?

  • What about sickness from lead ammunition in eagles?

  • Sure, that party of Fracking, fighting against lead taken out of gas, the people who thought cigarettes were healthy, and the "representatives" who take oil lobbyist money to DENY CLIMATE CHANGE LAWS, are good for the environment, because one act? The people who say the Theory of Evolution isa "hoax"?

    Kid, check yourself.

  • clickbait. its supposed to be bullets on the ground. not purchasing stuff

  • More blather from the SJW asshat brothers

  • Democrats or Republicans don't give two shits about you.

  • Obviously you've never spent any time in the People's Republic of New Jersey in United States and yes I said that way for a reason because New Jersey and California are testing grounds for all socialist law that get implemented into the general populace of the United States me myself I am a hunter and the worst part is I reload my own ammo because I refuse to pay the taxes and shit that goes with all the taxation that they do I mean why do I need to pay $40 for a pheasant stamp in order to shoot to pheasants a day and yet my entire hunting license only cost $27

  • Not saying that it's a bad thing while you're talking about however at the same time they're doing their damnedest to take away guns and ammunition and the ability to even go hunting away from people

  • Mind you I was six years old when I fired my first gun and I fired a Mini-14 and it shot a 223 round the same around the comes out of the M16 by 10 years old I was of legal age to go hunting my father created me with the fact that I was smart enough to know what was a safe shot and what was not because a rabbit ran between us mind you he looked at me and goes why didn't you shoot it I did because it was too close to you and I didn't want to shoot your leg I think it has a s*** ton to do with conservation and oh wait that's right what something can do and what it cannot do and the person having the brainpower to say I'm not going to pull the damn trigger

  • Ps… I am 34 years old now and get guns having killed me ammunition hasn't killed me my do I technically got shot by my own cousin only because he was 40 yards away he shot up into a tree at a squirrel and the pellets came down on top of me hence the reason why the number 3 rule in Hunter Safety magazines here is no your Target and Beyond meaning if you fire a gun yes you're shooting at this thing that's maybe 40 yards in front of you or so but the pellets that do not miss where do they go? He did not pay attention to that Factor

  • They're also used in mass shootings which lowers the human population and combats over population

  • I only have one thing to say: NARNIA MAP!

  • Can anyone that is a Lefty explain what exact gun laws they would like and what the current laws are? I mean if guns are completely illegal, then only criminals will have them. So what's this magic number or combination of gun laws that you want. I think it's an itch that will never be scratched, because Liberals can't accept that evil just exists, and no one should have to sacrifice one once of freedom for these monsters.

  • Good video but what other Regulations on guns do you support? More laws and bans didn't work for politics or drugs. Being able to tell people " well you cant have that one because it looks like a military one" goes against the freedom to choose. A pistol can fire 20 rounds as fast as a rifle. Also do you realy think it will stop anything? 85 percent of non suicide shootings are gang related which is HUGE. We should stop having gun free zones since it basically tells criminals hey come here.

  • Fewer gun laws= more murders= less stupid people around.

  • I think it's pronounced mel-born not mel-burn.
    /Waits for actual Australian to correct me.

  • Simple they kill humans.

  • "People who might be in favor of more gun regulations, like me." You don't say? Hmm, skinny weak beta male with thick hipster glasses who runs his gums in front of a camera for a living is scared of an inanimate object he knows nothing about. Go fucking figure.

  • How about this Stud. Banks have financed both sides Wars for the last 1000 years…. By Banks, I include the "Church" . War is a "Money Maker". Please open your Mind to See what is Really Going On ?? If You cant See this….. ? Federal Reserve…………………………………………………………………………….

  • Just when you think you know all you need to know about something…. There is ALWAYS More to it. Eg: Global Warming, It is a Trillion Dollar Money Maker, Based on rhetoric an consensus. I thought Science was based on FACTS ????

  • Obama shut down oil drilling in all federal lands,, the fracking and the abundance of oil happen on on private lands, and he in his frustration could not do anything about it.

  • Weird. It's almost like hunters and gun enthusiasts aren't monsters who want to destroy the planet and, while they don't consider conservation as important an issue as others, are generally happy that their hobby also contributes to a good cause. Huh

  • This is a weird way to frame the issue. It's not that a Democratic president is better for conservation than a Republican. It's a bubble. If a Democrat doesn't restrict guns for long enough then people will stop stockpiling in fear of that eventuality. If a Democrat does eventually restrict guns then there will obviously be reduced conservation revenue.

  • Obama didn't manage to get any tangible gun laws in place though, Americans just love their guns far, far too much:(

  • f*** that sh** bi***

  • idk why but 'instead of, like, a bunch of bullets' made me laugh a lot

  • kinda dumb…

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